• Nicole S.
    • Summerville, South Carolina

    These diapers are the best! My daughter wears them at night and wakes up dry. No diaper rashes Feb 29, 2020

  • I love these diapers! They keep baby dry and have a 'flap' in the back for babies who tend to have blowouts Feb 10, 2020

  • Cheapest diapers that I have found that also don't make my son break out with his eczema. Jan 30, 2020

  • Used for my son as a new born and caused a rash but for my nieces who have sensitive skin this is all they could use. Jan 18, 2020

  • I use these for all 5 of my kids and currently still using for my 1 year old. Dec 31, 2019

  • These are my favorite! They work great for my daughter and I never seem to have any leaking. I purchase these at a great price at Costco! I have used these since day one! No diaper rash Dec 21, 2019

  • I like the Snug & Dry for a economic diaper. It did not leak, we did have up the back poop, but that is to be expected from time to time. Great diaper overall! Dec 02, 2019

  • This diaper was not for my baby because it leaked alot and that put my off. I dont know if anyone ever had the same issue. Nov 30, 2019

  • Tried as one of several brands we received as gifts. By far the quickest absorbing and most absorbent diaper I've tried. Baby sleeps through wet diapers when she usually wakes up immediately! Nov 23, 2019

  • I absolutely love these over pampers. I have a 6 week old and the pampers diapers left little balls all over her after an hour. These can last a few hours. Definitely the way to go Nov 17, 2019

  • I love Huggies! They always keep my baby’s pee/poop where it belongs! Oct 02, 2019

    • Amy T.
    • Greenbrier, Arkansas

    These diapers aren’t too bad, but they don’t hide odors too well. They seem to not leak too badly though. Sep 25, 2019

  • Fit nicely on my daughter and held a lot of pee Sep 16, 2019

  • The good this about these are the pocket it has the back to prevent any blow outs going up the back. Sep 13, 2019

    • Erica N.
    • United States of America

    These diapers seem to prevent blowouts the best out of all the brands I've tried. The stretchy waistband hugs my chunky baby's waist just right. We've been using them since size 1 - worth the cost! Sep 07, 2019

  • When my baby was a newborn I loved this diapers, but now that my baby is older I feel they do not absorb as much and in less then an hour his diaper will be sagging. Aug 31, 2019

  • decent value diaper, but they do not have the breathable cover or waistband pocket. they gave my son a rash. they might be ok for a kid that doesn’t have sensitive skin. little snugglers are better. Aug 03, 2019

    • Lauren M.
    • New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

    By far, our least favorite diaper. These never worked for our son as they constantly leaked and didn't fit well. Jul 25, 2019

  • These are the only diapers that worked for my kiddo. He has sensitive skin and got rashes from others. These fit great, feel soft, and hold everything in. Jul 06, 2019

  • Want better ingredients and no dye but they held lots of toddler pee. Jun 28, 2019

  • I dislike these diapers, they do not hold in moisture well at all. Baby may be dry but the outside of the diaper will feel soggy and damp. May 05, 2019

  • The bleach in this product and other chemicals made our daughter have a terrible rash. I switched to Amazon's mama bear and have not had any issues. May 02, 2019

    • Iris R.
    • Oroville, California

    I love these diapers, they are super absorbent. My baby sleeps about 10 to 12 hrs through the night and they have never leaked. I used to have problems with explosive diapers but these seem to work. Apr 30, 2019

  • Not my favorite Huggies diapers but better than some other brands on the market. Apr 22, 2019

  • Only diapers that don’t give my kiddo a rash! Apr 21, 2019

  • I’ve tried regular Huggies and they don’t give me a problem like the Night Time Huggies. They seem to work okay and don’t cause any leaks. Apr 05, 2019

  • I love Huggies, but this style does not work as it should, my child would leak through every time within a couple hours. Mar 18, 2019

  • I wish we had switched to cloth earlier. We wasted so much money on toxic diapers like this for my son to get rashes and be exposed to tons of chemicals. Mar 09, 2019

  • I absolutely hated these diapers! Every time my daughter had them on they gave off a terrible smell. I also felt like they really struggled holding her pee in for long periods of time. Mar 08, 2019

  • Has a weird chemical-like smell once baby uses it. Smell is very strong and off putting. I don’t want such strong smelling chemicals on my child’s crotch. I have so many packs of these to trade in. Mar 01, 2019

  • Did not work for my son. They leaked way too often. Feb 21, 2019

  • I like the price of them, however they are not my favorite in the Huggies line. Feb 19, 2019

    • Rachel F.
    • Simpsonville, South Carolina

    Huggies is my favorite brand of diapers. Highly recommend Feb 18, 2019

  • Tried these in hopes to contain constant blowouts. The extra leg elastic definitely helped, but doesn't seem very comfortable and leave red marks on my LOs legs and back. They just feel very plastic. Feb 11, 2019

  • They work great, they’re super soft and they smell amazing, however for the price they work just as good as LUVS and I can’t justify paying more just for a picture of Winnie the Pooh Feb 06, 2019

  • Our daughter sleeps about 10 hours at night and never had a leak with these diapers. They fir her perfectly. Even though she is 10lbs, she wears a size 2. Feb 06, 2019

  • Diapers are a little to thin for my liking and I can always smell my son's urine through it. I do like the wetness indicator on them and the cute Mickey Mouse designs. Feb 02, 2019

  • Got gifted a lot of these and I love the way they fit. There's an extra elastic in the waistline that holds them on better. I've never had one of these leak on us Feb 01, 2019

  • Bought a pack of these while looking for the perfect one and I did not like how they fit my daughter. I didn’t buy them again after that. Jan 26, 2019

    • Jenny H.
    • United States of America

    These are ok...for the most part they do the job but a few times my 6 week old has peed out the side somehow. Jan 05, 2019

  • I use Huggies but prefer not to use Snug & Dry. They are more prone to leaks and are thinner than other Huggies types. Nov 28, 2018

  • These seem to be a bit bigger than snugglers but I love that we can use these instead of sizing up. The ruffles on these seem to hold everything in better than others! Nov 17, 2018

  • These are ok. They don't hold the best and they don't fit the best but they still do their job for the most part. Nov 06, 2018

  • I don't like these, they separate and sag when just barely wet and we've had a few blowouts. The tabs have come off while my grandson is walking around. Nov 05, 2018

  • Perfect fit for our little guy and the mickey designs are adorable! Oct 29, 2018

  • Loved at first but after they changed it it became rough and added a blue strip which gave my son a horrible rash. Oct 22, 2018

    • Cady B.
    • Birmingham, Alabama

    My favorite diapers for my one year old son. We have tried them all. No frangrance and easy on skin. We hardly ever have a blow out or wet clothes. Reasonably priced. Oct 17, 2018

  • These work great. I use them when my baby is at the high end of the weight range for diaper sizing. No problems with leaks or rash. They even hold up overnight. Oct 11, 2018

  • Nice quality for a decebt price Oct 03, 2018

  • These diapers are adorable with Mickey Mouse on them and they hold very well. my only complaint is that sometimes he tabs will rip off while trying to put it on my wild 8 month old. Oct 01, 2018