• Ariel G.
    • United States of America

    I would definitely recommend this book for any first parents! Sep 21, 2019

  • This was so helpful with my first. It’s a great guide for what you should focus on and when. It also provides a lot of reassurance. I will break this back out for my second baby. Sep 01, 2019

  • HIGHLY recommend first time moms get this book. There’s so much that happens in the first year that makes you think, oh my gosh is this normal?!” And this books helps to keep yo sane. May 29, 2019

  • Really love this book, so helpful and lots of info especially when I became a mommy for the first time. May 02, 2019

  • Got this as a gift. It is good to have the info, but let’s be real, I don’t have time to sit down and read this monster of a book with a baby on my hands. Apr 20, 2019

  • I thought this was a great book. I like that it breaks down what to expect every month and it’s very clear and easy to read! Jan 31, 2019

  • Very helpful informative book but there's a lot of pages. Too many for me to read. I don't like reading much. There are good recipes in here too though. Jan 03, 2019

  • Very helpful! Sep 24, 2018

    • Becca R.
    • United States of America

    It's okay, but very long and I didn't agree with all of the advice. Not to mention you can find all the information on their website. Aug 31, 2018

  • I’m on my third version of this must-have guide! Even though I’m on my third child, it is still helpful to go back and make sure something is “normal”. Aug 17, 2018

  • This book was my bible my first pregnancy Aug 09, 2018

  • This book is helpful and gives great advice on many subjects. Aug 05, 2018

  • This book has been so helpful since I had my son. It has a lot of tips and tricks and also important things to look out for. It is my go-to when I can't figure something out. Jul 16, 2018

  • A great read while you are in the midst of the crazy first year. Jun 05, 2018

  • I has a lot of info and I wish I had some time to read it but it’s hard with a newborn now. I find it easier to just Google all my baby needs and questions. Apr 22, 2018

  • Has the answers to MANY of my questions. Apr 07, 2018

  • Been reading this month by month has some good tips and tricks Oct 18, 2017

  • So helpful! There's an updated edition that has all the newer research. Great at answering questions quickly. Oct 18, 2017

  • Great follow up to what to expect when expecting. Helps you understand how your baby is developing and what is/isn’t normal. Oct 11, 2017

  • Good info, but presented in an intimidating, textbook format. Not easy to find what you're looking for, too much text to tell you simple things you've read elsewhere. Oct 04, 2017

  • As an expecting mom, I often fret over the small things like clipping tiny fingernails or cleaning ears. This book has really reassured me by informing me about the small things no one thinks of. Aug 28, 2017

    • Deena B.
    • Huntington Beach, California

    It has useful info, but the organization is awful. There are random boxes of information, and it's hard to reference if you want to go back and find something. Aug 24, 2017

    • John H.
    • Elk City, Oklahoma

    This book was a life saver for us. My wife would refer to it quite often when we weren't sure about something or to see what we were in store for next.. Apr 08, 2017

  • This book has been extremely helpful as I get ready for my little one to get here. My first. Feb 11, 2017

  • Great illustrations and tips for the 1st year. Almost completely accurate. Dec 12, 2016

  • Was great when we were expecting, we referred to it numerous times in the first few months. I highly recommend it to new parents. Aug 18, 2016

    • Taryn W.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Some helpful information, but found other books to be more helpful. Jul 11, 2016

    • Kate A.
    • Boston, Massachusetts

    Great, classic and agnostic book about raising kids during the first year. I loved this book. Apr 26, 2016

  • Typical baby book with very basic information. Great for the true beginner. Mar 21, 2016

  • Not my go-to resource but helpful when tracking my child's growth/behavior/development each month. Aug 19, 2015

  • Has the answer to every question you'll have, with an easy to navigate index so you don't need to read it cover to cover (it's pretty thick). Aug 03, 2015

    • Annie M.
    • Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

    Got this as a gift, did not find it helpful at all. Apr 29, 2015

    • Sara O.
    • United States of America

    Fear mongering Mar 11, 2015

  • Great for giving an idea of the range of normal. Feb 22, 2015

  • All of the what to expect books give great practical advice for practically any pregnancy and child question that you may have. Oct 28, 2014

  • great book to help first time parents. Oct 15, 2014

  • A MUST HAVE! Aug 21, 2014

  • I love the What to Expect series. I was useful when I was pregnant and now it keeps me informed about things I should be looking for as my baby grows. Aug 20, 2014

    • Mark S.
    • United States of America

    Covers pretty much everything. Very helpful for us as first time parents. Aug 04, 2014

  • helpful Jun 30, 2014

  • Very helpful Jun 17, 2014

  • Thought I really needed this book but I don't make the time to read it. I get my answers on the internet instead. Bought it used. Apr 14, 2014

  • read a few pages and was disinterested... Apr 06, 2014

  • Do not read this book. It freaks you out!! Apr 04, 2014

    • Julie B.
    • United States of America

    Useful info, but can also get it online. And there are so many books to read, so I prefer online Mar 08, 2014

  • Great month by month overview of baby milestones and illness guide. I'd recommend reading a few months ahead. Mar 01, 2014

  • Not quite as helpful as I was hoping. Feb 24, 2014

    • Tina H.
    • Oak Park, Illinois

    Great overview of the what to expect the first year. While you can't expect it all and no book can prepare you. This answers lots of your common questions. Feb 20, 2014

  • covers the gamut of symptoms and personal experiences Feb 05, 2014

  • Very informative and fun to read how to help your child reach mulestones Feb 05, 2014