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LOVE: 394 NEUTRAL: 169

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what parents are saying

Jenn O.


weeSpring parents are Tea Collection fanatics. They love the soft, durable fabrics ("quality" is the word that comes up most often their reviews) but also praise Tea's unique style, calling it modern, original, quirky, whimsical, and (of course!) adorable. And all of their designs are influenced by global culture; their globe-trotting design team hits the road twice a year, drawing inspiration from their travels.

what parents are saying

LOVE: 394 NEUTRAL: 169

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  • Q: Do these clothes fit true to size?

    asked by Jennifer R. - Mar 23, 2014

  • True to big, at least I find.

    Jenn K. - Mar 23, 2014

  • I'd also say true to size, maybe a little on the big size.

    Kristin H. - Mar 24, 2014

  • My babies wore Tea 3-6 months until about 5 months (but they are big kids and also wear cloth diapers). So, I'd say that is true to size, but NOT if you have cloth diapers

    Kimberly M. - Mar 24, 2014

  • Some styles run short on my daughter but she is tall and skinny. :)

    Kimberly M. - Mar 24, 2014

  • In my experience, yes the Tea brand fits true to size.

    Brooke P. - Mar 24, 2014

  • True to size for my little girl.

    Jennifer E. - Mar 24, 2014

  • i would say yes. I've also found that some of their tops/dresses tend to be extra room and can be worn as tunics/long shirts well beyond their intended size range.

    Amelia B. - Mar 24, 2014

  • I think Tea runs short, especially when you move out of baby sizes and into kids sizes. My daughter who is 6 years old and wears size 6, wears a 7 in tea. my son who is four wears size 5 typically, wear 6 in tea (boy pants seem particular short). Baby girl in size 6 month carters, grew out of 3-6 at 5 months due to length (she is not a big baby - think 13 pounds at 6 months).

    Denise M. - Mar 25, 2014

  • Yes I think so.

    Ashley M. - Apr 08, 2014


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