• Lots of fun instruments. Good for at home music classes. Jan 30, 2021

  • My kids love these toys, but I don't. They are all very loud. I know that they are instruments, but I wasn't expecting that volume. Jan 29, 2021

  • Super cute and fun, but my toddler gets very frustrated when he can't open it on his own. Jan 26, 2021

  • We love the variety of instruments in here. Babies favorite is the egg shaker. She can walk around with it all day and show off. Jan 25, 2021

    • Tracy M.
    • Fayetteville , North Carolina

    I love the colors that this toy comes in. Each instrument Has a unique sound that keeps the babies attention! Plus everything fits right into the drum. Definitely love this toy Jan 19, 2021

  • Has everything and the stores it all the the drum! One of my favorite 1st Birthday gifts. Jan 16, 2021

  • We’ve had this for 3yrs, daughter still isn’t bored with it Dec 23, 2020

  • Good first introduction to musical instruments. It gets played with occasionally but not as much as I’d like Dec 13, 2020

  • Sooo many toys included in this drum. It was a favorite toy for years. Very high quality. Oct 26, 2020

  • High quality and well made. The drum has been used quite a lot but some of the other instruments don't play sounds especially well and aren't of interest to my toddler. Sep 11, 2020

    • Mary S.
    • Erlanger, Kentucky

    So, I love part of this set but the rest isn't great. I eventually got rid of it and kept the pieces that I like. So, hit or miss with this one. Sep 10, 2020

  • Being a low tech household, music is a must. There are high quality, heavy duty instruments. My son bangs them everywhere and they are still in perfect condition! Aug 02, 2020

  • Received at her second Christmas, my daughter has had great fun with these instruments. They've grown well with her. Jul 23, 2020

  • Lots of instruments in colorful patterns. The whistle only worked for a day. But he loves the drums! Jul 23, 2020

  • My son loves this music set! We received it for Christmas and as he gets older I think he loves it even more!! Jul 20, 2020

  • My son is super into music. That set is one of the toys that we have been keeping for a long time. It promotes hours of fun games. Jul 03, 2020

  • My kids love this toy, I'm neutral on it as the sticks are definitely hurt when accidentally hitting himself or someone else accidentally. Love that it all can fit back into the drum for storage Jun 28, 2020

    • Liz P.
    • Cincinnati, Ohio

    Very cute!! Love the B product line!! Both my 1 year old and 3 year old are entertained with the instruments! May 12, 2020

  • One of the kids favorite toys (has to take drumsticks away so they don’t beat each other) but shakey egg and jingle bells are always a hit May 01, 2020

    • Sara M.
    • Lake Villa, Illinois

    Gifted bc who really wants their tour to have a drum and other loud toys? But my kid loves it and finds creative uses for the other instruments included. Cute design and colorful. Love the styling! Apr 22, 2020

  • My oldest is getting into music, with this, he’s able to create his own! He marches around banging in the drum. So cute! Apr 10, 2020