• Very fun for a young child Jan 31, 2020

    • alisa d.
    • United States of America

    My kids love it. Thank goodness for the off button. Jan 11, 2020

    • Toni H.
    • Madison, Mississippi

    We have two around the house and my kiddos love! The tunes are sweet and the volume isn’t too loud. Can handle multiple drops by a toddler. A fun product Jan 02, 2020

  • My baby loves the TV remote. But we don't always want him chewing on something that could potentially hurt him. This was a good alternative for him and it plays music and lights up! Jan 01, 2020

    • Anne C.
    • Spokane, Washington

    Fun toy for 0-2. We use it on car trips and it keeps them occupied for a while. Jan 01, 2020

  • Our remote is 5 years old and still in great working condition. Both of my kids have loved this toy, although it doesn't stop them from playing with our real remote. Dec 29, 2019

  • My son LOVED this! He played with it all the time. It was perfect for on the go! Nov 05, 2019

  • Great for distracting your baby especially if they love playing with the remote while you watch tv Oct 27, 2019

  • Love this product. Our 2 year old loves to play push the buttons and hear the sounds Oct 24, 2019

  • This is my toddler's favorite toy. I love that it has an off switch! Oct 08, 2019

  • My son loved this. It kept him away from our remotes for a little while. He played with this often. Oct 01, 2019

  • The cutest songs!! My son pretends like it’s a phone too and we pretend to dial phone numbers! Love this because it keeps my phone safe out of his hands. Sep 29, 2019

  • Annoying as heck for me, but my toddler LOVES it. Sep 25, 2019

  • My daughter loves this toy! I think she thinks she’s part of the living room action with a remote of her own. It helps her feel included and active member of the household. Sep 21, 2019

  • A favorite of my 7 month old AND my two year old. Lights and sounds make this a great product Sep 18, 2019

    • Amy T.
    • Greenbrier, Arkansas

    My little girl loves to push buttons, so when she received this for her birthday, she couldn’t put it down. It has a good volume (not too loud), and helps her to learn her numbers. Sep 06, 2019

  • Was one of my daughter's favorite toys, but it stopped working properly shortly after purchasing (not batteries). Aug 28, 2019

    • Dana S.
    • BEDFORD, New Hampshire

    It's a good toy but it hasn't held my daughter's interest for very long. Aug 27, 2019

  • My son has this and just loves it! Perfect for curious minds that always want moms phone! Aug 23, 2019

    • Min K.
    • Garland , Texas

    I would probably recommend this for toddlers. My baby is too young to know what a remote is. Hence he doesnt like the sound only toys. Aug 19, 2019

  • Great toy to throw in diaper bag. Also just to keep in car and hand them when in car seat to keep them entertained! Love it. And it’s learning Aug 06, 2019

    • Sarah D.
    • Walla Walla, Washington

    My son loved playing with this toy, though I didn't love listening to it's noises over and over again- but it was a lifesaver on long car drives, because it kept him occupied! Aug 05, 2019

  • Someone gave to my toddler. Kind of loud. I’m not a big fan but he seems to like it Jul 14, 2019

  • Baby favorite, can get loud Jul 11, 2019

  • Our little one has this Fisher price laugh and learn remote and only really played with it while young. Didn't really keep interested and became old fast. Jul 10, 2019

  • Sometimes keeps our son from using the actual remotes. Distracts him long enough to play with something else. Jul 02, 2019

  • He loves when it plays the ABCs while he chews on it! He thinks it is so funny! Jun 29, 2019

  • My son loves anything with buttons. Jun 26, 2019

  • This was a big hit with my kids. They still play with it! Jun 21, 2019

  • Both of my kids loved this! Jun 15, 2019

  • Great deterrent from the real remote lol Jun 12, 2019