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LOVE: 2589 NEUTRAL: 1175
REGRET: 297 WANT: 257

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Krista S.


The Boppy gets high marks for its multi-functionality that extends beyond breastfeeding support and some moms can’t imagine nursing without it. weeSpring moms also love to use this pillow for other purposes like tummy time or learning to sit up straight, and some found it helpful for propping up babies with reflux. They also like the washable pillow covers that are available in many colors and designs, and suggest buying more than one.

The Catch: Some moms complain that the pillow doesn’t fit properly around the tummy or support enough support to hold the baby at breast level.

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 2589 NEUTRAL: 1175
REGRET: 297 WANT: 257

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    The award-winning Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow celebrates 25 years of supporting moms and babies! This versatile nursing pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit. - See more at:

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  • Milkflow Lactation Cookies
  • weeThink

    Why weeLove Milkflow Lactation Cookies:

    In case you need a valid excuse to eat cookies, here’s a really good one: boosting milk supply. Nursing moms need to fuel their bodies to keep up with the demands of milk production and new parenthood. (If you’ve been wearing the same pants for three days—we get it, girl!) While lactation teas, capsules and powders aren’t for everybody, cookies most certainly are.

    Milkflow™ from UpSpring created the first ever lactation cookies made with the dream team of ingredients: Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. These two essentials work together to help naturally promote breast milk supply in those early days, during your baby’s growth spurts (when you’re glued to the glider for feedings!), and pumping sessions.

    Available in Oatmeal Raisin and Double Chocolate Chip, cookies are non-GMO and made in the USA with all natural ingredients. These tasty treats come in packs of two—perfect for tossing in your diaper bag for a healthy snack on the go. Each box comes with 10 packs (20 cookies total), so you’ll be able to keep your milk production going strong while keeping “Hangry Mom Running Errands” at bay. It’s a win-win.

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