• Good teething crackers for my little one. I tried them myself to taste the flavor and I can see why she likes them. We love happy baby products May 06, 2021

  • Love the brand and they’re so yummy! May 01, 2021

  • All 3 kids and daycare babies loved these! So easy to grab and hold. And they dissolve quickly! Apr 23, 2021

  • My son loved these. Great for early stages of eating. Easy on the go option. Worry free choice, as it melts in baby’s mouth. Apr 23, 2021

    • Liz J.
    • United States of America

    Baby loves these and I put her in her highchair and give her them so I can get things done - like cook dinner! Apr 22, 2021

  • My twins’ loved to eat these ! Apr 20, 2021

  • These are a choking hazard. Little pieces break off and get stuck in the back of the throat. Apr 13, 2021

  • Don't love these. As soon as my baby had teeth she would take large chunks out and start choking. I also do not like anything with Rice as it contains heavy metals. Apr 09, 2021

  • My son and I both loved these and they are made in the US. Apr 09, 2021

  • My baby loves this now that he has teeth and is teething. Helps a lot for him and it melts in his mouth so I don’t worry much about choking but I still watch him while he eats them Apr 07, 2021

    • Abby M.
    • Charlotte , New York

    Loved these. We used these as a car snack. Easy for toddlers and teething babies. My 3 year old still tries to steal her baby cousins! Apr 01, 2021

  • Baby loves these crackers, especially with peanut butter spread on them. My only complaint is that so often they are broken into pieces when we open the box. Mar 29, 2021

  • Messy but baby loved them! They get soft so no need to worry about chocking Mar 21, 2021

  • We love happy baby brand snack things. Always the better quality of other options and taste great. Mar 08, 2021

  • I don’t know that they really help with teething but they are light and airy, a perfect light snack Mar 03, 2021