• This will discolor your clothes depending on the fabric. I’d be very careful when using it. It’s not a magic eraser. Dec 17, 2020

  • These are a must for busy parents who are on the go. Dec 04, 2020

  • We love these! We have them stashed everywhere! Oct 18, 2020

  • Life savers!!!!! Can't say enough about these Oct 12, 2020

  • I truly feel like these can get any stain out! They are so small you can have them in your pocket Sep 30, 2020

    • Megan W.
    • Great meadows, New Jersey

    does the job Sep 23, 2020

  • Works with small stains. Sep 16, 2020

  • These are a game changer and a great diaper bag addition for on the go accidental spot stains! Aug 21, 2020

    • Rachel C.
    • Lake Wylie , South Carolina

    Baby spit up, food smashed in your clothes, life happens! These can be a lifesaver when you don’t want to or can’t change your clothes. Aug 20, 2020

    • Erin G.
    • Spring Hill, Florida

    great for getting stains out Jul 24, 2020

  • The help takes stains out but leave a ring around spot where out used them. Jun 02, 2020

  • A staple in my diaper bag. I love these wipes and the ability of taking them on the go. May 15, 2020

  • These are great to keep in the car Apr 27, 2020

  • So easy to use when baby has a blowout, I know his clothes won't be ruined. Especially if we are traveling! Easy to pretreat the stain with a quick wipe and throw in the wash when we get home! Apr 26, 2020

    • Lia P.
    • United States of America

    Love to keep these in the diaper bag!! Mar 13, 2020

  • Being a mom on the go, these are a must have! Mar 09, 2020

  • Great to keep handy during travel and at home to take care of those unplanned stains that will certainly arise. These have helped me keep clothes from having permanent stains before I can wash them. Mar 07, 2020

  • Works really well Mar 06, 2020

  • These DO NOT and should not be used to replace traditional stain treatment efforts (spray/soak). But they are awesome in a pinch. Mar 01, 2020

  • so needed when you end up wearing part of your babies bottle. Feb 29, 2020

  • Excellent product Jan 31, 2020

  • Used these on the plane for our first trip with baby! Made us feel clean and very easy for on the go! Jan 30, 2020

  • These have saved me with my two year old. They make it easy to clean spills on his car seat and anywhere around the house or on the go. Highly recommend. Plus I really like the scent. Jan 29, 2020

    • Jess S.
    • Bay Area, California

    Whether you're cleaning up food, fluids, or baby spit, these wipes are perfect for on-the-go spot cleaning! Nov 16, 2019

  • I’m not a fan of these wipes why because they don’t really work, where i use to work i had to wear a black shirt and when i would dirty it and cleaned it with the wipe it would leave white residue. Sep 26, 2019

  • I recently moved to these from a Tide to Go pen. WAY better at removing stains quickly and doesn't soak the garment with liquid. Sep 16, 2019

    • Lisa T.
    • Norton Shores, Michigan

    Kind of work, kind of don’t... depends on the stain. Aug 24, 2019

  • a must have for quick spills/stains on toddlers shirts. A diaper bag essential. Aug 11, 2019

  • Keep these in my car, in the diaper bag, and at work if I get stained by my kid (or myself!)xxl. They do dry out after about a year so don’t buy too much at once! Aug 10, 2019

  • I mean yasss ! These are amazing to have for on the go. any mom would agree that messes pop up left and right with Kids! Best to keep one step ahead! Aug 02, 2019

  • Keep these in my bag at all times. My son hates to be dirty, these come in handy after he eats. Jul 29, 2019

  • These are great for the diaper bag! You never know when you’ll get spit up on! So handy Jul 21, 2019

  • Amazing Jul 18, 2019

  • These are great to have on the go. They really work well with getting out those stains. Just use them as soon as you can before the stain dries. Jun 13, 2019

  • Love these! Always try to keep a couple in my diaper bag!! If not for baby/kids, my husband will inevitably need one! May 19, 2019

  • Perfect for getting out those messy formula and/or baby food stains May 11, 2019

    • Sara W.
    • Rocky Point, New York

    Haven’t had to use them yet but I’m happy to have them in my diaper bag. May 05, 2019

  • These work great when you have a toddler who likes to eat on the run. Apr 29, 2019

  • Handy and pretty effective in a pinch! Probably not for major stains though. Apr 20, 2019

    • Kerin G.
    • Willimantic, Connecticut

    Love having these. I use them more than my kids Apr 16, 2019

  • These are a must! Great for on the go. You can keep them at work, in your purse, car, and etc. Mar 20, 2019

  • Must have with little eaters. Excellent for all ages. Mar 12, 2019

    • Luz T.
    • Newark, New Jersey

    I am very clumsy and usually spill things on myself. Shout is my go to when it comes to getting stains out Feb 21, 2019

  • Diaper bag essential! Fix any spill or stain on yours or baby's clothing. Feb 12, 2019

  • I love these so much I put them in the gift bags for my destination wedding on a cruise ship. Easier than a tide pen. Jan 11, 2019

  • Always great to have on hand. They get stains out of just about anything. Jan 06, 2019

    • Kara B.
    • spokane, Washington

    LOVE these! I carry them in my diaper bag, car, purse.... I love being able to pre treat any accidents ASAP this way they are more likely to come out later. Oct 26, 2018

    • Becca R.
    • United States of America

    If I don't have my Tide pen then this is the next best thing. Aug 31, 2018

  • I love these for on-the-go stain removal! I throw a few in our diaper bag and we're good to go! Jul 11, 2018

    • Jade W.
    • Columbia , South Carolina

    I keep some of these in the diaper bag just Incase. There really handy to have Jul 09, 2018