• We call these dinosaur cups. Our toddler drinks water from these and helped her learn her to hold and sip from a straw. Aug 14, 2020

  • Like all others these are spill proof. These were the worst yet. They leaked more than anything. There is also 5 pieces to each bottles to clean and keep track of. Jul 24, 2020

  • My son loves these cups. The can be a bit annoying to wash and leak once in a while when dropped but overall a good choice. Jun 23, 2020

  • We dislikes this cup for our toddler. The lid always gets jammed over the straw and always frustrated her. Also hard to clean! May 28, 2020

  • Excellent for toddlers Apr 25, 2020

    • Erin L.
    • Lake Villa, Illinois

    We use these dino straw sippy cups every weekend while going out. My daughter loves them. Mar 20, 2020

    • Jami V.
    • Redondo Beach, California

    These were what we started with at 6 months. At 2.5 my daughter still uses these regularly. Mar 05, 2020

  • I like this cup, but the tops come off too easily. My 17-month-Old quickly learned she could take it off and does so frequently. Feb 13, 2020

    • Amy P.
    • Concord, North Carolina

    I highly recommend this cup! They are almost impossible to spill and completely toddler proof! They are easy to clean and to assemble. I plan on using them for my daughter as well! Jan 09, 2020

  • Once we taught my son to drink out of straws, these have been awesome! The lid part doesn’t really stay on. That’s the only down side we have found. They come apart to clean easily. Not much leakage! Jan 01, 2020

  • One of our go to sippy cups for water. I actually doesn’t leak and my son can get every last ounce out because of the bent straw. Dec 15, 2019

  • They're okay - milk of course comes out when it warms up a little and the straw will sometimes weirdly turn inside the cup. Not my fav but we still have it! Dec 14, 2019

  • The slide down lid is great for sanitary reasons. I love that the straw is curved. Ensures baby is sipping when he tips it over. Very easy to take apart and wash. Nov 08, 2019

  • Mine leaked constantly. And both ended up cracking from my toddler throwing them on the ground. Really wanted to like them though. Sep 25, 2019

  • These made a nice transition from the bottle. I like that they work with the Avent bottle parts if needed. The flexible straw portion can be boiled like bottle parts to clean them better. Sep 04, 2019

    • Tia F.
    • Twisp, Washington

    My toddler loves these cups, has been using them for over a year now. We haven't had any issues with leaking, they are easy to clean and put together, and replacement straws and inserts are cheap! Aug 26, 2019

    • Tara F.
    • Santa Barbara, California

    Love these. We used them as an introductory cup for sipping and they worked great. Can be thrown across a room without spilling! Aug 23, 2019

    • Alissa S.
    • Douglassville, Pennsylvania

    sturdy cup, but if your child likes to play with the straw, these can get messy. our daughter would fling the straw and get milk everywhere! Aug 21, 2019

  • These cups are great. I appreciate that they're dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and the curved straw is a game changer! Such a genius idea to help my child really get every last sip. Aug 07, 2019

  • We used these for a while but they leak horribly Aug 01, 2019

  • My toddler loves these but they can be a pain to wash as there are 4 parts. You need a small brush for the straw parts which don’t come with the cups. Jul 21, 2019

    • Mimi H.
    • United States of America

    Annoying to clean, so much plastic, quick to mold, sometimes leak... not my fav Jul 11, 2019

  • I like that the straw is shorter which makes it easier to learn how to use. Also like that it’s dishwasher safe, easy to put together, and has a lid. Did have some leakage issues however Jul 09, 2019

    • Alyssa J.
    • MARSTONS MILLS, Massachusetts

    9 month got the hang of this straw within seconds. No spills or leaks, good for diaper bag. Lots of pieces to clean but most straw cups are. Jun 20, 2019

  • Straw was too hard for baby to use. Jun 20, 2019

  • My son loves using straws, I just needed to find a good straw sippie cup. I’m so glad I went ahead and bought these. He loves them, they’re super easy to clean and you can cover the straw. So cute too Jun 11, 2019

    • Jaime B.
    • Fort Walton Beach , Florida

    I like These sippy cups easy to clean, spill proof, And they’re the only ones my son will drink from. May 26, 2019

  • These are my favorite cups. They can spill if there is a tough drop and there is liquid in the upper part of the straw, but otherwise amazing. Love how it comes apart completely to wash in dishwasher Apr 29, 2019

  • My son loves these cups. We use them for milk mostly. They're easy to clean and the tops are easy to screw on. Apr 17, 2019

  • Love these cups and my baby does too. Only negative thing I can say is that they are a little difficult to get the straw clean. Must have a bottle brush with the detachable nipple brush. Mar 11, 2019

    • Ann C.
    • Bothell, Washington

    Easy to clean - You can even clean the inside of the straw! A huge plus, especially if your child drinks milk out of this cup! Feb 19, 2019

  • I have these with the handles for my 9 month old and they are my favorite straw cups. Super easy to clean and disassemble. They do not leak ans are durable to throwing all over. Must have !!! Jan 22, 2019

  • Don’t leak Jan 16, 2019

    • Wendy S.
    • Old Forge, Pennsylvania

    BEST STRAW CUPS EVER! They don't leak! Love that the lid closes to protect the straw. Easy assembly & disassembly to wash, and the straw is bent to get every last drop. Jan 02, 2019

  • This is literally my son’s very favorite cup. I send two of them to daycare each day. They don’t leak, and he can easily drink from them. They come apart easily to clean. Highly recommended. Jan 01, 2019

  • Easier to clean and leaks less than other straw cups! Nov 15, 2018

    • Jenna L.
    • United States of America

    Easy for little hands to hold, easy to clean, and fun colors. My daughter has been drinking water out of these since she was 6 months old! Nov 06, 2018

  • I have these in purple and pink for my 3 yr old daughter. I love these cups especially because they are no spill!! Sep 03, 2018

  • Overall great cup. Fairly easy to clean as all the pieces come apart. Only downside is that it does have a lot of pieces to clean. Aug 17, 2018

  • Love the design, ease of cleaning and that it doesn't leak. Now the lid does pop off but doesn't really bother me that much. It's been thrown multiple times since revived these but they haven't broke. Aug 16, 2018

  • My son loves these bottles and so easy to clean and affordable Jul 30, 2018

  • Everyone loves the dino design! Easy grip and bendy straw allows child to get the last drop easily. Durable and leak proof. Cons:my tot bit through straw fairly quickly and could be a bother to clean. Jun 27, 2018

    • Julie G.
    • United States of America

    My daughter didn't like regular sippy cups for some reason, so we started having her use these around 7 months. She understood how to use the straw right away! Very easy to clean and hold. Jun 25, 2018

    • Eric B.
    • Fairfield, California

    My daughter's go-to water bottle. Easy to clean and durable after countless drops. Jun 12, 2018

    • Toni H.
    • Madison, Mississippi

    We have the 7oz version with handles. The decent size straw makes it easy for little to drink. Easy for her to hold. Drink can drip out of straw when you close the top. I wish it was easier to clean. Apr 13, 2018

    • Bree G.
    • Twin lake , Michigan

    Great cup to start the little ones on learning how to drink out of a straw if they tip it up it doesn’t leak. We love these cups. Feb 25, 2018

  • Love these cups. Nice to be able to cover the straw tip. Easy to clean and easy for my toddler to hold. Feb 09, 2018

  • These are my sons favorite straw cups. l Feb 09, 2018

  • The straw is the perfect length for a little one to learn how to suck up the liquid. Great for tossing in the diaper bag as well! Oct 25, 2017

  • Favorite straw cups! Easy to clean and assemble and don't leak! Impossible combo to find and Philips nailed it. Oct 08, 2017