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BOB Revolution SE Stroller

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Janine K.


If you’re looking for a full-size stroller to do double duty as a jogger, look no further. The BOB Revolution SE has excellent maneuverability around tight corners and has awesome shocks to absorb most of the jostling when running. It’s also not one of those strollers where it takes a lot to push around; it glides effortlessly and smoothly. The frame is lightweight at a slim 25 lbs yet sturdy and it folds pretty flat (minus the wheels). It’s also a snap to open and close. A bonus? Adjustable height handlebars for parents who are taller!

The catch: It’s a bit wide and can be a pain to get out of smaller cars

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what parents are saying

LOVE: 1601 NEUTRAL: 463
REGRET: 31 WANT: 1875

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  • Q: How does this compare to the Ironman? Does it collapse to a reasonable size? (I hear that the Ironman does not.) I am looking for a good jogging stroller that will also fit in our apartment. Our last jogging stroller was a beast from 1996.

    asked by Sara L. - Mar 23, 2014


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