• Holly B.
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Baby would not eat from this bottle, and he really wasn't a bottle diva either. Didn't seem to flow well. Jun 10, 2023

  • Love these for my breastfed baby. Easy to clean and replacement valves are very cheap! May 21, 2023

  • Only bottles my son would use. I love munchkin products. The nipples all had age ranges for different sizes and was super helpful to have and know when to switch to the faster flow. I loved these. Feb 17, 2023

  • This is the only bottle my breastfed babies would tolerate! It never made them gassy. Only con is it’s not easy to clean. Nov 04, 2022

  • I love these bottles Oct 28, 2022

    • Loni H.
    • Madison, Wisconsin

    Love and hate these bottles... Used for both of my kids because they took them so well. The bottom is detachable and functions as an accidental suction cup. Multiple spills from that. Jul 17, 2022

  • We used these to try and help my with bad reflux. They worked OK. The part on the bottom was weird and some said to push it in to help with extra air, but in the long run we didnt continue use. Jul 07, 2022

  • Don’t love at all. Everytime my son uses these he pushes the nipple in and can’t get it to come out on his own, I have to assist him. I requested these on my registry but I regret it! May 28, 2022

    • Ray S.
    • Baltimore, Maryland

    Used these for a bunch of years and then they started leaking by the valves and had to throw them out. Mar 14, 2022

  • One of the only bottles my breastfed baby would take Jun 30, 2021

  • These are my absolutely favorite bottles! May 19, 2021

  • The nipple was too soft and would collapse inwards when baby tried to drink milk. Apr 06, 2021

  • All 3 of my kids used these bottles!! They were a life saver! I breastfeed and the transition to bottle feeding with these bottle was great! Apr 01, 2021

  • We wanted to love these so bad. Baby loved them but they leak so bad. Easy to wash - just make sure you clean filter at bottom well. Mar 05, 2021

  • The only bottle my son would take! A lifesaver. He was a breastfed baby. Feb 20, 2021

    • Clara H.
    • Greensboro , North Carolina

    This is a great bottle. Its one my son enjoyed holding by himself and the little blue thing at the bottom helps with reducing air bubbles Feb 16, 2021

  • These have been great for my acid reflux baby! A must have . Jan 20, 2021

  • These are our favorite bottles. Unfortunately we can't seem to find them in stores anymore Dec 31, 2020

    • Tara T.
    • Mehoopany, Pennsylvania

    They leaked all of the time out the bottom. Dec 22, 2020

  • These are a great idea but hard to clean all the small groves. Not to mention not sold in any stores near me Nov 14, 2020

  • I nursed both of my kids and they both used these bottles no problem! I love the anti-colic valve on the bottom esp since my son had reflux.They held up extremely well through 2 kids as well Nov 05, 2020

  • I love these so much! My son is breast fed and he switches from breast to bottle so well with these. They also help train his latch which I absolutely love! Oct 02, 2020

  • don't like the out erred top. Nipple seems more natural but not materially soft. Again pro its a shorter bottle Sep 24, 2020

    • Rocio C.
    • Los angeles, California

    Tried these with daughter, recommended by a lactation consultant. The blue venting piece didn’t work great for me. I had to constantly adjust it. Sep 20, 2020

  • My baby didn’t love these bottles. She preferred Philips Avent bottles. Aug 17, 2020

  • Great bottle for my exclusively breastfed baby - took a bottle so easily for her dad when I went back to work Aug 16, 2020

  • Loved these for my last baby! A little annoying to clean with the extra parts, but worth it to not have a gassy baby. Easy transition from breast to bottle Aug 14, 2020