• Anh N.
    • Sunnyvale, California

    I love the reasonable price. I've bought expensive tubs but realized you didn't need all the extra fancy features. This simple bathtub did it's job for both my kids. May 17, 2019

  • Great for the early days, but doesn’t grow with baby. May 16, 2019

    • Katie F.
    • Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

    I have an earlier version of this tub that I love! Easy to clean and still works for my baby at 10 months. I wish I would have had this the first time around. May 09, 2019

  • My older kids loved this easy to use when little ones can support their own head. May 02, 2019

    • Helen L.
    • Andover, Massachusetts

    We've had this for 4 years and it's still good as new! Apr 30, 2019

  • Whale is right. This tub is large and awkward shaped and not easy to store and since it doesn’t have the newborn sling and doesn’t last into toddler years it doesn’t have a long useage life. Apr 07, 2019

  • Good tub overall, but if the plug isn't well seated it can leak. I also wish the newborn insert had more cushioning, but it gets the job done. Apr 07, 2019

    • Emily D.
    • United States of America

    Nice size and comfortable padding make bathromr a breeze! Mar 17, 2019

  • Eh. It works when baby is a little older. Not a huge fan for newborns. Baby slides & scrunches. The hard plastic made ME hurt for baby. Kinda bulky, a pain to store so I gave it away. Mar 17, 2019

    • Tanya I.
    • Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    I have used this tub for both my kids! it's super sturdy and has given them many fun bath memories. I was sad when they outgrew it. Mar 10, 2019

  • Simple-no bells and whistles-and easy to use. Don't let all of the fancy gadgets turn your head. This is inexpensive and works great. Little ones grow out of tubs so quickly, but this gets it done! Mar 09, 2019

  • Such a fun baby tub. It was easy to bathe baby in. The tub design made it easier for my baby who was beginning to sit alone enjoy the bath without being constantly propped by me. Would recommend! Feb 27, 2019

    • SEAN D.
    • CAPE VINCENT, New York

    Great product and my daughter loves to lay around in it Feb 27, 2019

  • My mother gifted this to us after the summer infant one didn't work out for us. My son loves it Feb 13, 2019

  • Bath time is our favorite time of day due to this tub! He loves it it allows him to lounge on his own without the help of momma so my hands are free to clean him and play thoroughly Feb 07, 2019

  • This made bathing baby easier. You could fill it up and put it on your counter so you didn’t have to bend over the tub Feb 03, 2019

  • works amazing. currently using it for my second child. ive tried a few other infant/child tubs - although this is a bit big i keep going back to it! Jan 29, 2019

  • Difficult to clean my child's back, especially after a blow out. It was convenient and kept child supported while bathing. Cleaning it was not difficult. Jan 17, 2019

  • My kids did not like this tub. Plastic is too hard and hard to position. Jan 17, 2019

  • Cute bathtub, simple design serves its purpose. Jan 14, 2019

    • Emily Z.
    • Haverhill , Massachusetts

    We used this once my baby was out of the infant tub and could sit up on her own. It was the perfect size for her to sit in and splash around. A good transition tub before sitting in the “big” tub. Jan 09, 2019

  • This was a really great bath tub that makes it easy to have baby sitting up and not so much water to keep baby slippery. I definitely would recommend this for any parent looking for a simple bath tub. Jan 04, 2019

  • Great product for the price. I love how it grows with the baby from newborn to toddler. Dec 23, 2018

  • Such a cute tub. We love it. I have to hold him in the sling as he is only 7 weeks old and slides. I looked at a lot of tubs and this was my choice. Inexpensive and does the job. Plus it’s so cute Dec 12, 2018

  • Easy to clean, baby is comfortable during baths. Oct 20, 2018

  • This tub was too big in the beginning. He quickly out grew it, however. Wasn't useful when he was too long, but still couldn't sit up on his own yet. The ability to hang it to dry was a nice feature. Oct 10, 2018

  • This tub has been great for both of my children. Cleans easy & holds my kids well. My only complaint it that it’s so big. It isn’t very easy to store. Oct 07, 2018

  • My son loves this bathtub. He is 2 months old and has been using it since day 1. Edit: He is now 4 months old and I already need a seat. I suggest buy a 4-1 that comes with a seat. Oct 04, 2018

  • This bathtub is great! I've used it since my son was a newborn and now he's past one years old and it still using it. Oct 03, 2018

  • Has survived 2 kids and headed into the 3rd. Works exactly as it should. Oct 01, 2018

  • I gave this tub to his babysitter and he loves it no complainrs so far, Sep 21, 2018