• I can see why some parents love these bottles, as the anti-colic feature definitely works. However, these bottles are a big production to clean due to how many separate parts Sep 12, 2019

  • Our favorite dr Browns bottle highly recommend Sep 11, 2019

  • Dr Brown's bottles were the only ones I used with DD & will be using it with my newborn as well. Prevented my DD from having gas and though washing was a hassle, it's better to have a less fussy babe. Sep 10, 2019

  • I loved the widenedck ones and never had a problem, However these ones use to leak all the time, I ended up just throwing them away Sep 10, 2019

  • Great for colic babies! Use with or without the insert! Great option! Recommended! Sep 08, 2019

  • Both my kids love these bottles never experienced leaking unless the bottle was upside down dripping Sep 06, 2019

  • Too much leakage. The neck of the bottle constantly leaks. We have tried everything to fix the issue to no avail. Sep 04, 2019

  • I bought the 4oz size and they leaked with and without the vent. We had previously used the older style Dr. Brown's and didn't have any problems with them. Sep 04, 2019

  • My son had horrible reflux and these were the only bottle that we were able to use with him. Sep 03, 2019

  • This is the only bottle my breast fed baby will take but I dislike that it leaks. I’ve tried EVERY bottle but he only likes this one so that’s why I keep using it. Sep 03, 2019

  • Great bottles. A drop annoying to clean but good bottles Aug 28, 2019

  • Best bottles we’ve tried. We started with the original Dr. Brown’s and got a set of these to use without the vent when she gets older. Even though they’re a pain to clean, they’re absolutely worth it! Aug 27, 2019

  • These have a ton of parts to clean from the vent to the straw but well worth it !!! They have lasted me a while and even though they are on the pricier side you won’t tregret when using Aug 27, 2019

    • Renee C.
    • Greensboro, North Carolina

    I swear by Dr. Brown’s bottles. This is my third child and the only brand bottle I use. There are many parts to this bottle but it’s the best for my reflux babies so I don’t mind the extra cleaning. Aug 21, 2019

  • Love these bottles! They have helped reduce spit up for my little one. There are extra parts to clean but they are well worth it. Aug 20, 2019

  • Neither of my sons liked these bottles, which was great since they were such a pain to clean! Aug 20, 2019

    • Amber F.
    • Granby , Massachusetts

    Helped with LO’s reflux. Several pieces for use. Aug 18, 2019

  • I never tired another bottle but this one was wonderful, no leaks and no complications from gas. There are a lot of parts to clean but a great product overall!! Aug 09, 2019

  • My little one had horrible reflux! These bottles seemed to help more so than others, but unfortunately she had to take medication because bottles weren't a fix. Aug 08, 2019

  • My toddlers favorite bottles since day one, but the only downside is the many cleaning parts if you are using the anti reflex parts. Aug 06, 2019

  • We stopped using these after they were consistently leaking. Aug 06, 2019

  • Love these. Tried other bottles but these are the best! Takes a little more to clean them but worth it! Aug 04, 2019

  • We used these based on the recommendation of a friend and have had no issues. There are a lot of parts to clean, however. Aug 01, 2019

  • One of the only bottles that my son loves. It really helped with his grassiness and tummy pains. I was able to tell a difference within a day or two that he was so much more comfortable. Aug 01, 2019

  • I have the wide neck options versions and they are awesome, really helped with my girls reflux and gas. Jul 30, 2019

    • Anya H.
    • Camp Verde, Arizona

    The old bottles were great, but the options bottles started leaking after 2 uses. (All of my bottles) Jul 30, 2019

    • Kayla G.
    • Mount Olive, North Carolina

    Works so much better than the original blue Dr. Browns bottles! Reduced my baby’s gas much more than original! Also love you can use without the vent for feeding as they get older! Jul 26, 2019

    • Leah H.
    • Christiana, Tennessee

    Favorite bottle hands down! Jul 25, 2019

    • Karen O.
    • Saint Paul , Minnesota

    I like the width of these bottles, they fit well in our diaper bag. And I like how easy they are to clean. Jul 23, 2019

  • Work good. Cleans easily. Opening for formula and water is a pain. Have to use a funnel. Baby can hold these easily though. Jul 23, 2019

  • These bottles leak consistently. Even after following advice from the Dr. Browns website to stop leaking they are leaking everywhere. They have wasted a lot of my breast milk! Jul 18, 2019

  • Great for kids with reflux! We really noticed a difference with these bottles Jul 18, 2019

  • I did my reasearch these were highly rated. The vent option is a plus but I always use them with. Noticeable decrease in fussiness with my baby. He burps just fine as well. Jul 13, 2019

  • I try to use them whit my son but they are hard to clean and always leeks Jul 13, 2019

  • These bottles are great for colic, a con for me is so many parts and crevices to clean! Jul 11, 2019

  • The only bottle that worked for my baby since day 1 in the NICU. All I can say is you can not go wrong with Dr. Brown. Thanks to these my daughter has never had colic. Jul 08, 2019

  • Love these bottles to prevent gas and fussiness however they always leak ... Jul 07, 2019

    • Sarah M.
    • San Diego , California

    We had these bottles when our daughter was smaller. We are trying for baby number two and will be buying these bottles again! We loved them!! Jul 05, 2019

  • These bottles are great for gassy babies and helped my daughter with her gas troubles. However, they leak like crazy. Still used them, though, because they were the best for the gas bubbles. Jul 03, 2019

  • We switched to these after a speech therapy recommendation. My son does great with the natural nipples and seems less gassy. I love that I can remove the extra pieces when he is ready! Jul 02, 2019

  • We did try these and I did not like how difficult it was to clean as well as if the inside part wasn't down all the way it leaked so badly. Jul 01, 2019

  • I love these bottles. They helped my gassy baby. However washing them sucks since there's so many pieces! Jun 30, 2019

  • My son didn't take well to them. The nipple seemed too small. Also more tedious to clean. Jun 26, 2019

  • It worked fine for a while. Did seem to help my little one with her tummy issues. It has started to leak so most of the bottle eventually ends up all over my baby and I have to change her outfit. Jun 23, 2019

  • There is a lot of parts for cleaning but I love these and I’m glad there’s an option for preemie nipples. However the next level up he leaks a lot and he has gas more. Adjusting bottlesometimes helps Jun 20, 2019

    • Nikki A.
    • United States of America

    I've used Dr. Browns in the past and since I have a dishwasher I don't mind the unique pieces. I'm disappointed that the bottles leak! It's a mess trying to feed our Newborn and regretfully I switched Jun 17, 2019

  • Baby loves it, I hate cleaning it Jun 12, 2019

  • Just don't. These have a million parts and they leak like crazy. Don't waste your time. Jun 11, 2019

  • Love these except when they leak. Also all the pieces are a pain to clean Jun 07, 2019

  • Leak on me every time no matter what I do. Jun 07, 2019