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Crane Drop Humidifier

LOVE: 367 NEUTRAL: 346
REGRET: 87 WANT: 329

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Rette G.


Crane’s sleeker, more modern humidifier option will look good in any room, including the nursery. It provides the same great relief for congested little nose breathers and since it’s whisper-quiet, it won’t disrupt naptime or bedtime. weeSpring parents love that it can run on high all night without a refill, is pretty easy to clean, and is affordable, too. Want to learn more? Check out Crane's page on weeSpring.

what parents are saying

LOVE: 367 NEUTRAL: 346
REGRET: 87 WANT: 329

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  • From Crane

    Even if you’re feeling great, our Drops are must-haves. From smooth skin to shiny hair to cared-for furniture, they keep you and your home looking beautiful and feeling comfortable.

    Humidifiers add moisture to indoor air, relieving congestion from the common cold and flu and soothing scratchy throats, dry skin and eyes, and irritated sinuses. Perfect for babies, adults, and everyone in between, a humidifier’s additional moisture thins the mucus in the sinuses, making it easier to breathe. (And we know that when it comes down to your family’s health, you’re all about breathing easy.)

  • What you need to know

    • Ultrasonic cool mist operation

    • Increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep

    • Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, dry skin

    • 0.9 gallon water tank runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours

    • Effectively humidifies rooms up to 250 square feet 

    • 360˚ mist nozzle and variable control settings

    • Auto shutoff safety sensor

    • Uses less energy than a standard household light bulb

    • Does not require a filter

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