• Didn’t really feel any difference when I used it Dec 02, 2022

  • This was a game changer. Our girl feel asleep better when I would rest my hand on her chest so this allowed her to feel the same connection and fall asleep on her own. Nov 09, 2022

  • It worked! The best sleep and longest sleep my daughter had. Had to stop using it when I read that it could harm her due to the weighted part. Oct 19, 2022

  • Great sleep sack, not sure if the extra weight ever helped baby sleep better though. Really like the shoulder snaps, makes it easier to put on and take off baby. Sep 27, 2022

  • Great quality. Help with my baby sleep through the night Sep 16, 2022

  • Soft and long. Not sure the beans actually helped sleep. Sep 01, 2022

    • Mari P.
    • United States of America

    AAP does not recommend any weighted sleep products. This swaddle did not make a difference for us in terms of baby’s sleep. Aug 03, 2022

  • Haven’t used them yet but I’m excited to try! Jul 31, 2022

  • Going from a swaddle to this weighted sleep sack changed my life. Our baby boy would NOT sleep without being swaddled but was too big. When he went into this sleep sack, he slept through the night! Jul 30, 2022

  • I had a baby with colic and this was a lifesaver. Jul 15, 2022

  • Didn’t make a difference in sleep. It feels like great quality but overall it did nothing. Jul 02, 2022

  • Awesome sleep sack. The weighted bean on the chest really helped my kids to fall asleep and stay asleep! Jun 27, 2022

  • Loved this. Our daughter slept 11-12 hours a night sleeping in this. Jun 24, 2022

  • This is another good baby product. Good Quality fabric. But unfortunately doesn’t help my son sleep long. Jun 16, 2022

    • Talia H.
    • West Warwick, Rhode Island

    I love the lightweight weight on the chest, it helps soothe my baby when in her crib. Plenty of room for legs to move around freely. Jun 07, 2022

    • Megan W.
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    We have the swaddle version of this and it won’t stay closed! There is nothing to secure it closed other than the weight, so if the child rolls at all, the whole thing falls off. Apr 24, 2022

  • I loved this when transitioning baby from swaddle to arms out. He transitioned so well with it. Easy and quick to put on and the weighted egg helps baby sleep well! Apr 10, 2022

  • This is a good sleepsack, however I used the sleepsack for my 3+ month old and felt that the weighted bean wasn't large enough to provide additional comfort. Apr 09, 2022

  • Perfect sleep sack the shoulder buttons make nighttime diaper changes a breeze Mar 16, 2022

  • My daughter loved the weighted feel of this sleep sack and it definitely bought us longer sleep stretches her first few months! Highly recommend if your baby loves to sleep being held. Mar 09, 2022

    • Tory A.
    • Oxford, Connecticut

    Not sure if it helps my baby sleep better, but he’s comfy in it! Mar 09, 2022

  • Sleep regression and this was my last stitched effort! He loved it and being in his own room! This was my favorite so soft and so easy to change late night diapers! Mar 01, 2022

  • I love this. Seems to help baby sleep better Feb 11, 2022

    • Alli M.
    • United States of America

    The quality of this sack is great, it just made breastfeeding a little difficult due to the placement of the beads on the chest which stick out! Feb 06, 2022

  • Loved these with both of my kids. I bought two and they lasted through two babies and still look brand new! They are definitely lightweight so I had to put a fleece sleeper underneath for winter. Jan 19, 2022

  • Especially the weighted sleep sack or swaddle is amazing and helped my baby sleep through the night by 3 months old Jan 12, 2022

    • Nikki W.
    • South Fulton, Tennessee

    This helps my son feel secure in bed. Helps me get sleep too! Jan 06, 2022

  • I'm not sure if this has helped our little one sleep longer, but I love the design. It's easy to put on and take off. Nov 03, 2021

  • have two of them but daughter has yet to use them because she is extremely hot natured. maybe once the weather changes a little bit. they are soft and love the double zipper on bottom Nov 02, 2021

  • My baby outgrew this very quickly. I also think the weight was very heavy. Oct 12, 2021

  • Again this is a total fav and must have!!!!! Fabric is super cozy. Makes the child think the parents hand is just lightly laying on them to give them comfort while they sleep. Sep 16, 2021

    • Anna C.
    • Severna Park, Maryland

    This was my daughter’s first sleep sack and she loved it. We used the swaddle from the same brand before switching to this and it was an easy transition. Sep 14, 2021

  • I like the idea of it but it didnt make a difference in helping my son sleep. Sep 13, 2021

  • I purchased this for my daughter before she was born and we have been using it since she was a week old. She sleeps so good with it! We are so glad we found this as it helps her sleep longer! Jul 25, 2021

  • Easy to use! Holds up well to frequent washing. Little bean bag on the front offers comfort to baby and helps them sleep better. Good transition sack when swaddles can no longer be used. Jul 02, 2021

  • We didn't see much of an improvement with slew with the Zen Sack. Jun 22, 2021

  • Wasn’t helpful for my baby, but have seen it work for others. May 07, 2021

  • We used this on and off for a few weeks. My baby didnt seem to care for it much! Apr 07, 2021

  • I didn’t notice any improvement in it helping my son fall/stay asleep. But my friend swears by them for her twins! Mar 28, 2021

    • Patty B.
    • Falls Church , Virginia

    Easy to put on, baby seemed to enjoy it. I had a hard time washing it thou. In overall I would say this product is very good but not excellent Mar 14, 2021

  • This is magic. I'm convinced. My daughter was waking every 2 hours, the first day she used this she slept 6! Purely amazing! Mar 13, 2021

  • This really helped my baby when he was having trouble sleeping. The weight is enough to feel like my hand was still there. It zips to easy change diapers in the night and buttons to easily put on. Mar 08, 2021

    • Kelye G.
    • St. Petersburg, Florida

    Love these sleep sacks. Super cozy, ultra soft and definitely help baby sleep! Mar 08, 2021

  • It was okay, the weighted feature didn't seem to make a difference for our little one. Quality was great though! Feb 02, 2021

  • Helped keep my son to sleep all night long. Jan 31, 2021

  • This sleep sack helps our little one sleep through the night. He wears it backwards since he is a tummy sleeper and it still works well! Jan 27, 2021

  • I love the zen, my baby is 3 mo old and sleeps very well, I can’t 100% credit the sleepsack but it definitely helps! It seems comforting to feel the weighted bean during sleep transitions overnight. Jan 26, 2021

    • Helen R.
    • Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

    This was a lifesaver for my son who fought his sleep. It helped him drift off to sleep and stay asleep longer. Jan 23, 2021

  • It's well made, thick, warm, good size, will go a long way but my baby gets too hot in this and I don't know what clothing to use underneath it in this extreme cold MI winters since sack is sleeveless Jan 22, 2021

  • These were great didnt feel comfortable using these when baby could roll Jan 19, 2021