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Garrett P.

Dad to a 3 year old and 2 older children

New Caney, Texas


I am a dad, Speech Language Pathologist, business owner, DIYer, and lawn care nut. 2 of my 3 kids were born while we were poor college students so we took advantage of every hand-me-down, try-it-for-awhile, and free baby item that was made available to us. We have probably collected, traded, and tried more baby stuff than an entire neighborhood worth of parents. We were in a position where we couldn't afford to waste a dollar on something that wouldn't work and now that mentality has stuck with us permanently. We love finding new things that make the parenting journey a little easier and still make money sense. Hopefully I can share our thoughts on what we loved, what wasn't worth the hype, and most importantly... why. Our goal is to make every purchase count and keep those kiddos safe, happy and healthy.

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