• Safe for use with any infant seat! It does not hinder the performance of the car seat at all. Warm and waterproof. Sep 26, 2023

  • Love this when they’re an infant and sleeping with the peekaboo hole. Sep 21, 2023

    • Jen M.
    • Yellow Jacket, Colorado

    It's great for cold climates if you don't prefer to wear your babe but do not close it entirely!! It's not super breathable and is close to their face which makes me uncomfortable Sep 12, 2023

  • Didn’t get a lot of use due to mild winter and not carrying baby in his car seat much but came in handy for cold sorciers office! Jul 24, 2023

  • Amazing in winter to keep baby warm and keep wind out! Jun 13, 2023

  • We used this when my daughter was an infant and it was great! I knew she was warm and it was a great way to make sure she was buckled in properly without added jackets or bulge in the seat! Jun 13, 2023

  • I bought this. my husband hated it. I loved it! It put my mind at ease when going out with an infant. My husband saw it as unnecessary and thought it took more time to put on etc than we were outside. Jun 12, 2023

  • Ideal for winter babies! This product serves its purpose perfectly. Though I rarely use it with the flap up due to oxygen concerns, it's great for to-and-from car trips in the snow. May 30, 2023

  • This helped keep my kiddo warm all winter without overheating him. It was perfect for taking him from the house to the car. May 17, 2023

    • Mary V.
    • United States of America

    Came in handy during winter and easy to put on/take off. Lightweight. Only downside is elastic broke, so had to cut a small hole, rethread it through outer edge and sew together so I could use again! May 08, 2023

  • This cover is warm and easy to put on because of the garterized sides. I also love the YKK zipper. I wish the head opening is smaller so I don't have to put cover for her face before we take uber May 04, 2023

  • This was great during the cold months. It kept baby so cozy and warm but also easy to remove and get baby out. Better than a blanket that just falls off. Feb 19, 2023

  • I LOVED this car seat cover for my December baby. So easy to put on and off and protected him from the cold weather. Feb 16, 2023

  • Great for winter. Love that it's carseat safe since it doesn't go IN the seat. Keeps baby warm since lot's of coats also aren't carseat safe. Easy to take on and off carseat. Feb 02, 2023

  • We have this over our Chicco seat. It works well enough for MN winters. I added a magnetic button at the top to ensure the flap stays shut - now it’s perfect :) Jan 17, 2023

  • Love it. Always keep it ready for the cold season. Jan 13, 2023

  • Keeps my daughter super earm. fits great on nuna pipa carseat Sep 09, 2022

  • We live in a cold weather climate and this car seat cover is great for the winter. It keeps baby warm and cozy and safe because there isn't anything between them and the seat. Easy to use and washes Aug 26, 2022

  • I love it specially that first born was born during the start of winter. It is very helpful when we have check ups cause she feels warm inside. I will also use this with my 2nd baby Aug 23, 2022

  • Wonderful for babies during the winter, to avoid bulky blankets. Aug 16, 2022

  • Perfect for winter babies. Easy to put on and off to clean Jul 10, 2022

  • Very warm! My baby did push the flap open a lot which I didn’t like when it was really cold! Jul 08, 2022

  • It was pretty useful for the 10 times I used it. Not worth the purchase, but maybe worth to add to a registry? Jul 06, 2022

    • Gwen K.
    • Stony Plain, Canada

    Amazing for colder weather, keeps baby nice and cozy. The flap is super convenient too! Jun 17, 2022

  • Bought this and never used it at all. Jun 08, 2022

  • Must have for winters with an infant!! Apr 15, 2022

  • I could not have survived winter without this because I had fall babies. This is a MUST for blocking cold, rain, snow…I never had to put my baby in a puffy coat because these kept them so warm. Apr 08, 2022

  • Was not a fan of the zipper going all around Apr 07, 2022

  • Used for both my winter babies. I would go as far as to say this is a necessity for babies born in winter. So convenient to have on the seat Mar 21, 2022

    • Kathy B.
    • Bloomingdale, Illinois

    love this seat cover for the winter; easy to take off and put on. warm Mar 12, 2022

  • Kept out baby warm in the cold winter. Easy to zipper baby in and out! Feb 25, 2022

  • Didn’t use for long. I didn’t like how the opening half covered baby’s face. May work better for really little babies Feb 24, 2022

  • This is the best and most safe option for a winter seat cover. Car seats are not safety rate with extra liners in them so don't get the ones that put an extra layer under the harness. Feb 15, 2022

  • I love that this keeps the drafts off of my baby when we leave the house. I have this and the version that goes underneath baby and this one is much easier to remove for cleaning! Jan 20, 2022

    • Ann N.
    • United States of America

    super convenient to have especially in colder months and living in the colders states. Nov 17, 2021

  • I love this cover for the winter! It fits nicely over the two different seats I've used (Baby Trend and Evenflo). It does a great job at keeping baby warm and protected from the elements. Oct 19, 2021

    • Ahna J.
    • Wrenshall, Minnesota

    Perfect cover!! I love it. Oct 19, 2021

  • Great product for those little ones born in a colder climate. Oct 02, 2021

  • The way it fit on my carseat was a little tight. It was too close to baby's face. We ended up not using it. Aug 14, 2021

  • This cover is easy to use and I love how it keeps baby warm in the cold weather, without the added bulk (and safety risk!) of a heavy sweater or coat. Aug 06, 2021

    • Taylor G.
    • East Greenville , Pennsylvania

    Very nice and high quality cover! Perfect for winter babies to stay warm Jul 28, 2021