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Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

LOVE: 389 NEUTRAL: 155
REGRET: 21 WANT: 151

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what parents are saying

charita r.

what parents are saying

LOVE: 389 NEUTRAL: 155
REGRET: 21 WANT: 151

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  • Q: How easily do these crumble or fall apart if babies chew them?

    asked by Secretly Expecting - Mar 23, 2014

  • Actually not at all. We had one or two in the diaper bag at all times for just that purpose during teething!

    Jenn K. - Mar 23, 2014

  • They haven't fallen apart on me yet and we still have the original set, with kid bites and dog bites on them!

    Becky C. - Mar 23, 2014

  • We have had these for almost two years and my little one chewed them like crazy. They have never fallen apart! In fact like another mentioned I would occasionally let her go to town on one if I had forgotten her Sophie tether (supervised of course!). They wear like iron and are fun!

    Kate S. - Mar 23, 2014

  • my daughter is 2.5 years old. Her letters never crumbled. She only made teeth indentations from chewing on them.

    Sara L. - Mar 23, 2014

  • These have not fallen apart at all and my daughter has used these for teething in while in the tub.

    s J. - Mar 24, 2014


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