• great product Mar 11, 2016

    • Aaron D.
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado

    I had one of these for my daughter and gave it away when I had a son because it was pink. Stupidest decision ever. I miss my BOB Stroller. Mar 06, 2016

    • Jen S.
    • Roseville, California

    Car seat is a great carrier, lightweight, and very handy to have. The carry straps are flexible and has a locking position. Best part about it, has a uv screen fabric that pulls down from the canopy:) Feb 19, 2016

  • A friend of our has this. However, they also bought the Evenflo car seat that grows with your child. Problem is the car seat isn't removable so it's doesn't work with this stroller. Beware! Jan 30, 2016

  • We are expecting in July and already love the features of this seat. We can't wait to try the 360 base in the car for easy in and out during cold weather months here in Michigan. Jan 25, 2016

  • Materials in this are safe and not off-gassing chemicals to a very young child spending much time in it. It can easily switch btwn single, double and has kickboard and can hold 2 carseats. Dec 16, 2015

  • I have used this stroller now for two babies, and in the newborn stage it's the most amazing stroller system! I always get compliments on it, too. Dec 13, 2015

  • I actually have the first generation Orbit, and was able to use it with two kids. Amazing durability, ease of use, and customer service was phenomenal!! Nov 30, 2015

    • Matt C.
    • United States of America

    Great for first time parents. My wife loves this stroller! Nov 29, 2015

    • Edna F.
    • Las Vegas , Nevada

    I love everything about orbit baby the design the easy fold the 360 the only thing is I wish they wou make it lighter it's a bit heavy to lift. Nov 28, 2015

  • I love that the seat rotates. And I love that you can use this in the future for your other children. Nov 28, 2015

  • No other stroller compares! The convince and 360 technology makes life so much more easier. Not to mention the sleekness of the design doesn't hurt ! Nov 28, 2015

  • love everything about this stroller. Nov 28, 2015

  • I purchased the g3 infant carseat and i love it Nov 24, 2015

  • Very easy to use Nov 24, 2015

  • Love this stroller! Oct 08, 2015

  • The stroller fits in the trunk of my small Toyota. The swivel on the car seat is a back saver. The fabric is naturally fire retardant so it's washable unlike many car seats. Easy to install. Oct 07, 2015

  • For people who live in cities where they are in and out of their cars all day long, the Orbit is the BEST for swiveling to the parent instead of the parent trying to cram the baby into the seat. Aug 26, 2015

  • So stylish! Easy in and out of car Jul 19, 2015

  • I won this in a giveaway and It's my favorite baby item ever! So easy to use and I get complements on it every time I go out. Has a 360 degree turn and also reclines for a perfect seat for baby Jul 18, 2015

  • Very heavy infant car seat but the swivel option makes it worth it. I use it with the stroller all the time on trails and it is sturdy and I can "swivel" the baby out of the sun. Jul 17, 2015

  • Car seat is heavy but I love the easy access to my child when I need to stop the car or move her around in the stroller. maybe not my first choice but definitely one to look at Jul 14, 2015

  • Can't push with one hand, hard to maneuver. Jun 16, 2015

  • We love the fact it rotates 360 degrees. If my baby wants to take a nap while in stroller, I can lay it flat, so it's more comfortable for him. Jun 13, 2015

  • It folds in half, it weights nothing, the infant car seat easily and SECURELY plugs right in. I will never consider an alternative stroller. May 23, 2015

    • Chad S.
    • United States of America

    Orbit is an incredibly useful stroller system, looks great, and is very well made. The swivel-and-lock is a dream for car seat and stroller installation. Feb 21, 2015

  • Money very well spent! Durable, practical and high tech! Feb 20, 2015

  • Absolutely the best stroller! Love everything about it. I also have the skateboard attachment for my 3 year old amazing!! Feb 04, 2015

    • Ronda V.
    • United States of America

    We have the complete system and love it! Very thoughtful engineering and design. Dec 21, 2014

    • Elana L.
    • Los Angeles, California

    Easy to get into and out of car. Stroller is easy to maneuver and larger wheels make it good for all terrain. Dec 04, 2014

  • I absolutely LOVE this system. I fold up the stroller one handed. I use the paneers for grocery shopping. I constantly get stopped about it. And you can use both infant and toddler car seats with it. Nov 25, 2014

  • It is very bulky. Oct 31, 2014

    • My C.
    • Bay Area, California

    The fabric/material, as well as, the 360 degrees swivel have been blessings in our daily life, and travel life, as I suffer from health issues and problems, and both have minimized flare-ups. Oct 28, 2014

    • Daron G.
    • Raleigh, North Carolina

    Adaptability - super easy system. Oct 09, 2014

  • Hands down one of our best baby purchases. Currently transporting baby no 3. The 360 rotation makes this car seat so convenient! Oct 08, 2014

    • Lauren M.
    • woodland hills, California

    versatility, convenience, all-in-one Oct 06, 2014

  • Love this. Very user friendly. Oct 06, 2014

    • E M.
    • Eugene, Oregon

    Love it!! The full rotation and ease of take down and setup made this a hit!! Oct 06, 2014

  • Very expensive, but very luxurious. The swivel car seat makes this worthwhile. Not having to struggle to get in and out of car and easily attaches to wheels. Best customer service as well! Oct 05, 2014

  • Best. Thing. Ever! Oct 02, 2014

  • I had the G1 with my first and it was a dream. I have dealt with A LOT of different travel systems and this is the easiest and sleekest to work with. The rotating base is the best and it's also green! Sep 30, 2014

    • James A.
    • San Francisco, California

    This stroller has survived 2 yrs in Brooklyn and 1 year in San Francisco and is still in great shape. Make sure to use the travel bag when traveling - airport handlers broke it a few times. Sep 30, 2014

    • Jen H.
    • United States of America

    LOVE this travel system. I would say this is the best baby product we have ever purchased. It's a looker too...people stop us all the time to ask about this stroller. Sep 30, 2014

  • We LOVE our Orbit system. Our daughter enjoys the carseat and stroller and it is so easy to connect to the other pieces. Sep 30, 2014

  • Easy to use and grows with family. Sep 30, 2014

  • In love!!! Sep 30, 2014

  • I was given this stroller as a gift. love the ability to spin the seat when out and about. the bucket is a little too deep/ baby gets hot easily - could be fabric issue also. Sep 30, 2014

    • Lisa B.
    • The Colony, Alabama

    I love our orbit!! The infant car seat is so convenient!! We have twins so the Helix works great! This is a good stroller if you plan to have another baby...very easy to use. Sep 30, 2014

  • Everything!! Sep 30, 2014

  • By far one of the best purchases we have made, it is super slim and easy to take out anywhere! I love how the seat can be in 4 positions and is a seat at the table- Super easy to use in the city! Sep 30, 2014