• I was hesitant to use this, however after 2 hours of crying at the wee hours of the morning, I was desperate for both of us to feel better. Two words: Game Changer. Sep 01, 2019

  • i was very hesitant on this product. my lo was so gassy I caved and tried it. It worked wonders and now its a must have in the diaper bag Sep 01, 2019

  • I have this but never used it Sep 01, 2019

  • My son was very colicky. I think this helped us on a few occasions. the other occasions it just Helped him poop. Worth it if you have a colicky child Sep 01, 2019

  • These look like a great alternative to gas drops to help sooth your babies gassy tummy! Sep 01, 2019

  • This gave instant relief to my newborn! He went from obvious pain and crying to sleeping blissfully. It also seems to help his constipation, A MUST to try for gassy babies. Sep 01, 2019

    • Jenn S.
    • West Hills, California

    Magical! Sep 01, 2019

  • My son was crying non-stop because of gas when he was a nb till 4 months. Windi gives my son immediate relieve and it beats having to give him gas drops (not a fan of making him ingest anything) Sep 01, 2019

  • This works great for our Babe! I give him a nice tummy rub along with some bicycle kicks, and then insert. I can tell it provides him with relief and poops within seconds. Sep 01, 2019

  • Baby does not poop often so when it has been a few days and she is fussy these have helped. She doesn't always poop right away but we do get gas out and within the next day we get several poops. Sep 01, 2019

  • Best gift! We are first time parents, and it was great to get these in a gift set and have them already on hand when needed. We limit use to emergencies, but these are a lifesaver! Sep 01, 2019

  • This seems like the weirdest thing, but it really works well to relieve gas and stimulate a bowel movement. Sep 01, 2019

  • It worked the first time I used it, we heard the "whistle" but it hasn't worked since. I feel bad using it too, won't buy again. Sep 01, 2019

  • These work so well to help relieve our little one of gas when we know she’s so uncomfortable! Sep 01, 2019

    • Deb E.
    • Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Life savor during those early colicky weeks! Sep 01, 2019

  • Used this on my gassier twin when she was newborn to 2 months. Helped relieve gas and I prefer to use this than medications. Sep 01, 2019

  • Another amazing Frida product. Easy to insert and works immediately. The baby feels comfortable while using and even better after. Sep 01, 2019

  • Works wonders. Especially great if you are looking for a non-medicinal remedy. Easy to use. Just have extra diapers and wipes nearby just in case! Sep 01, 2019

  • You won't know how wonderful this product is until you need it. Buy it and keep it on hand. Sep 01, 2019

    • Zoe B.
    • Poughkeepsie, New York

    We loved this for our son who had horrible colic. You could hear the gas coming out with use. The only downside is the mess it can make but when you’re a Civ parent it’s worth it all! Sep 01, 2019

  • It didn’t help my son to poop or release gas. I felt awful for sticking something in his bum for nothing to happen. The result definitely didn’t justify the means for me. I’m sure the results vary. Sep 01, 2019

    • Sarah M.
    • Los Angeles, California

    The windi is really satisfying to use but make sure to have a diaper ready! We've had a few poop volcanos. I try to use sparingly so baby doesn't get reliant on it, but very useful for gassy nights Sep 01, 2019

  • Did these work? Maybe? Our child had bad gas from 0-3 months or so. We used these a few times. Stuff always came out. But I tend to think it might have happened anyway. Very pricey for limited usage! Sep 01, 2019

  • I love this product. My daughter had a lot of gas when she was a new born and the windi really helped when she was unable to release the gas herself. Sep 01, 2019

    • Jen D.
    • United States of America

    My newborn had a very hard time pooping until we figured out he was sensitive to mom eating nuts. The Windi was a lifesaver to help him pass gas and eventually poop. Sep 01, 2019

  • I buy these for all of my friends who are parents-to-be. Really came in handy for us and a much asimpler alternative to the gas drops! Sep 01, 2019

  • Ok these seem weird, but YOU NEED THEM. there will be times when baby cant poo and prunes just arent working. well THESE WORK and be prepared with a diaper or cloth. Great to have in the medicine bag. Sep 01, 2019

    • Lan T.
    • Santa Rosa, California

    Must have. My baby had a lot of gas issues. Used gas drops, gripe water, etc. didn’t help as much as this. Also this is all natural nothing chemical going into the baby body. Plus instant relief. Sep 01, 2019

  • This is a interesting product but has been the best thing we have ever had for our little. And if I could only pick one product I could ever have for her gas, it would be this. Sep 01, 2019

  • love love love Sep 01, 2019

  • I was skeptical about this product but it actually works! Sep 01, 2019

  • Although the concept was hard to move past these are one of my necessities. My son would get constipated and so gassy and this was immediate relief and no medicine required. Sep 01, 2019

    • Alyssa J.
    • MARSTONS MILLS, Massachusetts

    Given at my shower and happy because in the middle of the night we used them! You can hear the gas pass through and see the relief on baby's face. They also kick start a BM. Sep 01, 2019

  • Better than using the end of a thermometer because the thermometer doesn't have a clear passage for air to escape. Each 'windi' catheter is essentially a tiny tube. The tube allows air to escape. Sep 01, 2019

  • I was hesitant at first to place this in my baby's anus but after I did she could finally sleep! I would definitely recommend if you have a gassy baby! Sep 01, 2019

    • Sue Z.
    • Charlotte, North Carolina

    These work like a charm when baby was uncomfortable with gas. However I dont use these very often bc I dont want to intergere with the body's normal learning of how to handle gas/poo Sep 01, 2019

    • Liz H.
    • Kenosha, Wisconsin

    Not sure this worked for us the same way it did for others. When used our son, he had one fart and then poop went flying out right after. We tried to use it one more time and same thing happened. Sep 01, 2019

  • We used these a couple times and never had any results. It might work for some babies, but wasn’t effective for us! Sep 01, 2019

  • Super helpful little tool for gas release. I was skeptical but has really helped when we need it. Sep 01, 2019

  • These things are weird but seriously awesome when baby is super uncomfortable. Sep 01, 2019

  • I had high hopes for this because I've heard so many good things, but no matter how many times I tried these, they never worked. Maybe there's some trick to it, but I was never able to find it. Sep 01, 2019

  • This never worked for us as well as others. We followed others advice and left it in for a while but rarely got the whistling sound or a ton of relief for our baby. It did help him poop sometimes. Sep 01, 2019

  • I did try these when my daughter had stomach issues. It never seemed to relieve any gas, and I think a thermometer helped just as well for relieving constipation. Might work for others though Sep 01, 2019

    • Toni H.
    • Madison, Mississippi

    I love this product because it works and it offers parents an alternative to gas drops. It is easy to use and offers baby instant relief. I have gifted this product to all of my new mom friends. Sep 01, 2019

  • Easy to use, but strange. Definitely worked to relieve gas and ease discomfort of my baby. Would recommend to others. Sep 01, 2019

  • It’s so funny to hear the gas whistle through the tube as it’s released. But it only relieves the gas it can reach, it does nothing for deep gas. In my opinion, it’s a waste of money and plastic. Sep 01, 2019

  • Bought this to have on hand but thankfully didn’t need it. Wouldn’t say it’s a necessity as there are other alternatives I’d rather try first. There are minimal instructions on package for how to use Sep 01, 2019

    • Sonia D.
    • Bakersfield, California

    It was a hit and miss. Sometimes it would help with our gassy/colic baby but sometime it did not seem to help Sep 01, 2019

    • Jamie S.
    • Studio City, California

    I’ve used this on my baby twice so far- the first time she got a fart out but no poop, and the second time I couldn’t even get a whistle. I may try again, but so far have found it ineffective. Sep 01, 2019

  • Wow! This truly works within seconds! They weren't kidding, in the instructions, about having a diaper ready. My little one stopped fussing within a minute of relieving the gas with this Windi! Sep 01, 2019