• Turns super easy, works on all terrain and folds up super easy! Dec 05, 2019

  • This (very big)stroller is a dream to push. Comfy for kiddo too! We use for walks in the neighborhood, and for running. Note that it’s big so doesn’t fit in car well and a little unwieldy in shops. Nov 30, 2019

  • I love that this stroller is so roomy and the basket and on the larger end. I took this stroller to sesame place and was so happy that I did. Nov 24, 2019

  • Best stroller around! We love being able to take this stroller camping. It is so good on rough terrain. Nov 24, 2019

  • I have had this product for a while. I have the single and a double and both seem to shake uncontrollably when I reach a certain speed. There is nothing I can do that seems to rectify the situation. Nov 15, 2019

  • Buying a BOB Revolution was a great decision. Its is comfortable for our daughter and easy for us to push. It's a little big when folded but we don't mind that with all the advantages it has. Nov 14, 2019

  • Awesome for running. Turns very easily. Nov 06, 2019

  • Yes, this stroller is big & bulky compared to some others, but it's so easy to push. I have two other smaller strollers, but prefer the BOB. I take it literally everywhere with me. Nov 05, 2019

  • This stroller folds up with the infant insert on AND the snack tray. Manouvers around very well, and my daughter has loved it since day one. The storage underneath is very roomy Oct 28, 2019

    • Deidre W.
    • Indian trail , North Carolina

    Great stroller! Worth every penny. It feels so light. It turns and feels great. I have to say with strollers most of the time you get what you pay for. Oct 27, 2019

  • I have this stroller for when we are on trails that are tougher and it’s so smooth! I love this stroller so much for outdoor use Oct 27, 2019

    • Kelly C.
    • Durham, North Carolina

    You can’t go wrong with a BOB stroller; they really are the best for all types of terrain and they hold their value really well. Oct 26, 2019

  • Nothing pushes like a Bob, and once you have one you can't go back. I'm the proud owner of THREE Bob strollers and may need to keep having kids just so I can keep using them! Oct 25, 2019

    • Erika P.
    • Greentown , Pennsylvania

    We live in rough Terrain and this stroller has been a blessing. Smooth ride and great sun shield for our little one Oct 23, 2019