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Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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Kelly M.


This monitor allows for more than one camera to be connected so you can see baby from all angles or look after more than one child. It’s easy to move around the room so you’ll be able to see baby no matter where they are with it’s tilt, pan and zoom features. There’s a walkie talkie function so you can talk to baby to help soothe them. It displays the room temperature so you’ll know baby isn’t too hot or cold. The picture and sound quality is excellent and it works via wifi. If you weren’t already convinced it plays 5 different lullabies.

The Catch: battery life isn’t that great

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 888 NEUTRAL: 558
REGRET: 130 WANT: 1412

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  • Q: Since the battery life is a concern, would it make sense to just buy a second power adapter for the parent unit?

    asked by Christine B. - Nov 18, 2014

  • There is a separate power adapter for the parent unit. if you don't want to move that around *and* you want to have the video display on all the time, then it makes sense to have an extra adapter in a location where the monitor will be used the most.

    Kaveri J. - Nov 18, 2014

  • My frustration with the short battery life is that we can

    Hillary W. - Nov 19, 2014

  • We plugged in chargers in rooms we use a lot because the battery life is short, but this is the best video monitor on the market (still to this date) and worth the extra plugs!

    Sara S. - Nov 19, 2014

  • We get frustrated because we cannot take the monitor outside where we don't have access to an outlet.

    Hillary W. - Nov 19, 2014

  • It's easy to buy cheap replacement batteries on amazon

    Ginna P. - Nov 19, 2014

  • Agreed that this is a really amazing monitor and worth the extra plug. I have this and the Dropcam, and while the Dropcam is more for checking in on something when you're not there, it's life changing!

    Melissa P. - Nov 19, 2014

  • Q: Does this monitor show temperature in the bedroom?

    asked by Eliza B. - Jun 26, 2014

  • Yes

    Kaveri J. - Nov 18, 2014


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