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Plum Organics

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Kate H.


Plum Organics is a triple-threat in the world of baby food: nutritious, delicious, and convenient. They're great for on-the-go feeding, especially with a screw-on spoon. Created by a dad dedicated to giving his girls the best real food has to offer, Plum Organics offers organic, inspired meals, to delight any taste bud in a mostly mess-free, re-sealable pouch.

what parents are saying

LOVE: 2332 NEUTRAL: 796
REGRET: 81 WANT: 369

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  • Q: If my baby has an allergic reaction to a food packet is it from the individual foods that make up the product or from the brand?

    asked by Julie W. - Mar 25, 2014

  • I would check with your pediatrician but depending on the age…it's likely a single ingredient and not the product as a whole. But again, I'd check with your baby's pediatrician to see if maybe there isn't something else you should be looking out for. These are pretty basic and don't have a lot of additives.

    Jennifer S. - Mar 25, 2014

  • I agree with the earlier comment. I typically have only heard of allergies to specific foods, vs brands. Usually if you see a reaction, call the doctor and they should have some suggestions!

    Melissa P. - Mar 26, 2014


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