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Amelia B.

Mom to 2 older children

Charlotte, Alabama


Amelia lives in Charlotte, and is a working mom of two, with 3 year old Olivia, and 1-year old Ellis. She loves all things food, and is especially passionate about organic, local, and gluten free foods (and graduated from Culinary School in a past life). She doesn't really stick to any particular parenting style, but loves babywearing, is a passionate breastfeeding advocate, and enjoys finding well made, sustainable, or unique baby and kid products. Like most moms, she's on a tight budget (daycare x2 will do that to you!), so finding high quality items at reasonable prices are important. She's a bit of a minimalist with most things, but makes an exception for books. You can follow her on pinterest at or on the board she runs for her mom's group at work

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