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Melissa P.

Mom to 3 older children

Westport, Connecticut


A lifelong multi-tasker, it's all too fitting that Melissa is the mom to almost three year old twin girls, Dylan and Ally, and as of early 2015, a little boy named Griffin. Since moving to Westport, CT, Melissa decided that any time away from her girls should be spent on something she was truly passionate about and weeSpring proved to be just the thing! A natural extrovert, Melissa loves talking to people about the products and toys that worked best for their kids. For her, good value and longevity are top priority, especially when you're buying for three! In her spare time, Melissa loves to spin, watch Boston sports, and drink wine. If you ever have any issues with weeSpring, you'll likely hear from Melissa and probably discover that you know her from camp.

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