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Beth M.

Mom to a 4 year old

United States of America


I am a first time mom. While preparing, I researched many different baby items in an attempt to find items that would be a good match for me and my ideology. Once my little one was born, I learned my first parenting lesson: NOTHING in life prepares you for parenthood and the challenges it would bring. As I scrambled to adjust my expectations, I ended up relying on products I once judged and donating items I once thought I would need. My adventures into parenthood also led me to take time off from work to spend with my growing baby boy. Though I have no regrets with my decision, it has forced me to be more thrifty than I was historically. This, combined with my desire to thoroughly read reviews on items in order to understand their benefits and drawbacks, led me to discover WeeSpring. Through this resource I enjoy passing on my experiences to other families.

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