• Jackie Z.
    • Allison Park, Pennsylvania

    I have used this with two kids but had difficulty quietly maneuvering from the bassinet to the myself for nursing. It’s nice but not worth the cost in comparison with other bassinets. Jul 14, 2019

  • This bassinet is genius. Very heavy, but I love that it is adjustable. It swivels and can be height adjusted to your bed. If only my baby would sleep in it.... Jul 14, 2019

  • This helped me get in and out of bed and I felt very safe putting my little girl in here. I wish there were more options for covers and it was difficult using in the middle of the night. Jul 12, 2019

  • This bassinet is a must have in my book. It’s perfect height to our bed, and the rails bend so it’s easy to get baby out in the middle of the night to breastfeed. Jul 11, 2019

    • Traci B.
    • Cinnaminson, New Jersey

    I bought it and ended up not finding it useful. I thought it was way over priced for what it was. Save your money. Not worth it. Jul 11, 2019

  • I have used this with 2/3 of my kids, and love how it moves and how my kids sleep in it, only thing is that it is very bulky at the base Jul 10, 2019

  • Absolutely love it. Easy to put together and clean Jul 08, 2019

  • Loved this for when my baby was first home from the hospital. Could swivel the bassinet to be right next to me as I slept. The see through mesh made it easy for me to check throughout the night. Jul 07, 2019

    • Kelly C.
    • Queen creek , New York

    My first baby hated laying flat but after having my second I realized I didn’t give him a chance to to use to it. My second used this and we loved it. He used it till he out grew it at 3 months. Jul 07, 2019

  • Obsessed with this bassinet! My daughter slept amazingly in this places by our bed for easy access for night feedings. I love how is easily comes down on the beside to easily pick up babe! Very safe! Jul 07, 2019

  • Great bassinet that u can easily place beside your bed to help keep a eye on baby thru out the night Jul 06, 2019

  • So happy we made the decision to buy this my 3 month old loves it , it’s so easy to move close to you an can see right through it. Jul 06, 2019

  • We received this as a gift from our registry. Love that its height is adjustable as our bed is very high. It swivels around very easily. Only downside is our baby will quickly grow out of it. Jul 05, 2019

  • Very stable and easy to turn bassinet! If you’ve had a c-section this is a winner. Cuz you can easily access or move away the baby without having to get up. It’s a heavy piece to move around the house Jul 03, 2019

    • Bari S.
    • Greenvale, New York

    I plan on getting this as the reviews have been great. I need a bassinet that is easily accessable and the reviews say its great for that! Also, i like the option to swivel it if i need to. Jun 29, 2019

  • A must have with a new baby! There is space which allows your baby to grow and still remain comfy! (Big baby momma!) I was able to swing him towards me and it’s smooth so it didn’t wake him up! Love! Jun 27, 2019

  • I loved my baby's bassinet! He was born premature so when we finally took him home it was perfect because he was in his bassinet but right next to me . I definitely recomend! Jun 27, 2019

  • Using this for our 2nd baby and it’s great! Our first stayed in it for 5 months. Jun 26, 2019

  • Obsessed! Can adjust height to fit right alongside my bed and swivel next to me for easy access to nurse all night! The light up button and nursing timer are great as well as the variety of sounds. Jun 25, 2019

  • It’s easy enough to put together and super convenient for newborn to be right next to me at night. Height adjustable so fits any height bed and the arm that moves down makes getting baby out is great! Jun 21, 2019

    • Sonja D.
    • West Sacramento , California

    Must have for Co-sleeping. So helpful if breastfeeding as pull down side allows for easy in & out. Sturdy, no fear of tipping over. Jun 21, 2019

  • Pros; easy to assemble, safe, moves great and you can get your LO close to you. Cons: it is battery operated, and batteries do not go far, not mobile, little on the overprice side Jun 19, 2019

  • We loved this. Disappointed the newborn insert wasn't included. We got the deluxe version and hardly used the features. We loved the bassinet and the swivel feature so much! Jun 18, 2019

  • WORTH IT!! The only way I could get my baby to sleep in the first two weeks was with the vibrating halo! It’s also so nice that it swivels above your bed so you don’t have to get up and breastfeed Jun 15, 2019

    • Meg N.
    • Summerville , South Carolina

    Waste of money! It began to slump and creek within a month. Company said oh well we won’t replace it even with warranty Jun 13, 2019

  • This was a must have for me when lo was born. I loved him being so close but safe. It moves so easy and my lo loves it. It’s very well made and heavy duty. Never a concern about quality! Jun 13, 2019

  • This bassinet allowed us to safely cosleep with our little one while maximizing floor space. The lowering bedside wall allowed me to easily access her, even while recovering from a c-section. Jun 10, 2019

  • This was only convenient to me and my family when out babies were newborns , after that they went inside their cribs which they love but this is a helpful item in the begging Jun 10, 2019

    • Megan W.
    • Great meadows, New Jersey

    Just got this for my second after using a pack and play with my first. Extra space conscious as we moved and have less space in our bedroom. Love the light, swivel and drop sides. Jun 07, 2019

  • I will be so sad when my daughter grows out of this. I LOVE having her right next to me at night. This thing is a lifesaver for breastfeeding & a safer alternative to co-sleeping!!! Jun 06, 2019

  • It’s nice but for the price, it’s not worth it. My baby was able to use it only for about 4 months and then it was too small for the baby. I rather have the pack and play. Jun 05, 2019

  • We this product. Very easy to assemble & adjust. Keeps our daughter close to us at night so we can comfort her when she startles. Nightlight, noise maker & vibrations are so helpful. Very stylish look Jun 04, 2019

    • april m.
    • charlotte, North Carolina

    baby did not sleep in this much at all. takes up a lot of space in our small bedroom. i would've registered for a different one or gotten a nest/dockatot thing to go inside for a more snuggly space. Jun 03, 2019

  • Good concept but my baby only liked it for a few weeks then didn’t like the feeling of being so closed in. He also moves around a lot and would find him next to sides or at the bottom. Too tall. Jun 03, 2019

  • It is a very great concept and designed well. May 31, 2019

  • We have used this with two babies and love the swivel and vibration features. It easily nests close to the bed and makes middle of the night feeds easier on sleep deprived parents. May 30, 2019

  • We got this as a group gift form my husbands coworkers & let em tell you, it’s the best. Fit perfectly in our small living room May 29, 2019

  • Easy to use, great mattress padding compared to other bassinets. The best and safest to use for co-sleeping May 29, 2019

  • This bassinet was very handy when my son was a newborn. I wish the swivel would lock though, because around 2 months he was kicking around and rotating the bassinet himself. May 20, 2019

  • Amazing! You can see your baby and the swivel feature is amazing for late night feedings. We got a base to move it into the living room during the day! May 19, 2019

  • I wanted to love this, it’s a great concept, but my son hated it! We probably only used it a few times in his first month before we switched to a different sleeping option. May 19, 2019

  • Love the adjustable heights and full swivel in all directions. The lowering side bar makes it very easy to get baby in and out without a struggle. Baby sleeps comfortably on pad provided! May 19, 2019