• This keeps my baby busy while im at the store or in the car. Sep 18, 2017

  • She didn't love this but it provided a good amount of distraction for many months, so I'd say that's a win! Aug 16, 2017

  • This thing saved my life when little man didn't want to get into the stroller or car seat. He still plays with this now. Jul 21, 2017

  • Very entertaining on long trips. Jul 17, 2017

  • Added this toy to the Mamaroo when my LO got a little bigger to help keep her entertained while sitting in the seat. She loves to play with it! Would recommend to add to the carseat or stroller too! Jun 21, 2017

  • This toy was great for extending car rides/stroller entertainment. She likes hitting the rattle, chewing the dangle toys, and hitting the flower. The only down side is I wish it would play music and the toys that hang down should be attached better. The velcro doesn't stick well. May 07, 2017

    • Ally A.
    • El Sobrante, California

    I love that this can be clipped on to so many different seats and that I can change out the toys so easily to keep baby entertained!! Mar 05, 2017

    • Deb F.
    • staten island, New York

    must have. was a present and so happy I got it. great to put on car seat, stroller, even on bouncer. encourages baby to reach and touch and increase motor skills.1 yr still likes this! Dec 27, 2016

  • My son loves to stare at this toy. Oct 06, 2016

    • Wendy n.
    • United States of America

    Made long walks more fun ! Aug 24, 2016

    • Ashley R.
    • East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

    great for on the go. We are on long car rides alot. our little one loves this arch, keeps him content in the car. Easy to take on and off of the carseat. Feb 23, 2016

  • We had this with our older 2 and it was used all of the time. I wish we still had it. Very convenient for travel and super cute! Jan 21, 2016

  • This toy comes in handy! Its easy to transfer from stroller or carseat. My daughter was very entertained by the pull flower fan and little mirror. It made mall trips much more easy. Jan 18, 2016

  • Neat idea, but my son never really cared for it. Mar 26, 2015

    • Katy R.
    • United States of America

    Cheaper and more fun than the toy bar for the BabyBjorn Sitter. Baby has loved this for MONTHS. It's fantastic. Feb 24, 2015

  • Bought it when my daughter was 2.5 months to entertain her when she is in her bouncer. She loves playing with it! I like the fact that you can attach it to baby's car seat too. Jan 21, 2015

  • Great at entertaining my son. He loves it and so do I Oct 31, 2014

  • It's fun for only a few minutes, but my baby quickly got bored with this. Oct 20, 2014

    • Cara D.
    • San Francisco, California

    Looks really stimulating but the age at which my kid needed carseat distractions (<4 months), he wasn't able to manipulate any of the features of this mobile. Oct 08, 2014

  • For a long car trip this worked wonders, and you can attach it to a toddler car seat too! Oct 06, 2014

    • Lacy H.
    • United States of America

    This has joints to fit a variety of sizes and the clips tighten onto pretty much anything. I have put this on a bunch of things because it is easy, however, my son isn't entertained for long. Oct 02, 2014

  • Attaches to a baby bjorn seat and has a ton to explore for the baby. I like the pull on strawberry that actives a fan - great for cause and effect learning Sep 30, 2014

  • Love it! keeps my daughter occupied during car drives! Sep 25, 2014

  • This is the only way that I can travel with the baby and keep her entertained. Sep 04, 2014

  • A must have for every car ride! Sep 02, 2014

  • Very handy considering it can fit on pretty much anything. I attach it to the baby bjorn bouncy chair and his car seat. He loves it! Aug 30, 2014

  • my son did not like this much so we didn't get any use out of it... Aug 08, 2014

  • We have a pair of these for my twins' rock n plays. They get so excited when I bring them out, the feet start kicking and they're all smiles. Jul 25, 2014

  • This looked super cheap when it arrived so I returned it. Definitely not like it looks int he photos. Jul 24, 2014

    • Jaime F.
    • Williamstown, New Jersey

    We used this a lot for car rides... my son is now 20 months and one of the clamps cracked. It was never dropped or thrown around so it didn't last very long with general wear and tear Apr 28, 2014

  • Love that to save space you can move it to rock n' play, car seat, etc... Apr 17, 2014

  • Great versatile product - can attach to anything! Apr 04, 2014

    • Stacy B.
    • United States of America

    It's just okay. I attach it to the Bjorn Babysitter Balance Air (much less expensive than the wooden toy bar that you can buy to go with it). Wish the arch were a bit higher, but it's okay. Mar 20, 2014

    • Lis O.
    • Clayton, North Carolina

    My son is crazy about this toy! It has been a lifesaver when I've had to bring him to work with me and need to keep him entertained between naps. Feb 19, 2014

  • WAY TOO BIG! Feb 18, 2014

  • lifesaver on car rides. It also provided entertainment in the highchair! Feb 13, 2014

  • Best thing I bought for my daughter when she was an infant! Feb 13, 2014

    • Amanda K.
    • Wake Forest, North Carolina

    Very good interaction Jan 31, 2014

  • This is a great toy! More interesting than the Baby Bjorn toy bar, and easily moved between bouncer, car seat, etc. It's inexpensive and worth having. Jan 31, 2014

  • My DD loved this! It was a life saver in the car! Jan 17, 2014

  • She LOVES this we got it whe she was 4 months and she was able to pull the handles and grab things right away. Jan 16, 2014

  • Amazing mom moment when my baby watched me pull the pinwheel and then started doing it on her own. Oh, and it keeps her entertained and smiling, too. Love this toy. Nov 21, 2013

  • Keeps baby happy and occupied, adjustable and rotates to fit stroller, high chair and anything else 2 inches wide or less. Nov 12, 2013

    • Sarah T.
    • United States of America

    bulky and he didn't really play with it. Oct 30, 2013

    • Hanaa R.
    • Washington, District of Columbia

    We wanted a bar for our Baby Bjorn bouncer and were not willing to pay for their version. This bar is well made, easy to fold up and put away if you'd like, and keeps the kiddo entertained & happy. Oct 30, 2013

  • Good for the home or the stroller, but it's really too hard to use safely on a car seat. Oct 27, 2013

    • Liz N.
    • New York, New York

    We call this "the big guns" - whenever we break it out, the little guy calms down. A lifesaver at restaurants. Oct 23, 2013

    • Sarah S.
    • Dodge Center, Minnesota

    Meh.. Could be useful but not as handy as you might think. Oct 18, 2013

    • Betty C.
    • Monaville, West Virginia

    love how u can put this on the carseat and it keeps the baby entertained while u got places Sep 29, 2013

  • I don't get this. So many toys attached to the car seat. Over stimulation for my poor baby. Sep 26, 2013