• Amazing spacious zippered undercarriage, easy to wash soft fabric, removable winter insert, from birth bassinet feature, and how compact/light/easy to open/close perfect for me as a first time mom. May 04, 2020

  • Love how easy this glides and pairs along with my Nuna Pipa! This stroller is stylish and very easy to collapse! May 03, 2020

    • Devin G.
    • Greeville, South Carolina

    Awesome stroller! It is perfect for outdoors or inside shopping. It folds easily and doesn't take up too much trunk space. Would definitely recommend! Apr 29, 2020

    • Ruth L.
    • Vallejo, California

    Loved using this system! Very easy to use on solo (w/o hubby) trips out! Apr 23, 2020

  • Love love love my stroller. Beautiful and easy to fold down. The textiles used are very nice! Apr 12, 2020

  • Easy to use single stroller. We picked it over the Uppa because it strolled better and seemed to have better hydraulics in action. Would have liked if it was expandable Apr 01, 2020

  • Love this stroller! It had large wheels so it’s great for all terrains. Easy to get into car and out. Stylish and comfortable! Mar 25, 2020

  • Great stroller. It can with a bassinet and I loved the fact you can turn the stroller seat facing inward oof outward . Large sunshade so baby can be shaded well. Mar 24, 2020

    • Maria P.
    • Los Angeles , California

    Love this stroller. So easy to open and close. Rides super smooth even on uneven pavement or terrain. Durable, great quality, and large under basket to hold all your things. Feb 28, 2020

  • Easy to maneuver, great for long walks, rugged tires and sleek design. Also super affordable! Feb 06, 2020

  • Love love love. Best stroller I’ve ever had. And my son loves it too. He is more than happy to climb in (2.5 yrs old) Jan 31, 2020

  • Nice but not an absolute necessity . Be aware it’s heavy Jan 29, 2020

  • Big wheels and suspension make for a smooth ride. Car seat clicks in so easily. Lots of ways to configure. Light enough for me to carry into trunk BUT it takes up lots of space. Definitely great value Jan 27, 2020

  • Smooth riding! Generous sized basket on bottom. Seat easily flips from forward to backward facing, and clicking in the car seat is a cinch! Folding up the stroller is easy, and it's pretty light! Jan 17, 2020

  • The Nuna Mixx is super light, has great storage too! Love the Nuna Pipa combo too! Only bad thing is, it doesn’t convert to a double. I’m expecting my second child, so I need to upgrade strollers. Jan 04, 2020

    • Hanh R.
    • San Diego, California

    Very good quality stroller, leather handles are a nice touch and give it a nice elegant touch. Have even using this for newborn size the seat can go all the way down Jan 03, 2020

  • I have it the best stroller when baby was smaller but I need something easier with a 1 year old Nov 06, 2019

  • I love the Mixx! I especially love how smooth it is and also that the seat can face both ways. I wish it had a one hand fold. If you're carrying baby it can be tough to unfold. Overall, love it! Oct 25, 2019

  • Bought this stroller for my 3rd baby. This is by far my favorite. Heavy but worth it. Oct 21, 2019

  • Best stroller when you own the Pipa carseat! Clicks right in, normal seat reclines and sun shade goes down very far which is amazing. It rides so smoothly and there's decent storage. So convenient Oct 16, 2019

    • Liz H.
    • Portland, Oregon

    Glides so easy, turns smoothly, light weight, easy to quickly get in and out of the car. Plenty of great storage for baby bag, cell phone, coffee w the cup holder addition. Love this stroller Sep 29, 2019

  • I was between Nuna and Uppababy but so glad I chose the Nuna Mixx. It is very easy to use, looks nice and has many positions that you can use as your child grows older. Sep 16, 2019

  • I'm so happy with this stroller. It has all the bells and whistles, superior quality and all terrain wheels. Love the front fold, though it takes up a lot of trunk space. Sep 16, 2019

  • We bought this with our Nuna Pipa and it is a great quality stroller. All of the materials are great and the stroller itself is well built. It is a bit heavy, but thats expected with a large stroller. Aug 28, 2019

  • Obsessed with this stroller! It's super easy to open and close and really isn't that heavy to lift and put in your car or trunk for travel. We love it! Aug 22, 2019

  • Beautiful design and easy to open/close. I use it with my Pipa car seat which is a breeze to attach and also without it. Very smooth while pushing it and I love the visor on top to block out the sun. Jul 29, 2019

  • This stroller is great. Love the reclining positions, spacious basket, and the fact that it can be rear or forward facing. Ours came with the infant seat adapter which is perfect with our pipa seat. Jul 28, 2019

  • I love everything about my stroller- look, special features, rear AND front facing seat capability, canopy. Cons- a bit heavy and my son is getting too tall for it Jul 18, 2019

    • Yen N.
    • Pleasanton, California

    Love how easy it is to fold/unfold this stroller. Great maneuver. Light. Stylish. Not bulky. Seats reclines to many positions. Rear facing option. Jul 13, 2019

    • Katie G.
    • Lake Shore , Minnesota

    I love this stroller! So easy to switch the seat to face you or away from you. Very easy to use the Nuna car seat adapter as well. Jul 07, 2019

    • Olga S.
    • West Long Branch, New Jersey

    This stroller has lasted me with 2 kids and 3 years. It was easy to use and had a good ride. It can face you or out. The downside is that is heavy to get in and out of the car. bulky. Jul 01, 2019

    • Loren L.
    • los angeles, California

    It's beautifully designed and has all the components that a stroller needs! Huge basket to store even the biggest diaper bag and also has a mesh backing for summertime heat. Comes with a belly bar Jun 26, 2019

  • I love it ! I definitely suggest ring adapter for the pipa but the stroller rides like a dream and takes bumps so well. The bottom pocket is very big Jun 19, 2019

  • After extensive research on different travel systems, we decided on the Nuna Mixx stroller for our baby. Now one year later, baby and I are loving it even more. Super sturdy with lots of storage. Jun 13, 2019

    • Audra .
    • Pasadena , California

    So thrilled I waited and went with this stroller when new version came out in feb 2019. So sleek and durable. Big basket and my car seat clicks in easily and easy to fold Jun 08, 2019

  • Love our Mixx2 stroller. Extremely easy maneuver, was able to walk 2 energetic Labs & steer one handed over our rough Chicago sidewalks. Tons of storage, breaks down quickly. Must have for city family Jun 04, 2019

    • Crys H.
    • North Beach , Maryland

    I Returned this to the store. It is very bulky and the seat does not give much room to grow. The seat also sits very upright and my baby was sliding down. May 18, 2019

  • I love that it reclines for baby to sleep and also it does both rear and forward facing! From baby to toddler is perfect! Apr 26, 2019

  • I really like my Nuna Mixx, its very comfortable for my baby, we have being using it since NB with the Nuna Pipa Lite carseat and the canopy. Its easy to fold, and very well made, I fully reccomend! Apr 23, 2019

  • I adore the sleek look and have the entire travel system. It rides wonderfully and is easy to switch from front to rear facing. Folding it up can be challenging and it is quite heavy to life into suv Apr 21, 2019

  • Easy to fold up, heavy. Washes well if need be. Decent storage below, but need to buy all the extras if you want a parent console, etc. Apr 07, 2019

  • Amazing stroller. Lovely design with the leather handlebars. Removable insert is super plush- net backing is nice for summer to keep baby cool. Folds easily and has great shocks. Love this stroller! Mar 25, 2019

  • Love the big wheels!! Makes it easier to stroll around with my baby Mar 10, 2019

  • I have nuna mixx stroller and nuna pipa car seat. They are a great combo, very light and easy to use. Feb 22, 2019

  • I can't say enough how much I love this stroller! The design is beautiful and it rides so smooth - even in the snow (very important when my 5 month old is sound asleep). Also love the spacious basket! Feb 22, 2019

  • We love this stroller! Before buying we spent 5 weekends testing out strollers and trying to find an easy fold and easy carry. We love the combo seat/bassinet to cut down on additional pieces to store Feb 21, 2019

  • Absolutely love this, love that it folds with the seat attached, super easy fold and open. Love the materials (have Jett collection). Rolls great, tons of configurations, will always buy nuna! Feb 07, 2019

  • We have it in brown from the Suited Collection and the compliments are endless. Its very easy to maneuver and a breeze to clean. Perfectly compliments our PIPA carrier from the same collection. Jan 28, 2019

  • I absolutely love it, its super easy to fold up and the storage under the seat is not only really big but has a hidden compartment with a zipper. Super smooth ride. Jan 23, 2019

  • We have the mixx with the pipa and I love it! Rides smooth, easy to fold up and lift to put in my SUV! Struggle a bit attaching the car seat to it but he will be able to sit in the other seat soon! Jan 03, 2019