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One of the most amazing things about the holidays as a parent: all the wonder and excitement comes back to you, as you see it through your little one’s eyes.

One of the least exciting things about the holidays as a parent: you now have a zillion gifts to buy (grandparent gifts! caregiver gifts! niece and nephew gifts! gifts from Santa!), and no time at all in which to shop for them.

We’ve got you covered, with our picks for everyone on your list. Plus: we’re giving you a chance to win something for everyone — more than $4,000 in holiday gifts!


Swoon Jewelry

Swoon's personalized necklaces feature your little one's name, subtly engraved on a delicate pendant. They have almost limitless options on their site, but this is our favorite. It's simple, it's classic, and it's beautiful.

Your Picks from Pinhole Press

To say we're obsessed with Pinhole Press would be an understatement; whenever we visit their website, we want to order everything. The quality of their brag book is brag-worthy, and their photo notepads are a serious crowd-pleaser. For littles, try their memory games and flashcards.

Tiggly Shapes and Count, and an iPad

Tiggly brings together physical play and digital learning with their original toy, Tiggly Shapes (for toddlers 18 months and up) and now Tiggly Counts (for children 3+). Any iPad-obsessed kid is going to love it, and while it’s still technically screentime, as parents, we like the balance of bells-and-whistles-delight and old school imaginative play.

Karma Go: one for you, two for your family & friends

Karma Go is a new pocket-sized device that gives you mobile WiFi while you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the car with your kids, traveling to work or hanging out at the park, Karma Go keeps your devices connected so you never miss a beat. With no contract or monthly fee and non-expiring data, it's the perfect solution for all of your Internet woes. It’s also small and compact, making it a breeze to toss in your purse, carry-on or diaper bag.

I See Me Personalized Books ($250 gift card)

I See Me! creates personalized kids’ books that weave your little one into the whole story. From favorite holidays to hobbies, whimsical animals to daring adventures, there’s a tale just waiting for your kiddo to complete it. Books can be customized with your little one’s name, a photo, and even designed for siblings or twins. (Read our weeLove about them!)

Boll and Branch Linens ($500 gift card)

Boll and Branch makes fair-trade linens with low price tags and gorgeous quality, which they achieve by selling direct to consumer. Their cable throw is made from organic cotton, comes in a ready-to-gift box, and looks just as lovely draped over a sofa as it feels draped over you. (Read our weeLove about them!)

Sparkbox: a subscription for you, and one to give away

Sparkbox is a curated toy subscription service (think Netflix for toys) that sends you four toys that are hand-selected based on your child’s age and stage of development. It’s an easy way to limit the toy overload on Christmas morning, while still giving your little one fun stuff to play with all year long. (Real our weeLove about them!)

Tinybeans Milestones Cards

Tinybeans’ app helps you save and share your tot’s sweet memories -- and not-so-sweet but still memorable moments, like that first kicking-on-the-floor tantrum. (Read about why weeLove them!) Their new Milestones and Mess-Ups Cards are a tongue-in-cheek way to celebrate them, with 31 cards, like “graffiti artist in the making” that you can snap a photo of.

Bluum Subscription (one for you, and one to give away)

Whether you’re in the pre-natal months or the pre-school years, Bluum has something for you, and they deliver it in a monthly box that’s sure to delight. Their sophisticated technology hand-picks products for the exact age and stage of your baby (or your pregnancy), from 500 of the best brands out there for parents, babies, and toddlers.

Zutano Shopping Spree ($250 value)

weeSpring parents are obsessed with Zutano’s booties: every single rating on site is a “love.” Buy them in every color -- and pick up some super cute outfits to match while you’re at it. (Though parents on weeSpring suggest buying up a size.)

Strider Bike

On Christmas morning, there's nothing like a bicycle under the tree to delight your toddler. Strider makes the most popular balance bike on weeSpring, and parents love it because it really equips little ones with the skills they need to master a "real" bike later on. (Don't forget a helmet!)

Plated - four deliveries of chef-quality recipes and ingredients

Plated helps you make your own restaurant quality meal at home, in just 30 minutes, after your little one is tucked into bed. You select the dishes that sound most delicious to you, and they send all the ingredients you need to your door. With simple directions that anyone can follow, it’ll turn even the most frazzled parents into gourmet chefs.

Little Pim Complete Set (your choice of language)

Little brains are hard-wired to learn language from zero to six (we are astonished on a daily basis by our toddler’s growing vocabulary), so Little Pim primes them for learning Spanish, French, Mandarin… or a half dozen other languages. Their complete set includes six videos, two flash card sets, four books, a CD, and a super cute panda.

Wheely Bug, Bee, Cow, and More

The Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug is a perennial favorite: this well-crafted, durable, adorable ride-on has casters so it’ll scoot in any direction. They’ve branched beyond the original Wheely Bug and Wheely Bee, and now have a hedgehog, panda, cow, pig, and more. (Not much cuter than a little one rolling around buzzing like a bee, or growling like a tiger.)
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