• I loved this book as a kid and I can't wait to read it to my own kids now! May 10, 2024

  • We had nearly the entire series of these books. My kids really enjoyed them! Mar 09, 2024

  • I have all of the books in the series. Love these books, they have great illustrations, and the best story. Feb 06, 2024

  • One of my all time favorite books as a kid growing up. I can’t wait to share this with baby! Jan 13, 2024

  • A classic book. So fun to read this to my baby since I grew up with this book! Dec 09, 2023

  • This is a favorite! It's cute, and not a lot of words on each page so it feels like a long book but doesn't actually take that long to read. Oct 28, 2023

  • The cutest book! We had friends and family write a note to our son in this at our baby shower. Such a special book! Sep 28, 2023

  • We love this book in our home and love the nice childhood memories it brings back! Sep 28, 2023

  • A sweet classic, with additional (newer) books in the series, your child is sure to love Mouse and his friends. Sep 23, 2023

    • Laura M.
    • Joshua Tree, California

    I use this book as an analogy way too often. Jul 24, 2023

  • A classic! How can you not love it! Just too cute! Jun 06, 2023

  • My kids LOVE this book. In fact we had to get all the books like this. Must have for sure. May 16, 2023

  • This is one of my husband's favorites from childhood. He loves to read it to our girl. She seems to enjoy it as well. She's still young so I'm sure it will become a favorite of hers too! Apr 22, 2023

  • This story is sooo cute Mar 13, 2023

  • Babies love this cute story. Feb 28, 2023

    • Erin H.
    • Sheboygan , Wisconsin

    My 6 year old loves reading this to her younger siblings! Jan 30, 2023

    • Lisa R.
    • Heathsville, Virginia

    Classic Dec 22, 2022

  • Love this and the series that goes along with it. Great for helping kids develop their critical thinking skills. Nov 20, 2022

  • Adorable story. Nov 06, 2022

  • One of my favorite books growing up so I just had to get it for my son. He enjoys me reading it to him before bedtime. Oct 23, 2022

  • This was one of my favorite books as a kid and my kiddo loves it as well. She went on to request all the books in the series. They are just as good and you never tire of reading them. Oct 16, 2022