• Fantastic product- I love the brushes that are included. This is a must have with how much we travel! Apr 27, 2019

  • Love how compact and easy it is to take when traveling. Apr 12, 2019

  • Great for on the go! I'm glad to have found this item! Apr 03, 2019

    • Andrea C.
    • North Reading, Massachusetts

    Helpful for traveling with baby. Folds up compact and works well to keep baby parts clean and dry. Mar 13, 2019

  • Love this for traveling. Just as useful as the big boon grass, plus it comes with handy brushes. Mar 02, 2019

  • Great for traveling or the nursing mother that occasionally pumps. It currently sits on our counter holding brushes upright for washing little one's cups. Feb 09, 2019

  • we travel, a lot. and i love that this has everything i need to keep my sons bottles clean and dry and fold up and stashed easily into the diaper bag. if you travel a lot would highly recommend 9/10 Jan 16, 2019

    • Nicole M.
    • Morrisville, North Carolina

    BUY THIS NOW if you travel a lot or visit family. Best investment! No more bringing 100 bottles everywhere Jan 16, 2019

  • This thing is AMAZING for travel! The only "con" is to remember to dry it very well, before closing it up and packing away. Jan 15, 2019

    • Zoe S.
    • Apex, North Carolina

    Super convenient and compact. Great quality brushes. Sturdy carry case. Only complaint is that it is a little small but that is the point of having a travel-sized lawn, so.... Jan 04, 2019

    • Judy C.
    • Modesto, California

    I have taken this on several trips and just love that it’s so compact. The brsuh is the best I have ever tried. So convenient to have for all our travels with our twins. Jan 02, 2019

    • Dee H.
    • San Francisco, California

    Never thought a drying rack would be essential for travels, but it is when you're pumping and trying to keep parts clean. Compact and love that brushes are included and stored inside the box. Oct 28, 2018

  • Super convenient & small enough that I can pop it in our luggage when we are traveling! Love this so much better then the big counter ones Oct 15, 2018

  • Great travel drying rack for trips with or without baby (when mama still is pumping). Aug 30, 2018

  • Just bought this recently as we travel frequently and I kept forgetting a bottle brush. It is compact and easy to put next to a sink wherever you go. Perfect for families on the go. Aug 01, 2018

    • Kinsee H.
    • Spartanburg, South Carolina

    This helped me out so much with pumping at work! Jul 23, 2018

  • Perfect for germaphobe pumping moms who want to be able to clean pumping parts on the go. Folds up easily and fits into the side pocket of a diaper bag. Jul 14, 2018

  • Somewhat bulky but great for traveling if you have the space! Comes with brushes which cleverly fit inside the case. Jul 06, 2018

  • Compact size and easy to travel with. Bottle parts stays well on grass but the bottle does not stay upright very well. Can only dry 1-2 bottles as a time. The skinny bottle cleaners are great for part Jul 02, 2018

    • Lea R.
    • San Diego , California

    Love this! Perfect for my on the go washing at hotels or wherever! Very compact and love the grass to help dry fast. I definitely recommend for on the go mamas! Jun 06, 2018

  • The blades of grass are too stiff so everything falls off. It also needs grass on both sides, and the brushes do not fit in pump parts or bottles. They also do not scrub well May 28, 2018

  • Traveling with a baby comes with lots of equipment. This is a must when traveling with a baby or toddler to clean and dry bottles and cups. May 22, 2018

  • I love this! Bought it when before I had my second child and it’s so convenient and the brushes clean the bottles very well. It’s all I use to clean my baby’s bottles May 06, 2018

  • This is perfect while traveling or to keep at grandma's. Even have brought it on a camping trip! May 02, 2018

  • The brushes are just ok, didnt clean very well. I’d bring different brushes with it on my next trip. Apr 20, 2018

  • This is a must-have for travelers. No more washing bottles and having them on paper towels at people's houses.It is a little big/boxy & the grass doesn't hold bottles as well as the large version. Mar 16, 2018

  • This is great for traveling. Not that big but it is easy to transport! Mar 09, 2018

  • I use this at work and while traveling to clean my pump parts. It’s perfect!!! Feb 23, 2018

  • I have the full size at home and this is so helpful for travel. I also have the travel pump drying rack from Boon which is so helpful at work. Nov 24, 2017

  • Excellent for cleaning pump parts at work. On a trip, it holds 4 medela bottles + collars and nipples. Nov 19, 2017

  • Absolutely LOVE this product. I use it at work to wash parts after pumping. It gives a safe clean place for parts to dry. I also use it on the go! Nov 07, 2017

  • With my first baby I always brought a brush in a ziplock bag and used a towel to place clean bottles on. While that works, this is well worth the money and so convenient for traveling with my second. Oct 22, 2017

    • Akiye L.
    • Lake Leelanau , Michigan

    I love this so much. I bought it the day I was going to visit my family for a week and it was so convenient Oct 19, 2017