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Secretly Expecting

Mom to a 4 year old and a 3 year old

Glenview, Illinois


I am a mom to a I work full time in digital marketing and analytics. My husband and just moved back from the city to the suburbs to raise our growing family. Despite the move, we love to get back downtown and travel often, something that looks very different these days with an infant! Navigating the world of baby products has been a fun and challenging journey especially as people who avoid clutter and are on the move! Babies come with a lot of things for every (rapidly changing) stage! When it comes to products, I prioritize quality, size/storage ability and price. The easier it is to fold up, fit in a closet, slide under the couch, toss in the trunk with a baby under one arm and my work bag on the other the better! Sure one day, with more kids and less time,I will resign to the losing battle I fight daily of maintaining a “visitor ready” house. Until then, you can look to me for an honest opinion on products for quality and portability/storability. I believe technology is our friend when it comes to baby safety, simplicity is beauty in design and function, and product longevity / ability to grow with my child save me storage space and money will always pay off in the long run.

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