• Was recommended by the pediatrician I feel safe to give it to the baby since it has no honey and is natural. Sep 17, 2021

    • Megan I.
    • Los Angeles, California

    Helped my 3.5 y/o son's awful cough when he was getting over a bad cold. He didn't mind the taste (the grape flavored one) and he's usually pretty picky. Helped him sleep better without coughing Sep 14, 2021

  • So here is the thing. Finding safe cough and mucus meds for a baby is hard! This stuff works great and puts me at ease when I give it to my baby! Definitely a good clean product! Sep 12, 2021

  • Works great for cough and congestion, doesn’t taste that awful either Jul 23, 2021

    • Lauren L.
    • Greenville, South Carolina

    We love zarbees products, and this is a favorite. It’s nice to have something to soothe you child’s cold with, when they are too young to take anything else. Jul 06, 2021

  • Amazing at helping get the mucus moving again. Jun 15, 2021

    • Laura W.
    • Sacramento, California

    There isn’t much that you can give a baby for congestion and cough. However this is a fantastic product and we really enjoyed it. It made me feel like I was doing something to help my baby. May 31, 2021

  • Only cough medicine I could find for my baby that is safe for her age. The syrup is really thick and we didn't notice much of a difference in her symptoms after using it May 24, 2021

  • Great stuff for a sick baby. Especially when babies can’t take much. May 01, 2021

  • Only thing my baby can take for the rough cough he had and it helped him sleep through the night Mar 23, 2021

  • Allergies run in our family and this has been a lifesaver for our infant’s congestion. Excellent ingredient list. Dec 28, 2020

  • My daughter was over her cold in 2 days using this. For reference she was 8 months at the time. I think it works great, especially to clear a mucous cough. Nov 25, 2020

  • Love this brand. I have the little travel packets and they have come in handy more than once. Seem to work very well too. Oct 15, 2020

    • E W.
    • Sunnyvale, California

    Not sure how good the product is but my son takes it when he starts coughing. He gets better after 3-4 days. Oct 14, 2020

    • Kellie M.
    • South Pittsburg, Tennessee

    Honestly, it did nothing. At least my son liked the taste. Sep 25, 2020

  • it's ok, just coats the throat, doesn't do much else. my doctor recommended it when my son was an infant and that's what he told me it was used for. Aug 23, 2020

  • I used this all the time! Works great for kids under four who can’t take other meds. Jul 30, 2020

  • I love this!! Lifesaver!! It’s the only thing out safe for 2 months and up. It actually helps. My 2 month old was sick and this really helped her with The mucous. Jul 16, 2020

  • Helps with baby’s congestion from allergies. Definitely recommend. May 27, 2020

  • Finally, something on the market that can provide relief to the little guys!! We have used this throughout a few different colds and it seemed to provide at least some relief which is what I wanted!! Apr 23, 2020

    • Gabi D.
    • Los Angeles, California

    My daughter got over her flu in just 3 days with this stuff (plus Zarbee's probiotic syrup). Love that it's organic and smells yummy. The only thing that's not fun is how sticky it is. Mar 22, 2020

  • There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby sick. Zarbees helps soothe sore throats and breaks up mucus when your baby is sick with a cold. Mar 17, 2020

  • Worked so well and it's not full of junk like artificial flavors and colors! Mar 06, 2020

    • Heidi D.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    My LO likes the taste which helps, but its basically just honey. I think it is soothing but otherwise didn't seem effective. Feb 21, 2020

  • Excellent brand Jan 31, 2020

    • Amy P.
    • Concord, North Carolina

    This is the only cough and congestion medication that works for my 2 year old. It makes a huge difference and works up until the time for the next dose. I highly recommend this medication for babies!! Jan 26, 2020

  • This is a MUST HAVE! My daughter had RSV at 6 weeks and this was recommended and worked wonders for her cough and mucus. Jan 02, 2020

  • I like that it's all natural but it's impossible for my daughter to take it. She's never had an issue with any medicine, but refuses this one. It did help get rid of her cough quick. Sep 29, 2019

  • Always keep this at home! It seems to help with congestion and coughs. Love that it’s all natural! Sep 29, 2019

  • This has really helped when my baby is sick. I love the all natural ingredients and its pediatrician recommended. Sep 10, 2019

  • Once you stick with this it really does help dry things out. However for my kids it has always caused them diarrhea but at least they could breath and were happy Sep 10, 2019

  • No, don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work. I bought it so many times but it only helps with developing cavities. Jun 10, 2019

    • Anh N.
    • Sunnyvale, California

    My LO's didn't like taking this cough syrup. It was too thick and hard to swallow. May 17, 2019

    • Anahi L.
    • San Ysidro, California

    the grape flavor with a touch of honey, it is very nice for the baby, he takes it with pleasure, and it helped too much to eliminate the mucus in my baby without needing to give a medicine that can fa May 02, 2019

  • This stuff worked great when our little one got RSV or colds! It is very thick and sticky so just have a wet wipe ready to wipe them down. Apr 19, 2019

    • Erin D.
    • Cambridge, Massachusetts

    My daughter had a bad cold at 4 months. She disliked the flavor, and I dont think its really helped her symptoms. Apr 19, 2019

  • I was working in a doctor's office when I was recovering from the flu, they gave me samples to try of this and I can tell you that it didn't taste bad and it greatly reduced my cough and chest pain. Apr 16, 2019

  • My 9 week old had a bad cough and this helped soothe his throat and reduce the cough. He slept comfortable all night what a life saver. The best part is it is all organic Mar 21, 2019

  • Seems to work great when my 2 years old has a cough! Mar 06, 2019

  • Didn’t completely take cough away but did seem to help some. There aren’t many other cough medicine options for babies so I’ll take it! Feb 10, 2019

  • This was awesome because it’s one of the only few things my 3 month old can take for her cold and the poor thing was miserable before I gave her this. In my opinion it works. Jan 31, 2019

  • This helped my LO so much when she got sick! Works like a charm! Jan 24, 2019

    • Aleta W.
    • United States of America

    We used ONE serving of this that my sis-in-law gave us and it cleared up by 2 month old's 6 week cough immediately! Amazing! Jan 04, 2019

  • I loved knowing this was natural and safe for my baby but also really helped with cold symptoms. Soothed his sore throat and helps clear mucus. We always have this stocked. Dec 18, 2018

  • This stuff works so good for sick little ones! All natural makes it even better Dec 10, 2018

  • Effective Nov 27, 2018

  • works ok, but is the best available since other meds are not for the young ones. love the natural ingredients Nov 18, 2018

  • Used on my older son when he sick Oct 19, 2018

  • Works great, taste like honey. Likely didn't eliminate but helped calm a persistent cough when there's really nothing else you can give a 2 and 4 year old Oct 08, 2018

  • Helps my little one sleep thru the night when his cough keeps him up. Oct 05, 2018