• It’s has a good amount of space but it’s hard to keep everything organized. Apr 20, 2019

  • Spacious, good quality , easy to wipe down. Apr 18, 2019

  • Cute designs and quality fabric, but I was disappointed at how much this bag can actually hold. The shape of it makes things on the bottom inaccessible and the pocket sizes are quite small. Mar 17, 2019

  • A really cute bag and I loved that it attaches to the stroller, but there weren't very many pockets and I found it got full pretty quickly. Feb 20, 2019

  • I really liked this diaper bag! Lots of storage and compartments! Could easily fit everything I needed for a whole day running around! One con: It was pretty difficult to clean. Feb 14, 2019

  • This is a great stylish diaper bag with compartments that makes it easy to bring milk with you. Feb 14, 2019

  • Stylish, lots of pockets, gender neutral, what more do you want? It’s so big we used it to hold all of baby’s clothes for a week long trip, and it fits under an airplane seat. We love it! Feb 07, 2019

  • It is a beautiful diaper bag, but it did not work for me. I was bulky and would get in my way constantly. It didn’t hold up they well either for being so pricy. Jan 23, 2019

  • Have this and never really use. Small compared to my backpack. Great for day care or short trips out. Love the pattern and that it is easy to wipe. Not big enough for every day diaper bag Jan 22, 2019

  • So easy to organize, easily fit everything I needed for a newborn and myself. The material is lightweight and easy to clean. Love all the pockets and bottle compartment! Jan 14, 2019

  • Great, versatile storage for bottles, wet items, and all of the basics you need to be out and about. Inside lining is light, making it easy to find everything. Plenty of storage pockets. Jan 09, 2019

    • Alla P.
    • Madison, Wisconsin

    Love it!has many pockets. You can put lots of baby things inside! Dec 17, 2018

  • The bag is on the small side. It gets the job done, but it’s for best use if you’re more of a minimalist. Great for storing your baby’s items. Nice big front pockets for easy access! Dec 04, 2018

  • Versatile diaper bag with cute stripe design. Easy to wipe clean. Can store massive amounts of stuff inside. I like that it comes with a changing pad. Numerous straps to hang from shoulder or stroller Aug 30, 2018

  • Ok bag but it was just not big enough or have enough pockets for all our needs. It held up pretty nicely wear and tear wise though! Aug 28, 2018

  • Pretty good bag, needs more pockets Aug 02, 2018

  • Although I loved the print and design of the bag I found it too bulky for my taste and being a breastfeeding mom I found that I didn't need something this bulky. Its great if you are traveling far. Aug 01, 2018

  • This bag is amazing. It holds SO much. You have to be careful it is so deep that you can forget things are in it and that is the down fall. Stuff at the bottom gets lost easily. But worth it. Jul 30, 2018

  • Very durable diaper bag. I still have after 3 years of use and after a wash still looks like new. It is very nice looking. The only bad thing is that it kept falling off my shoulders. Jul 17, 2018

  • It's a cute bag but I travel frequently and it just wasn't comfortable enough for me to use daily. I found I needed more space and better back balance. Switched to a backpack. Jul 14, 2018

  • This bag is so cute and easy to carry. It is a little bit small if you plan to cloth diaper. Jul 11, 2018

  • I love my Skip Hop bag. I actually use it for my Spectra Pump and pump essentials. I enjoy the neutral colors and how easy it is to clean. Jul 03, 2018

    • Giao N.
    • Arlington, Virginia

    doesn't really hold much and is an awkward shape for baby stuff. Jul 03, 2018

  • It is chic. It has hidden pockets on the side, a secret mom pocket and a deep main compartment. I can fit a lot in the bag. I've used it for a singleton with no problem. Jun 25, 2018

  • Easily the best diaper bag I've owned. I love that I have enough space to carry items for my toddler and baby and even a couple things for myself! Jun 11, 2018

  • great stylish bag and functional. love the sholder strap and handle options. Jun 11, 2018

  • I like all the storage pockets but some of the stitching came undone with minimal use. May 30, 2018

  • I love the design of this diaper bag but it is on the smaller side. May 14, 2018

  • I really love this diaper bag. It seems small but it fit a lot of things. It’s not heavy and it’s easy to clean. May 05, 2018

  • I tried this bag out and it has great features but it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t wide enough, and I wished the double straps were big enough to go over my shoulder. Apr 13, 2018

  • I have this but it is not big enough for my 2 babies and I did not like the plastic feel of the material. I would prefer cloth Apr 04, 2018

    • Bree G.
    • Twin lake , Michigan

    Love the room this diaper bag gave us! Cleans up very nice too when you throw it in the washer! Apr 03, 2018

  • i did not like the quality of the bag after a few months i had to replace it. the interior is nice but it looks too bulky and not practical when you are holding your baby.i prefer a backpack. Mar 29, 2018

  • One of my favorite products. Stylish with a lot of pockets for organization. Easy to clean and not bulky. My favorite diaper bag out of many tried. Mar 15, 2018

  • It’s fine and gets the job done, but I wouldn’t buy it again. It really doesn’t hold as much as I would like it to. Mar 14, 2018

  • LOVED this. Easy to get in to when you've got a screaming kid hanging on. I used this into the ground til my toddler colored it with a black sharpie. Mar 06, 2018

    • Laura W.
    • London, United Kingdom

    Love the style and the stroller clips for easy accessibility while out and about! Includes a slim changing mat and various different storage compartments. Mar 04, 2018

  • It is very light weight, cute patterns to choose from and easy to clean. Held a lot of babies necessities. Adjustable strap did not stay at point where I wanted it if bag was too heavy Feb 20, 2018

  • Lots of storage space and pockets to fill for baby! Feb 20, 2018

  • I got this as a present from my mother in law. It is very spacious with lots of compartments. Sadly, not my style. Jan 28, 2018

  • I feel like it can be a little heavy even without much in it. It did get a stain on it and I will say the material is a little hard to clean. Love the look of it though :) Jan 15, 2018

  • Not my go to diaper bag, but it rotates in and out on occasion. I do love the design and it is sturdy just not as easy to find things in. Jan 10, 2018

  • I felt this bag was too deep to be able to quickly find what I was looking for and ended up not using it because it was such a hassle to dig for what I needed. Jan 06, 2018

  • Used for two solid years with my first child. It held exactly what I needed it to. It did start to wear a bit but it got a LOT of use. I also had it monogrammed through pottery barn. Dec 29, 2017

    • Majo G.
    • Alexandria , Virginia

    Love all the different compartments and the design of this bag! It makes it so easy to find things Nov 10, 2017

    • Sarah L.
    • Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Zipper broke after one week of use. Disappointed. Oct 22, 2017

  • Cute but two rips in the pockets after 2 months. Not enough organization in the main pocket. Wish there was a place for cellphone Oct 18, 2017

  • I love the look, but the design isn't the most practical. The bag itself and all the pockets are very deep but narrow, so it holds a lot, but you can't dig around in it. Oct 18, 2017

  • This bag was good while my son was little and not moving around all over the place but I found a backpack was easier once he was walking. Oct 11, 2017

    • Risa A.
    • United States of America

    Fits everything I need and looks wonderful! I can use this for date night and for baby! These days versatility is everything Oct 05, 2017