• I don't know what others use this for, but coconut oil was AMAZING at relieving nipple pain in the early days of breastfeeding. And safe for baby, no need to wipe it off. Apr 13, 2019

    • Andrea C.
    • North Reading, Massachusetts

    We use this for everything. From cooking, to cradle cap, to all over moisturizer. My favorite coconut oil by far. Mar 13, 2019

  • Great organic coconut oil Mar 01, 2019

    • TIz D.
    • Royal Oak, Michigan

    This is by far the best price for coconut oil that I've been able to find on the market! This works great for skin irritations or diaper rashes, we never had any trouble clearing right up after using! Jan 29, 2019

    • Eva L.
    • Orange, California

    Good quality product at a great price! We use it for so many things, including nipple cream, hair conditioner, and dry skin balm. Jan 16, 2019

    • Aleta W.
    • United States of America

    We love TJ's! This coconut oil is great for cooking, but I also use it as a balm for baby's face and bottom, and as a lotion after bathing. Jan 04, 2019

  • I used this on my newborn for some minor baby acne. I applied once in the morning, and his complexion was perfectly clear in a day or 2. I love that it’s safe and smells heavenly. Dec 22, 2018

  • Best coconut ever! I use it on everything. It's light and flavorful. Oct 09, 2018

  • I swear by this for preventing stretch marks and for helping heal them! I like the smell. I used it on my belly every single evening when I was pregnant and have no stretch marks there. Sep 24, 2018

  • Love this for all purposes! Dry skin, diaper rashes, any skin irritation! For my babies and me! Sep 17, 2018

  • I love this for cooking and for moisturizing. Aug 09, 2018

  • This is a staple in our household. Great for diaper rash too Jul 06, 2018

  • I use this in food and for skin and hair. I apply a very small amount of this in baby's bath wash about 3 times a week. Makes skin so soft and nourished. Jun 20, 2018

  • Once again, coconut oil should be in EVERY parents home! It’s a game changer! You can use it on a dry scalp, as a moisurizer, on a scrape, on a rash, etc. It’s just amazing! May 30, 2018

  • Coconut oil is a must. From helping cracked nipples, to diaper rash and cradle cap, to dry skin, painful postpartum, and using with essential oils. This is a must! May 22, 2018

    • Kelly D.
    • Cape May Court House, New Jersey

    This coconut oil is amazing. I used it mainly as a nipple ointment when I was breast feeding! I love products that can multi-task! May 19, 2018

    • Ray D.
    • Bellport, New York

    Works for everything! Organic and safe for baby. Mar 23, 2018

  • This coconut oil is so fantastic and so versatile. The price is great. Mar 11, 2018

  • I used this mixed with essential oils for diaper rash. This coconut oil was smooth and not irritating Mar 10, 2018

    • Zoe B.
    • Poughkeepsie, New York

    I love everything TJ related but this is amazing. It’s great for the price as well! Feb 25, 2018

  • This worked well for your average rash but not powerful enough when you need the real deal for a fussy baby with a bad bottom. Feb 22, 2018

    • kate n.
    • Raeford, North Carolina

    I used this coconut oil on my son's scalp when he had cradle cap. After the first use the cradle cap was gone! Feb 18, 2018

  • This was recommended to us for our son's cradle cap, but made his head smell really funny. Jan 28, 2018

  • always buy our coconut oil from TJ's Jan 15, 2018

  • Our go-to rash and dry skin treatment! So easy, and good for everything! Jan 14, 2018

  • I was on antibiotics early in my postpartum period and this was the only product that would clear up the diaper rash it gave my daughter. Also helped with her mild cradle cap. Jan 11, 2018

  • Coconut oil is great for cooking, skin, hair and many other uses! I like this one because it is organic and offered at a reasonable price point. Nov 29, 2017

  • Use this for everything from skin, to cooking and baking. Oct 19, 2017

  • no complaints Oct 18, 2017

  • Great quality product! I enjoy using this for a variety of different things in and outside of the kitchen. Oct 18, 2017

  • Great price! Oct 13, 2017

  • It's good coconut oil, good brand, and you can use it for scrapes, diaper rash, cooking, moisturizer, everything. Oct 06, 2017

  • Must have! I use this every single day morning and night for stretch marks. I think its better than any specialized cream you can buy! not to mention its great for cooking ;) Oct 03, 2017

    • Tina E.
    • United States of America

    Love this , we use it for everything from cooking to skin rashes Aug 11, 2017

  • There's seriously nothing coconut oil can't cure. Rub it on baby's bum, use it for cradle cap, rub some on broken nipples after breastfeeding, it's amazing! Jul 11, 2017

    • Jane H.
    • New York, New York

    THIS. TASTES. DELICIOUS. Jun 09, 2017

  • I use coconut oil for everything! has helped with moisturizing my belly, helped alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms, helps moisturize my face, and I plan to use for nipple cream during nursing. Feb 27, 2017

  • Love it ! Jan 02, 2017

    • Ai L.
    • United States of America

    Use this everyday to cook food for my toddler! Oct 08, 2016

  • During pregnancy, I slathered this on myself like it was my job. I also made hydration a priority. I did not get stretch marks. It also cleared up my pregnancy acne. And it smells good. Get some. Oct 08, 2016

  • Great for cooking, but also as a lotion after bath for baby! Jan 12, 2016

    • Emily T.
    • United States of America

    Love this stuff! Great quality, tastes great, and many uses! Nov 28, 2015

  • We use this for everything- moisturizer, diaper cream, cooking. Sep 22, 2015

  • Used this as a moisturizer during pregnancy. Natural and absorbs quickly. I beat the coconut oil with a hand mixer to whip it to make it easier to apply. Warning: low melting point, keep it cool. Aug 11, 2015

  • great price Jul 14, 2015

    • Isaac R.
    • United States of America

    We use this all around the house, from oil-pulling, to moisturizer, to cooking. Jan 04, 2015

  • Coconut oil is good for EVERYTHING skin, hair, food, etc Dec 08, 2014

    • Ana B.
    • brooklyn, New York

    great for baby and mama Oct 31, 2014

  • THE best thing for nourished skin and NO stretchmarks, hands down! Oct 31, 2014

    • Lori D.
    • South Jordan , Utah

    On the belly Oct 31, 2014