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4moms Cleanwater Collection

LOVE: 372 NEUTRAL: 147
REGRET: 54 WANT: 343

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Chelsea R.


If you’re the type of parent that likes all the bells and whistles, then this is the tub for you. From the color coded temperature reading that beeps if too hot or cold (great for worrisome first timers) to the constant flow of clean water in and dirty water out, this tub has it all and then some. The seat can adjust for varying water levels, and the spout cover can be used again in the “big” tub to prevent bumps and bruises from the faucet.

The Catch: It’s a bit pricey for a baby tub.

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 372 NEUTRAL: 147
REGRET: 54 WANT: 343

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