• Not a huge fan of plastic, but we do keep these at grandparents' houses to have something on hand when we go. Daughter can easily hold them on her own and likes being able to see what's in her cup. May 10, 2019

  • The straws are pretty rigid and narrow so it takes some effort for my toddler and even me to sip through them. Apr 06, 2019

  • This is the only sippy my 1 year old will use. They do wear out and start leaking pretty quickly, which would be the only downside. Easy to clean and inexpensive! Mar 25, 2019

  • Great cup & easy to clean i just wish my son would of liked it as much as i did. Jan 28, 2019

  • My son loved these, but they leaked occasionally. After about six months, he chewed the valves so they stopped working. Sep 16, 2018

  • Not even slighty leak proof. Spills milk when dropped. Sprays milk when child uses straw, upon removing straw from mouth, residual drink slingshotss and sprays area. Aug 29, 2018

  • My son does great with straw cups! Easy assembly and easy cleaning by just throwing in the dishwasher! Sometimes self-siphons up the straw if was in the fridge though. Aug 13, 2018

    • Zoe P.
    • Register, Georgia

    We used lots of these and enjoy the reasonable price for a quality product. Aug 05, 2018

  • My toddler didn't like this straw cup, and I thought they seemed flimsy and cheaply made. Jul 31, 2018

  • Leak everywhere Jul 27, 2018

  • Pros: doesn't leak as bad as other straw cups. Cons: my kiddo chewed the straw to shreds way to easily. Jul 02, 2018

  • This got my son off the bottle! Straw is flexible and so easy to drink out of. Do wish it was easier to clean but hopefully he'll be on to cups soon. Apr 07, 2018

  • I am always worried about getting the straw clean enough but my daughter loves these! Mar 11, 2018

  • I loved these at first because of how well they travel and the price is great. They really wear out quickly and are very easy to chew through the straw so they will leak if left on their side. Feb 14, 2018

  • 2 year old loves Feb 04, 2018

  • This is my favorite straw cup, it doesn't spill and my daughter can sip it easily. Jan 31, 2018

  • Love these cups however they are a pain to clean properly Jan 29, 2018

  • Great price and my daughter loves these! Jan 28, 2018

  • It was too difficult from my son to get anything out of it. Nov 26, 2017

  • My daughter was not able to use this straw, the suction was too difficult, until she was about 1.5 years old. After that she used it regularly, but I find it annoying to clean. Oct 17, 2017

  • My toddler has been using this since he was 1, but we have a lot of issues with milk coming out of the straw on its own. Oct 08, 2017

  • These are difficult to drink out of. You have to bite the straw at just the right spot. Jul 09, 2017

  • My daughter loves this as her portable water cup and it is super affordable Apr 04, 2017

  • My baby couldn't get anything to suck up. When I tried it, I had to kinda pinch the straw to get it to come up. Did Not like Mar 29, 2017

  • These were always leaking. The seal for the nipple part and ring was never tight and the kids also found them to be a bit too bulky. Feb 13, 2017

  • My daughter got the hang of these right away - around 10 months old - and it's still a great cup for her now, at 2 years old. They are a bit of a pain to clean with so many nooks and crannies. Dec 27, 2016

    • Jen S.
    • South Mills , North Carolina

    This is extremely hard for toddlers to figure out. I think we ended up throwing ours away. Dec 15, 2016

  • Easy to use and clean. Spills easy for the toddler on the move. Dec 10, 2016

  • I like these cups because they have minimal parts, but I have noticed that sometimes the straws get dirty or even moldy because I can't reach them to clean. Dec 08, 2016

  • Great straw cup, but be careful! Drinks miraculously spill out the straw - smoothie's, water, etc. Makes for quite the mess. Haven't figured out the solution. Dec 06, 2016

  • This was probably the 5th or 6th cup we tried to get my daughter to drink out of...and it worked!! We've been sticking with these cups for almost 3 months! Love them!! Nov 13, 2016

  • Come apart easily for the dishwasher so nothing grows in little crevices. no valves or anything to worry about. Oct 06, 2016

  • This cup always leaked whenever the temperature would change. It fit well into my daughters hands, but it became a mess every time we used. Oct 05, 2016

  • After spending hundreds of dollars on sippy cups our son LOVES this one the best! They are extremely affordable and much easier with transitioning. They don't leak either!! Aug 28, 2016

  • Impossible to clean. Apr 22, 2016

  • The straw wouldn't stay attached to the lid and when she would shake it or drop it it would have to be redone. Also it would leak after a few refills because the top rubber top was twisting Jan 29, 2016

    • Star E.
    • Lake Luzerne, New York

    Loved these no spill cups. Durable. Easy for child to hold. Jan 23, 2016

  • loved this brand for the straw and sippy cup. no spills Dec 17, 2015

  • Hard to wash and get completely clean. Leaks Oct 11, 2015

  • Leaky! Jul 02, 2015

  • we lost the bottom straw part ages ago and my husband still can't quite figure out how to get the pieces back together but it's lasted forever, it is easy to clean and still works. Jun 17, 2015

    • Rachel H.
    • Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

    Great durable product! Have had these for about 9 months now and still going great. Feb 04, 2015

  • Kids liked them but the top is hard to clean. Nov 05, 2014

    • Jodi J.
    • San Diego, California

    at least it doesn't leak but the lid can be troublesome to put on. Oct 06, 2014

  • sippy cups galor Sep 30, 2014

    • Mary W.
    • Tolland, Connecticut

    Works great for toddler. Can drink out of a straw like Daddy and Mommy! Sep 25, 2014

    • Lucy P.
    • Ayer, Massachusetts

    I found this at cvs when I was in a hurry because I forgot a cup for a vacation trip we were taking. Now it's one of my favorite cups! It does leak if left on side, so I just use it for water. Aug 12, 2014

  • Great first straw cup. I love that the straw is super soft and flexible. Once my little one caught onto straws this cup has been her favorite. Jul 30, 2014

  • Easy to clean, works great, but the straw is rigid so there is always a little left in the bottom. Jul 29, 2014

  • Great for water when out and about with toddler Jul 24, 2014