• It's really only good for about an hour. I had a sippy cup leak and I washed it right away but I couldn't get the smell out. I wouldn't buy again. Can only really fit two bottles. Apr 28, 2019

  • I have 2 of these and use them daily in the diaper bag. I can get 3 8oz bottles and an ice pack in one. Keeps bottles cold or warm depending on what your going for. Apr 27, 2019

  • This is perfect for taking bottles on the go. It keeps them just cold enough and doesn't take up a lot of space in a diaper bag. Apr 23, 2019

    • Jen M.
    • Ukiah, California

    We have two of these: one for bottes and another for snacks. So handy to keep things cold!! Apr 21, 2019

  • Great for storing my pumped milk in while at work. I rarely used it for actual bottles but it is nice to have the option. The ice pack did bust one day though so it's not the best quality. Apr 18, 2019

  • must have for pumped milk on the go. keeps milk cold for hours with ice pack Apr 17, 2019

    • Julie M.
    • United States of America

    The ice pack is great! Stays frozen and cold all day! Apr 15, 2019

  • I love this bag. Keeps everything cold. Fits great in my diaper bag. Keeps breast milk or formula cold. Comes with a freezer ice pack Apr 14, 2019

    • Emily E.
    • United States of America

    Got this for breastmilk storage on the go and it has grown with us! We now put snacks in it for our daughter when we are on the run. Great purchase with a long life. Apr 13, 2019

  • I don't really understand this bag, why it's shaped the way it is and why the zippers are this way. It seems hard to maneuver. I like Skip Hop stuff, but I need to try this bag again. Apr 11, 2019

  • Great little cooler bag to keep bottles cool. I used this for in my pumping bag to keep my expressed milk cool. The only thing I did not like was it has two zippers. I would zip them together. Apr 09, 2019

  • This bag was perfect for travel as well as hook to stroller for walks. Kept bottles cold with included ice pack, which I later lost. Used daily for over a year and it held up. Apr 08, 2019

  • This bag has a small ice packs and is insulated. I wish the ice pack stayed frozen longer, but there’s space for a bigger one if I want a different ice pack. They insulation works great Apr 08, 2019

  • did use much - kind of don't need it. Apr 05, 2019

  • Wish this had a bit more room for icepacks. I mostly use this to store pumped breastmilk in the work fridge. Apr 03, 2019

  • Just purchased this for the warmer months and can't wait to use it. It is stylish and can easily snap on the stroller handle. Apr 02, 2019

  • Baby lunch bag! Found this at TJ maxx great deal so easy to carry bottles, snacks, water, spoons. Awesome baby lunch box we use this every time we leave the house Apr 01, 2019

  • Keep things cold air keeps things warm and is very easy to pack inside diaper bag Mar 30, 2019

  • Great for taking formula and 4 oz bottles. Won't be able to fit much when switching to 8 oz bottles but will use for baby food and snacks in the future as well. Mar 27, 2019

  • I registered and revived this as a gift...but my baby takes her bottles at room temperature so I’m not sure when I’ll use this. She’s three months old and this is still sitting in the closet unused Mar 15, 2019

  • Wish it could fit more than 2 bottles, but it keeps the bottles cool for longer than other options. Mar 14, 2019

  • I love the space and ease of carrying. Just attach to baby bag and take it everywhere! Mar 13, 2019

  • Does an excellent job of keeping bottles cold. Love that the clip makes it easy to attach to a diaper bag. Mar 12, 2019

  • This bag is great on the go and even comes with its own ice pack that fits perfectly into its slot. I especially like that the handle allows you to clip it onto your bag or stroller. Mar 10, 2019

  • Love the convenience of this, clip makes it easy to put on dipaer bag, but it is hard to clean and can get moldy if left damp. Mar 09, 2019

  • I loved having this when my first born used bottles. I slipped in an ice pack and his milk never spoiled. This one was so easy to clean too! Mar 08, 2019

  • Add to your registry! I use one at work for my pumped bottles and use when on the go pumping or if baby will be drinking a bottle! Fits multiple bottles and comes with slim ice pack! Mar 06, 2019

  • It's a great insulator if you have multiple children and need to hol more than one bottle or juice box etc. Mine lasted about 5 years, and now I am thinking I need a replacement. Hold up well Mar 04, 2019

    • Anna D.
    • ARLINGTON, Virginia

    got this to carry milk back and forth to/from work, works perfectly. I like that I can attach it outside the bag if I run out of space inside. Feb 28, 2019

  • This was good when my son was smaller and I was carrying the smaller breast milk containers. But it only hold so much, but does keep bottles cold! Feb 27, 2019

  • Not only is it cute, but it works well and stores plenty of bottles or bags of milk. Feb 26, 2019

    • Lynn J.
    • United States of America

    It does the job! I add a bag of extra ice to keep bottles cool. The zipper is secure. Feb 23, 2019

  • This can fit 2 bottles and ice pack, light weight and a stroller strap! Awesome! Feb 22, 2019

    • Becca R.
    • United States of America

    Bought it on a whim. I use this when I go on walks with LO. I fit 2 bottles, a diaper, travel pack of wipes, and a disposable changing mat into this storage bag. It's like my mini diaper bag. Feb 21, 2019

  • Great size to transport pumped milk to and from work and also a great size to bring bottles to daycare. Feb 21, 2019

    • Luz T.
    • Newark, New Jersey

    I purchased to use while going out to keep the bottles at a good temperature. Unfortunately although it states it will keep the bottles warm it truly doesn’t. In under 30 minutes the bottles are cold. Feb 21, 2019

  • Love it! Keeps bottles cool. Feb 19, 2019

  • We send our bottles to daycare in this or if we are running around town to keep bottles cold. It keeps them cool and no spilling. Feb 15, 2019

  • I LOVE this cooler bag! It works so nicely for all sorts of bottles and breast milk bags when on the go. It fits well in my diaper bag also. It seems small, but holds more than a days worth of milk! Feb 12, 2019

  • Works well, holds 2 bottles, now we use it for snacks. Feb 07, 2019

  • Love this bag for keeping my pump stuff in. I take this with me everywhere Jan 29, 2019

  • This is a great bag that I use to transport bottles to daycare and back! Jan 26, 2019

  • Great for traveling with Dad and Grandma Jan 17, 2019

  • I got this to go with my matching diaper backpack and I love it. Keeps bottles at a safe temperature for hours. Jan 15, 2019

  • This bag is great for if you’re just running out for a few errands or if you’re traveling with baby food. You can only fit 2 bottles buy multiple jars of baby food. Jan 13, 2019

  • The ice pack exploded after two or three uses Jan 12, 2019

  • This wasn't so convenient for me. It really only held two bottles, which didn't really work for me if I was going to spend the day at my mothers house. Just wish it was bigger Jan 11, 2019

    • D T.
    • Canton, Michigan

    This is great for traveling and long outtings to make sure bottle stays at a safe temperature. It doesn't hurt to toss in a couple ice cubes especially in the summer to make sure the formula is safe. Jan 10, 2019

  • Keeps everything cold. Great for storing at work and transportation Jan 02, 2019

    • Wendy S.
    • Old Forge, Pennsylvania

    Love the clip on strap, it makes it easy to attach to the stroller or elsewhere. Has a little pocket inside to hold the ice pack, or when we go without the ice pack I use it to hold baby's utensils. Jan 02, 2019