• The only bottles that have reduced gas for both of my kiddos! They are a bit of a pain cleaning wise but worth the extra time! Jun 01, 2020

  • These are so hard to clean it makes me Nervous I am missing a part. My baby didn’t have bad reflux so I chose A bottle easier to use May 31, 2020

  • I wasn't sure if I needed the vent so I chose the options bottle. Turns out the vent was hard to wash and not really necessary. Otherwise the size is great and baby is happy with this bottle. May 28, 2020

    • Paula W.
    • Beavertown , Pennsylvania

    Received the Dr. Brown’s options bottles gift Set as a gift. I like that you can use these with or without the straw, but we’ve never used without the straw as baby is gassy, so straw is a benefit May 25, 2020

  • Pros: helps with colic, can use without the inside part Cons: lid doesn’t press down against nipple, therefore leaks everywhere. Make sure to wash good, the white part will get slimy off you don’t May 21, 2020

  • We mostly used this bottle for when baby started drinking 6-7 oz. baby hated the green insert because it slowed the bottle. Once taken out he loved the bottle and we liked them too! May 20, 2020

  • Great bottle! May 16, 2020

  • These are great bottles however they have a million pieces. If you don't mind the clean then you will like them. I prefer the comotomo bottles. May 13, 2020

  • Not a big fan. I like the size of these bottles, but they are a pain in the neck to clean, they leak unless you add the little disk, which means, also in baby’s mouth. And they don’t prevent colic! May 07, 2020

  • I did not care for these bottles, cleaning the tube it a huge pain! No matter what I did milk still would go up the tube and it didn’t make much of a difference! There are better bottles May 03, 2020

    • Leah C.
    • Burnsville, Minnesota

    Best bottles out there. Hands down. Apr 30, 2020

    • Mayze D.
    • Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania

    The milk came out to fast with every nipple i bought! Apr 29, 2020

    • Kyla H.
    • Cortland , New York

    Absolute best bottles of all time! This baby was very picky! Went through 6 different brands before he approved of Dr Browns! Cleaning is a total pain- but worth it in my opinion. Apr 22, 2020

  • Love the bottles without the anti colic piece. It doesn’t help at all and it’s hard to clean. The piece also gets milk stuck when baby tries to suck. I wouldn’t recommend these specific bottles. Apr 21, 2020

  • These were our favorite bottles. The narrow / tall design allows for easier storing if you don’t have a lot of cupboard space. They also were much easier to hold onto rather than the wide style. Apr 20, 2020

  • These bottles leak like crazy Apr 19, 2020

    • Sarah C.
    • Griswold , Connecticut

    Back in 2013 I loved dr browns. These bottles however leak. The spouts need to be cleaned right away with a straw brush or they end up with mold. Pass on these Apr 16, 2020

    • Jodi D.
    • Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

    My lactation consultant suggested using these for my son so I went out and bought two big boxes, pumping is so time consuming and washing all my pump parts plus these bottles was a hassle Apr 16, 2020

  • Tried other bottles but he obviously took to this one best. Great company. Had some issues, they send all replacement parts for free! I had gotten older versions so they upgraded me to improved parts! Apr 15, 2020

  • My twins used Dr. Browns bottles in the NICU so we got them for home too. Once they were done with the preemie nipples, we switched. They leak and my babies dribbled excessively Apr 14, 2020

  • Love this bottles , my twin boys are 8 months and they have never had any issues, only downside is they leak a lot. Apr 13, 2020

  • This bottle is our go to for our baby!!! Apr 12, 2020

    • Julia J.
    • San Pedro , California

    Horrible nipples for breastfed babies ! I don’t recommend but they were ok for gas and air bubbles. Apr 12, 2020

  • I like these larger size bottles. Kind of a lot of pieces to keep track of and wash but I did think it helped with gas. Apr 04, 2020

  • I tried different bottles and these were the best for my baby, you can get preemie nipples for them and they really helped with my baby’s gas. Mar 27, 2020

  • Helps baby with colic. I pump and breastfeed - Baby latched to bottle without a problem. Mar 26, 2020

  • Helped with my colic baby ! Mar 24, 2020

    • Dana T.
    • West Palm Beach, Florida

    The only bottles my little man will drink from. Can be tedious to clean but keeps the gas down and have held up over time. Love Dr Browns! Mar 21, 2020

  • This bottle helped with my twin babies acid reflux. I liked that it was different from the brands normal colors but I hate cleaning these bottles. Took forever with all of the parts! Mar 21, 2020

  • My baby was not a big fan of the nipple Mar 21, 2020

  • Love that these can be used without the vent! Dr. Browns bottles are the only ones my breastfed baby will take. Mar 21, 2020

  • Wish these did not leak. Mar 21, 2020

  • These are the only bottles we will use now. Super easy to use, clean, and you can use the bottles without the vent stick when it's not longer needed. Mar 21, 2020