• This was a very cute activity gym, however my kids didn't utilize for very long. The rainbow didn't hold her attention much. It was still nice to have her lay on the floor regardless. Aug 11, 2022

  • Such pretty colors and worked perfectly for my daughter when she was younger! Jul 18, 2022

    • Liz A.
    • Phoenix, Arizona

    This play gym is so cute and perfect for tummy time! I love the neutral design and how soft and comfy it is for baby! So glad I found this item as the price point was perfect compared to others. Jul 07, 2022

  • Not my total favorite thing. I feel like it's so pillowy and close to the activity bar. Not my favorite Jun 30, 2022

    • Nicole P.
    • Westborough, Massachusetts

    Fabulous activity mat, soft colors, cushion mat, pillow helped so much with reflux baby& tummy time . My son loves to grab all the included toys & I felt comfortable with him rolling on the cushion Jun 25, 2022

    • Liz Y.
    • Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Skip hop’s silver lining theme is so cute. The toys are entertaining and I love that they’re detachable. Jun 10, 2022

  • Cute mat for tummy time. Great quality and easy to clean. Very soft and baby seems to enjoy it Jun 02, 2022

    • Kana N.
    • Naperville , Illinois

    My son absolutely lived on this thing the first 6 months. The songs, the little toys all kept him engaged. Mar 26, 2022

  • We use it for tummy time it’s super soft and has some padding. Feb 23, 2022

  • not too strong on the eyes. Very comfy Feb 12, 2022

  • So adorable!! We (daughter and myself) loved it and helped with tummy time discomfort. Feb 02, 2022

  • The soft material is so nice for baby to lay on and gaze up at the toys above. Also great for tummy time! Jan 26, 2022

  • The little toys that dangle are super cute, but overall the product wasn't our favorite. You wouldn't think the cloud would be too fluffy bit it is. We found a different activity gym. Jan 11, 2022

  • I bought this because I loved the colors that matched my babies nursery. I don't like that the loops to add toys are made of silky ribbon. They are fraying so I've had to glue some back together. Dec 21, 2021

    • Kit S.
    • Orland Park, Illinois

    Great for tummy time! Fun dangling toys and has extra rings to attach more toys. Pillow is super plush. Whole mat is easy to clean. Nov 24, 2021

  • She loved playing with this! Oct 28, 2021

  • I wish I picked a cheaper option that has the same components. This is great for the color scheme if you like neutrals. Other than that, there is no significant difference than any other option. Aug 12, 2021

    • Kari S.
    • Lompoc, California

    Love the look of this play mat! Easy to assemble, I can rearrange the layout of the toys (and plenty of attachment points to add more hanging toys/keep the layout new for my baby!). Aug 03, 2021

    • Leah E.
    • Sherwood, Wisconsin

    This playmat is incredibly soft and plush for babies. Our little girl loved laying on this daily! Aug 02, 2021

    • Lisa P.
    • Anaheim , California

    I bought this in 2017 for my first and I am currently using it with my second in 2021! It has held up through multiple washes! Baby loves all the cute toys! Aug 01, 2021

  • This playmat is so soft and cushioned for baby. It also has a great color palette and variety of toys. Jul 01, 2021

  • Love the color pallette don't stand out like a sore thumb. The toys are also detachable from the hanger . My son loves to reach for the toys that are hanging. The mat folds away easy for transport Jul 01, 2021

  • Great for tummy time and reaching exercises. Easy to clean and store. Jun 17, 2021

    • Kim B.
    • Richmond , Virginia

    My daughter loved this for tummy time! She got a lot of use out of it and especially liked the crunchy mirrors. Jun 16, 2021

  • Love this activity gym. I love that its more neutral colored and my babies have also loved playing on it. Jun 10, 2021

    • Gee L.
    • Las Vegas , Nevada

    This is a useful product for the first couple months. We love the different toys that can hang and are fun for baby after they start moving around more, but the price isn’t justifiable. Jun 07, 2021

  • Love this activity gym. Very soft and easy to take the arms off to put it in the wash. My only complaint is the musical lamb and the light up star have a button you have to push in to turn on. Apr 27, 2021

    • Lauren L.
    • Greenville, South Carolina

    I loved the look of this playmat, it’s modern and gender neutral. My son loved this and I can’t wait to use it with my daughter. The playmat is also soft and very comfortable. Apr 22, 2021

  • Such a cute play gym. The mat is plush and soft and the bars with hanging toys are sturdy. There is also a fun selection of hanging toys. My little one enjoys playing with this! Apr 12, 2021

  • This is definitely one of the best play mats! It’s very comfy and gender neutral. Have used it through 2 kids and it’s still holding up great! I love that it’s not super bright colors! Apr 08, 2021

  • Cute baby activity gym. We used a lot in the beginning for tummy time and other types of play. The toys can be detached and used on other places. Mar 19, 2021

  • Love everything about this activity mat. Cute colors. Interactive. My daughter loves tummy time and playing on this! Mar 17, 2021

  • Very cute and soft for laying on. My babies never liked using the pillow. The toys are adorable, fun and simple for my small baby. It is very neutral though and not a lot of contrast or many colors. Feb 24, 2021

    • Cindy N.
    • Randolph , Massachusetts

    Got this as a gift, and I thought it was really cute. Just plain and simple! My baby doesn’t really like using it though, the toys are easy to remove so we just give her those to play with. Feb 17, 2021

  • I really liked this mat, but I also found myself wishing I had the style that can just fold up and go in a corner. This thing takes up a lot of space and doesn't really collapse easily for storage. Feb 16, 2021

  • Very pretty mat. I like that the cloud side has extra padding in it for comfier tummy time. My daughter likes to reach for the toys, particularly the mirror. Feb 01, 2021

  • Nice & neutral colors, easy to wash and mat is nicely plush (we have hardwood floors). I've heard of the rain drops coming off for others - but in the three years we have had this that's not happened. Jan 06, 2021

  • We got this as a gift at our shower and we LOVED it while we used it. I love the color, and my daughter (even at 14 mo) loves the toys that were attached. Highly recommend! Dec 17, 2020

  • My baby has used this every single day of his life so far and he is now 8 months old. It is so soft and has so many fun toys for him to play with throughout all stages. It travels easy too! Dec 03, 2020

  • Was given this to me by a friend and my LO loved it! Especially the lullaby sheep. Nov 26, 2020

  • Beautiful play mat with 5 toys that hang (the lamb that played music finally gave out after 3 years). I really like the colors on this and the fact that it doesn't scream "day care toy" in our home. Nov 23, 2020

  • This is so nice to have! There are many things the baby can do and always changes as they get older. From tummy time to learning to roll around this is used every day in our house. Oct 01, 2020

    • D P.
    • Brooklyn , New York

    I love everything about this! The comfortable cushioned mat. The sparkles. I do wish the sound toy would go on for longer Sep 13, 2020

  • Baby loves it! But it is a little pricey for what it is. I find that baby also gets a little hot sometimes when laying on it for too long. Sep 09, 2020

  • This activity mat is extremely fluffy with lots of extra padding in various places it almost seems a bit hazardous don’t think I’ll be using this for baby. will be returning Aug 21, 2020

  • My son loved this. Having the extra pillow was great too. I loved it because it wasn’t an eye sore. Aug 18, 2020

  • Soft playmat with subtle colors! Love the sky theme and comfy pillow. All of the toys are great...I just wish the sheep played twinkle twinkle little star in tune. Aug 15, 2020

  • Definitely my babes most used object in our home. Perfect for tummy time, playtime, and practice with sitting. I love the soft cushy feel and that it isn’t too garish and bright. Aug 14, 2020

  • Love how plush this mat is. The sun mirror hanging is a big hit, but my babe loved all the toys and especially the pillow that came with it now that she's older. Aug 03, 2020

  • This is great for tummy time but the color scheme is too neutral for a baby to be excited to play. My baby didn't really seem interested. It's also pretty expensive for what you get. Jul 27, 2020