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Summer Infant Swaddleme

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Amber S.


Good news: swaddling soothes newborns and allows them to sleep more soundly by helping them feel secure and inhibiting their startle reflex (so parents sleep more, too). Bad news: swaddling effectively in a regular blanket can require the skills of an origami ninja. These easy-to-use, velcro swaddle wraps make swaddling as simple as one (insert baby), two (close left flap), three (velcro right flap). (See demo video here.) weeSpring parents advise to keep an eye on when the swaddle becomes too small for your growing baby, or you may wake to find they’ve “Houdini’d” out of it.

The Catch: The velcro sometimes sticks to other things in the dryer; make sure it is closed before washing.

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 1837 NEUTRAL: 974
REGRET: 538 WANT: 335

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