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From naps to feeding sessions, tracking apps are hugely helpful for keeping tabs when you’re a new parent. But wouldn't it be cool to just press a button and log a baby-related activity without having to hunt down your phone and go through multiple steps? (BTW: when in doubt, your phone is probably under the laundry pile.) The Talli Baby Tracker is designed to do just that.

Talli is a one-touch device used to log sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and more. Mount it in the nursery and simply press the button for the activity you want to track. This is especially awesome when it’s 3am and all you have to do is hit the “wet diaper” button and head back to bed. The device connects to your Wi-Fi and sends that info to your Talli Baby app account in the cloud (no data is stored on the actual device). Whenever you do find your phone, you can view all of the data that's been recorded in real time, wherever you are. This really comes in handy at pediatrician appointments when you want to review your baby’s routines.

The Talli device is intuitive for anyone caring for your kiddo. Grandparents and babysitters don’t need to use an app, they simply send the info to yours with the press of a button. However, you can invite them to your app account so they can see all the data from their phones if they’d like. Data can be input from your phone, too. Pumping at work and want to track it? Log in to add that info. Another cool perk: Alexa integration is free. Pair the Alexa skill with your Talli Baby app to log (hands-free!) by voice.

With the Talli device, it’s possible to track in one step, in one second. Done and done.

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