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Diaper Dekor Pail

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Virginia G.


The Dekor diaper system makes the icky part of diaper changing simple and hygienic. Just step on the pedal to pop open the lid and drop the diaper through the odor-sealing trap door -- no cramming, twisting, or wedging through the pail. From the trap door, to the secondary lid, to the powder-scented refill bags, Dekor has a three-part approach to ensuring the nursery always smells like "new baby", not old diapers. The design is unobtrusive and sleek, but don't be fooled... it holds a butt load of diapers (seriously, it says that on their website) and the economical refill system means less bags for you to buy and empty. Bonus: if you cloth diaper, they offer a cloth diaper liner for the plus sized pail.

The Catch: Some parents have complained that the pedal (and therefore the whole pail can break easily.

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 270 NEUTRAL: 122
REGRET: 29 WANT: 116

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