• I love how easy it is to put the tray on and off. Feels very high qulity but it is small and you cant use it until baby is sitting unsupported so she outgrew it before we could use it much Jan 05, 2021

  • Love this baby booster seat! Love the compactness and how it comes with a tray that stores in the back. Nov 27, 2020

  • We used this as a high chair as our dining table is high and this attaches right to a chair safely. I loved the portability of this chair especially when traveling. Easy clean up too Nov 07, 2020

  • I love this seat! We put it at the table when we are eating and my son plays with his toys, or eats as well. I love that it can grow with my baby too! Oct 17, 2020

  • Useful for maybe 2 weeks! Not good for chunky thighs :) Oct 15, 2020

  • This is great for the beginning stages of sitting up! It’s durable and easy to clean. I was worried about my baby tipping over but that was never an issue. Oct 01, 2020

  • Out of all the bumbo seats this is my favorite! My daughter will be 2 in January and she still fits comfortably in this as a booster for The dinner table! Sep 28, 2020

  • Great to have for a two in one purchase. Bought to sit up baby while cooking and now use as a booster seat! Sep 25, 2020

  • Easy to use and clean. The tray is pretty small. I actually put my baby in this in her kiddy pool so she doesn’t fall over. Sep 13, 2020

    • Amanda K.
    • Mount Airy, North Carolina

    Love this to put my little one in that doesn’t hold himself up perfectly. He likes to play and snack in this seat and it’s small and easy to use and wash! Aug 08, 2020

  • This is what my now 4 year old used. She loved it. I loved that it was small enough that I could bring with me places and she would have somewhere to sit. Aug 06, 2020

    • Sara P.
    • Everett, Washington

    This thing is the best. We've been using it since she was about 5 months old. At first we just set her in it with some toys to entertain her while we ate but now use it for feeding. She loves it. Jul 23, 2020

  • We used this from about 4 months to 2.5 years. At about 18 months we stopped using the tray and pulled baby up to the table. It worked great and easy to clean!! Jun 07, 2020

  • Better for chunky legs than the original seat. May 02, 2020

  • It's okay. The tray is hard to wash without getting water stuck inside of it though, and the buckle is not the best. May 01, 2020

  • Use it at home and easily toss it in the car when you are heading to a family member’s house who doesn’t have a high chair. Apr 13, 2020

  • I think this will be great later on, or maybe for travel. The seat is hard for my 4month old to sit in. The tray is also super small. I think it would be good as a booster, not a high chair replacemen Apr 09, 2020

    • Sarah H.
    • Placerville , California

    We love this seat. We travel a lot and this has been the perfect portable seat for on the go. The insert comes out, so it grows with your child. We only use it for meals and not long periods of time. Apr 06, 2020

  • Been using for 3 years. Great transitional baby item. Apr 02, 2020

  • We had this seat for my daughter and it was great! We used it home as a booster at the table and then it was great for when we were out and about and she needed a place to eat Mar 04, 2020

  • Used this when my baby was small to help her sit up, and now use it for her as a booster seat at the table. Feb 08, 2020

  • Loved this multi seat until my daughter grew big enough to sit without it. Works as booster or highchair, universal straps, grows with your child (removable foam liner). Feb 06, 2020

  • Not only is this great to have at the home but easy to travel with if you need a high chair. Feb 01, 2020

    • Helen B.
    • United States of America

    Can feed my baby pretty much anywhere. Love the straps that secure this to a chair. Easy to clean, a little bulky, but not too heavy to carry. Jan 29, 2020

    • Amy P.
    • Concord, North Carolina

    We LOVE this bamboo and highly recommend it! Used it for my son inside and in our garage. My daughter now loves it so she can be involved during dinnertime. Great for helping babies sit up! Jan 21, 2020

  • Really useful! Love that you can remove the inner layer when kiddo gets bigger. The attachable tray is awesome - we would travel with this seat to family's houses and use it instead of a high chair Jan 15, 2020

  • I bought it and never used it. My son was never interested in it. Jan 15, 2020

  • We use this instead of a standard high chair to save space. It’s been a great seat and now a booster since the insert is removable. Jan 05, 2020

    • Mandy D.
    • Merritt Island, Florida

    So great that I bought two and kept the second at Grandmas house. Growing with baby into toddler years. Easy to clean. Jan 03, 2020

  • We found this so useful at our brother’s house that we bought for us, too. Very easy cleanup. My daughter’s chunky thighs stopped fitting but she was also looking for an independent option at the time Jan 01, 2020

    • Dana T.
    • West Palm Beach, Florida

    We have this in gray and white. Great for meal time and sitting however my one recommendation would be somehow make it easier to clean. Overall a definite must and pros outweigh cons significantly Jan 01, 2020

  • One of the most used baby items we have. It's portable, so we take it from chair to couch to floor. Can buckle around chair for stability. It has a tray that attaches to it as well. A must have! Jan 01, 2020

    • Paula V.
    • Parsippany , New Jersey

    I will recommend this to any parent. My son loves spending time on this chair, he is 5 months and is learning to sit down. Loves sitting on this during dinner time or even to play with toys. Dec 28, 2019

    • sarah b.
    • Dartmouth, Massachusetts

    Truly multi-use! We put little one at the dinner table with us and use it right on the ground, at home if we’re in another room or at family’s and need to feed our LO. Adjustable so it’ll work awhile! Nov 30, 2019

  • This is such a great tool if you're introducing your baby to sitting up. Baby seems very comfortable in it and loves it. The straps to put on chairs gives you a peace of mind that baby is safe. Nov 26, 2019

  • My nephew seemed to love it, it has great cushion without having fabric so it’s a breeze to clean. It also has more room to grow in terms of child’s size, Nov 06, 2019

  • We bought this as an addition to the fisher price floor seat. Wish the back was higher and the legs we bigger. It’s not supportive enough yet for our so Oct 26, 2019

  • Great for on-the go feeding. I also like to use for a couple min when I need to do something. I sit her in it and place a couple toys in front of her. She is always close to me and fully supervised. Oct 25, 2019

  • Nice chair! My son loves sitting in it. I like how it grows with them. He will get a lot of use out of it. Sometimes the tray is hard to get off so I don’t love that. It is pretty easy to clean! Oct 18, 2019

  • my 6 month old still cannot sit in this without falling over. Selling because it just doesn't work. Oct 16, 2019

  • Purchased for our nanny. Love that this can be used for eating and playing! Sleek design, simple to use and easy to clean. Wish that it came in pastel colors but overall wonderful product Oct 15, 2019

  • This was so useful for baby number 1! It was perfect in helping her learn to sit and for feeding time on the floor or even in a chair! We would even take it to restaurants with us! Oct 11, 2019

  • LOVE! Couldn't use until he was a supported sitter but now it's great! Very portable and serves a variety of purposes. Oct 04, 2019

  • Easy to clean and perfect for travel! Sep 27, 2019

  • I absolutely love this! Small enough to travel with, easy snaps that go around chairs if needed! I love the little tray considering my little one likes to move around a lot that kind of keep him in. Sep 26, 2019

  • Starting to use more now as my son is older but will be great to travel with too. Sep 16, 2019

  • Love this. Baby girl is still a bit too small to use it but it's such great quality and durability. It's a must. Aug 25, 2019

  • Love the bumbo! Especially perfect for on the go when you need a seat for baby! Would 100% recommend! Plus is a soft cushion material so it’s comfy for baby. Aug 23, 2019

    • Jenny K.
    • United States of America

    Great for feeding when out of the house. Easy to travel with and easy to clean. Wish there was a way to hold the straps up when putting baby in though. Aug 21, 2019

  • I prefer this to a high chair. Easy to travel with and easy to attach to a chair. Staple item in our household Aug 06, 2019