• Elaine F.
    • Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

    Super easy to travel with, was able to carry my infant and close the stroller with 1 hand. Very light weight, great coverage from the sun, easy to maneuver with 1 hand even when going over cobblestone Feb 10, 2020

  • Can handle any terrain, easy 1 hand flat fold, reclines. Fits thru standard doors. Tons of accessories for baby. Comfy and roomy for kids. My 4 yr old still fits comfortably! Best stroller for active Feb 10, 2020

    • Emily S.
    • Garner , North Carolina

    For the price I wish I had chose a different one. The one hand fold is amazing. I hate the basket underneath, too small to fit a diaper bag and can’t hang it bc it tips due to three wheel design. Feb 10, 2020

  • I can’t say enough good things about the stroller. It is so easy to both fold and set up. I’ve used it now for two kids and have traveled all around the world with it. It is very convenient. Feb 09, 2020

    • Stacy A.
    • Cherry Hill , New Jersey

    Best stroller. Handle bar adjust for the shorter / taller individual. Smooth ride with the foam tires( no need to refill air!) and material cleans easily Feb 08, 2020

    • Stacy C.
    • Cherry Hill , New Jersey

    Great stroller. The wheels are sturdy and provides smooth ride. It cleans well. And the adjustable handle bar is great! Feb 07, 2020

    • Sarah W.
    • Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

    Love this stroller! It works really well on sidewalks (especially the uneven sidewalks of our town). We’ve even used it on the beach and it works fairly well. Good all around stroller. Feb 03, 2020

  • Extremely convenient to breakdown/assemble. Perfect for any occasion and definitely easy to travel with! Just make sure to have a stroller bag for gate check! Feb 03, 2020

  • So easy to maneuver. Reclines enough for baby to nap. Narrow footprint and light weight. Feb 02, 2020

  • Living in the country we needed something with wheels that would go in gravel. This product will not disappoint and allows mom to get back in shape while keeping her little one close. Feb 01, 2020

  • Maneuver so easy through zoos and theme parks love it Feb 01, 2020

  • This stroller has worked for us. The only con is the small basket underneath and the seat is very inclined, meaning he had a hard time sitting up straight during rides. Feb 01, 2020

  • This stroller is the epitome of convenience! It folds all in one motion and is truly light enough to complete with one hand. It is the only stroller I can unfold and use with a baby in my arms. Jan 30, 2020

    • Anna D.
    • Monterey, California

    So easy to get open and closed, compact, lightweight. The perfect stroller for small spaces. Jan 30, 2020

  • Love this stroller! Super easy one handed use, it’s super rugged and lasts for years! Jan 30, 2020

    • Aimee U.
    • Clayton , North Carolina

    I love the handles and how the stroller moves. It’s very simple and lightweight! Jan 28, 2020

    • Emma R.
    • New Bedford , Massachusetts

    The best stroller on the market right now hands down! Very lightweight and compact. Very easy to maneuver! Would not go back to another brand. Jan 28, 2020

  • This was gifted to us, and works great. Super simple to fold which is a plus! Jan 24, 2020

  • Lightweight and portable. My LO is comfy and enjoys the smooth ride. Storage is small but other features make up for that. Adjustable handle is perfect for switching between adults who use it. Jan 23, 2020

  • I have never loved a baby item as much as I love my baby jogger. They think of every tiny detail and make mothering just a tiny bit easier. Jan 23, 2020

  • I searched and searched for a decent jogging stroller that wouldn’t break the bank and this fit the bill. It rides smooth, the canopy comes down far enough, and it folds down so easy! Jan 23, 2020

  • Stroller for the grandparents place. Best thing is the one hand fold!! Light weight so grandma can put it in the car and fits in the back of a Prius. Easy to maneuver and a great walking stroller. Jan 16, 2020

  • Absolutely love this stroller! We’ve been through many over the years. This is the best one by far! I recommend it to everyone I know! Jan 13, 2020

  • I love our stroller. It’s compact and fits in my small compact car. It folds up well for flying and traveling and it is great on all paved surfaces. Lightweight and easy to fold up and down. Jan 13, 2020

  • So easy to fold up even my husband loves it. Jan 13, 2020

  • Great stroller! My son is a big boy and this stroller still works great. Can purchase an adapted to click in most car seats. Love how it handles off the pavement too! Looking at purchasing a double Jan 12, 2020

  • Although the wheels are great and it’s sturdy for travel, I have tons of problems with the harness, the basket accessibility, the width of the back wheels etc. Jan 12, 2020

  • Super easy to maneuver! I love that I can close or open this stroller with one hand! It’s not the lightest stroller but it’s features make up for that in my opinion. Jan 11, 2020

  • Citi mini is awesome. loved it and it stayed in such great condition that i was able to resell it. Jan 07, 2020

    • Betsy F.
    • Leesport, Pennsylvania

    Bought this for a trip to Disney - it's lightweight but sturdy (not like an umbrella or compact stroller), easy to fold/unfold, has ample storage, and is comfy for my little one! Definitely recommend Jan 03, 2020

    • jada s.
    • crockett, California

    Got this as a hand me down but worked like new. Just had to get an adapter to fit our infant car seat. Very easy to maneuver. Jan 02, 2020

    • Anna L.
    • United States of America

    love everything about this stroller! Dec 30, 2019

  • It is very lightweight and easy to open and close. The seat itself is not very sturdy or comfortable. It’s kind of awkward for my little one at all ages due to how it reclines. Dec 30, 2019

  • We have had and used this stroller for about 1 year now and overall it is a good, sturdy, well made product. It is a little bulky/heavy and wouldn’t recommend if you are using it for travel. Dec 30, 2019

  • Awesome stroller. Very strong, durable, compact but large enough for years of use. Dec 29, 2019

    • Ashley H.
    • North Smithfield, Rhode Island

    A decent jogging stroller, especially for the price. I am not a marathon runner by any means, but this is easy to use and good for jogging. Con: a bit heavy to put in and out of my SUV. Dec 27, 2019

  • So easy to maneuver! We use this with the chicco keyfit infant carrier and adapter. My husband is taller and liked the height of the handle bar Dec 24, 2019

    • Sofia B.
    • Union City, New Jersey

    I love the push of the stroller. My 3 yr old is almost 40 lbs and I have no issue pushing her around, even single handedly. It's smooth even on different terrains. Downside: lack of storage & accessi Dec 24, 2019

    • Jill C.
    • North Ridgeville, Ohio

    I did a ton of research on strollers and this was the one I chose to get. Lightweight, portable, adapter for an infant car seat and my son fits snuggly in the upright seat. Would purchase again. Dec 23, 2019

  • I love how smooth this stroller rides, the large cover, the lock feature, storage space underneath and the ease to fold. Bulkiness and heaviness are the only cons of this stroller. Dec 19, 2019

  • We have way too many strollers and this is by far the best. Perfect for all terrain usage but also amazing in the airport. Lightweight yet sturdy. Dec 11, 2019

  • This is very easy to maneuver and very easy to fold. I have had 2 strollers by this brand over 8 years and love them. The shade is perfect and the storage is just enough. Dec 08, 2019

  • This is the smoothest riding stroller I’ve used! Cons: storage underneath is super small Dec 07, 2019

  • I bought this for my first child. At the time of purchase it seemed very nice with a smooth ride however, as a mom who hates to stay at home and is always on the go, this stroller is far too heavy Nov 30, 2019

  • Love how easily it maneuvers and so lightweight! Nov 29, 2019

  • My baby has been using this stroller since 2 months. It’s less cumbersome then the travel system I got at my shower. It’s a smoother ride and the recline is perfect for naps on long walks. Nov 27, 2019

  • I love the one handed fold, this stroller is so easily to fold and unfold with a baby in your arms. It also is remarkably slim when folded which makes taking it, well everywhere, a breeze. Nov 20, 2019

  • This stroller is SO EASY to use! One hand folding and an easy lock makes this stroller so convenient for when your hands are full! We get compliments all the time. The basket is a little small though. Nov 18, 2019

  • I can honestly say that I love everything about this stroller. From the large sun canopy and all the storage options. To the fun orange color. I've gotten so many compliments on this stroller. Nov 07, 2019

  • This is an ok stroller... it is durable and folds up easily. But I find it difficult to get baby in and out and I personally prefer to be able to see the baby. Nov 05, 2019