• Kayla S.
    • United States of America

    Great diaper rash ointment. This was recommended by our pediatrician and we love it. Seems to work very quickly when she has a rash. Feb 26, 2019

    • Erin B.
    • Richmond, Virginia

    Provides a great barrier from stool and urine to bottoms Jan 18, 2019

  • Greatest diaper cream ever! It’s the only thing that will work for my daughter and clears it up so quickly. Jan 03, 2019

  • We received this as a gift from a pediatrician office visit and it is awesome. Works great and less mess than some of the other brands! Nov 12, 2018

  • This was specifically recommended by our pediatrician, he said we should always have it nearby and we have never had a problem before with any diaper rash. Sep 29, 2018

  • This is such a great diaper cream. My boy had such sensitive skin and this cream would make a red bottom disappear overnight. Jul 26, 2018

  • Hands down the best cream for my baby! Rash is gone so fast Jul 07, 2018

    • Ame R.
    • Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Another great Dr. Smith product! Works great on diaper rash! Jun 25, 2018

  • Adorable! Creamy texture, great for babys irritated bum. Makes irritatation go away within hours! All i will use on my baby! Jun 12, 2018

    • Rachel H.
    • Factoryville , Pennsylvania

    The best diaper cream! Every mom needs some for home and the diaper bag! Apr 12, 2018

  • One of the only creams that work for my daughters rashes! This is easy to apply, works fast, and is a good price! Feb 20, 2018

    • Amy L.
    • Malden, Massachusetts

    we were given samples of this when it first came out. we've used it and loved it. we always use dr. smith's or boudreaux's butt paste when our little one has a rash. it helps clear it up right away Feb 08, 2018

  • Great stuff! Goes on thick but gets the job done! Feb 01, 2018

  • The absolute best! Dr. Smith's is thick and effective. It's a must-have. Jan 31, 2018

  • This product is awesomeeeeee works amazing better than any other cream Jan 11, 2018

  • This is out FAVORITE diaper cream! It works great but doesn't leave an awful smell like some of the others! Dec 30, 2017

    • Cheryl W.
    • Blythewood, South Carolina

    It’s a good creamy diaper rash for daily use Nov 09, 2017

  • It worked overnight and was the only one that gave any relief Oct 31, 2017

    • Erin S.
    • Litchfield Park, Arizona

    This is a really great product that helps diaper rashes clear up quickly and also helps prevents them. Oct 20, 2017

  • works great Oct 18, 2017

  • This is fast-acting. It helps to dry out baby’s bottom if still wet from wiping. Results are evident by the next day!!! Highly recommend. Oct 18, 2017

  • Love this Diaper Ointment. I've tried a couple other Ointments and this one works the best. Oct 05, 2017

  • Phenomenal. This stuff works magic. It should be called Rash No More! Sep 11, 2017

  • Worked great for LO diaper rash! Great product Jul 16, 2017

  • The ONLY diaper rash ointment we use! I swear by it and can confidently gift this to family and friends knowing it works well on even the most sensitive skin. Truly magical and worth every penny!! Jun 25, 2017

  • Absolutely love! It's a must have for diaper rashes. Jun 23, 2017

  • We don't use diaper cream often but when we do its this one, absolutely love it and clears up any rash quickly. May 07, 2017

    • Nora H.
    • Pensacola , Florida

    The only thing that I have found to work on my daughter. It works very fast. It doesn't have a bad smell or thick paste either it is all around great. May 04, 2017

  • works fast and effective. great for sensitive skin Apr 20, 2017

  • Works great to get rid of diaper rash quick. Formula is thick and creamy Apr 11, 2017

  • I work at a pediatrician office. We get samples of these to give to patients. A little goes a long way and I have seen it work wonders on multiple different diaper rashes Apr 02, 2017

  • Used this product 13 years ago and now with new baby! Never a rash! Mar 23, 2017

    • Carla H.
    • Cambridge, Massachusetts

    This works great! A little goes a long way and cures her rash right away. Feb 18, 2017

  • Clears up rashes so quickly with only a little amount! Jan 24, 2017

  • My newborn was starting to get a small diaper rash from all the stools. Love to! Compared to Desitin, it doesn't have strong odor, and isn't hard to wipe off. Easy to apply without the residue. Jan 09, 2017

  • Love this diaper rash cream! Defiantly cleans up the rash fast Jan 04, 2017

  • I love that this product goes on smooth and keeps babies bottom from a rash. Dec 07, 2016

  • Win this product and haven't really used it yet, trying to use up other products first. Dec 07, 2016

  • Used this at the recommendation of our daughter's infant teacher at daycare. We are well stocked up for baby #2! Dec 06, 2016

  • This is such an awesome bouncer. I have mine in black and have had it for two of my three babies. It was kinda a stretch for me to spend on a bouncer but it does do the trick and I would buy it again. Dec 06, 2016

  • I have been using this for many years, I swear by this product. I love how fast acting it is Dec 06, 2016

  • Love it. Must have Dec 05, 2016

  • My son had sensitive skin as an infant. Other diaper creams I tried all made the rash worse. Dr. Smith's is the ONLY diaper cream I found that actually helped him. It works quickly and effectively. Dec 02, 2016

  • Love it, the best there is! Nov 18, 2016

  • Does the job without gunking up Nov 10, 2016

  • this cream is the best! I've used it on my son's bottom, drool rash, and even some redness in my baby's belly button. After using it once, all redness was gone. It is a must have! Nov 06, 2016

  • I received this from weespring! Thank you! And I had high hopes for it! My little one has horrible diaper rash while teething. This cream made the rash worse. My son was in so much pain. Oct 26, 2016

  • The only thing that has worked when my son's diaper rash was at it's worst. Oct 19, 2016

  • I love the effectiveness of this product and can tell it relieves instantly which is awesome for a mother to see! diaper rash disappears fast while using this product! Oct 12, 2016

  • After trying several different kinds of diaper rash cream, this is the only one that worked for my baby. It clears up her diaper rash overnight! This is a must have in our house! Oct 12, 2016