• This is our go to saline spray. We use it in conjunction with the nosefrida often. Oct 05, 2023

  • We use this so much during cold season, would absolutely recommend. Aug 13, 2023

  • I use this daily on my oldest who is now 9 who gets super dry nose since he was 2!! It stops his bloody noses! Jun 04, 2023

  • This stuff really helps break up the congestion and helps get a lot more out with the snot sucker. Must have, especially if you live in a dry climate. Mar 24, 2023

  • I love this product! It saved my nose during pregnancy when I was stuffed up. I did find myself using it very often though. ( not sure if that's a bad thing). Best part is its safe to use! Mar 05, 2023

    • Sara S.
    • West Chester, Ohio

    Great for wintertime respiratory bugs! Sprays a good stream up their nose and helps you suction better! Aug 09, 2022

  • This is the best saline nasal spray around. Works well and the device has a great design. Jul 01, 2022

  • Works great! Jun 01, 2022

  • This stuff works wonders on littles who are congested! Just one spray in their nose and everything starts to come out right away! Jan 13, 2022

  • Wonderful for baby stuffy nose! Nov 16, 2021

  • Saline is a necessity for snotty/sick baby. I prefer the mist versions as I feel like it doesn't bother baby as much and is more effective at loosening up the gunk. Apr 22, 2021

    • Megan W.
    • Great meadows, New Jersey

    Swore by this stuff while i was pregnant whenever i was congested. Feb 22, 2021

  • Definitely helps to get the nasal passages clear. Easy to use (assuming the baby will lay still). Jan 26, 2021

  • It’s little pricy but it’s very effective. The applicator is very small for tiny noses. Sep 25, 2020

  • Love the ease of the applicator to help little ones' noses during the winter. Sep 18, 2020

  • I have the adult version and it works wonders to clear out my nasal passages. I hope the baby version is just as effective Apr 27, 2020

    • Nicole B.
    • Colorado Springs , Colorado

    I like this a lot better than the Nose Frida spray, and feel like it was more effective. The bottle lasts longer and my son seemed to tolerate it more. Definite must for germ season! Apr 25, 2020

  • Great for avoiding bloody noses in dry winter months. Helps with mucus too. Gentle and effective. Apr 21, 2020

  • I will never by the drops again, this stuff is fabulous! Much faster, easy to use, and effective Apr 16, 2020

  • This is essential for baby colds. Its even great for adult colds too. Mar 26, 2020

  • Ehhh used this but I love the Little Remedies brand way better. This one is clunky and there really isn't a lot of solution in this huge bottle, it's out after 2-3 rinses. Not worth it. Mar 04, 2020

  • Baby must have. Feb 23, 2020

  • This was a winner again and again with every cold. After a bad cold consider replacing with a new one. Feb 06, 2020

  • This is a must have for stuffy noses! This works so well at loosening up mucus. I always use a nose frida afterwards to completely clear out the nose. Jan 02, 2020

  • Works great for getting out stuck boogers. Using this before a bulb suction makes it much more effective! Jul 18, 2019

  • While this may be a little intimidating for stuffy noses, I have found it is excellent to help spray butts that are coated in dry poop after a nap :) I love baby products that have multiple uses! Jul 13, 2019

  • Works so well to break up all the nastiness in babies nose and get it unstuffed. When I needed to I used this and then the nosefrida. Lifesavers. May 30, 2019

  • Great product that helps clear up stuffy noses. Has been a lifesaver during flu season! May 15, 2019

  • mist is so easy to use! great for dryness in the winter months and when LO brings home all those colds from daycare. must have on hand. May 07, 2019

  • Much better than the drops. Your kid will hate it, but it works really well. May 04, 2019

  • I prefer to make my own saline for congestion, but I keep this on hand for travel or 3 am emergencies. Wipe the tip with rubbing alcohol after use to keep it clean between uses! Apr 13, 2019

    • Emily D.
    • United States of America

    The mist is a bit too intense for babies and toddlers. My husband and I ended up using it ourselves, though, so it works well for adults. Mar 17, 2019

  • good luck if they let you get it up their nose. Mar 01, 2019

  • Very great for clearing nasal passages. Works much better than just the regular spray bottle. Feb 22, 2019

    • Erin B.
    • Richmond, Virginia

    This is a daily must for for infants, children and adults. Keeps the nares moist. Jan 18, 2019

    • Anahi L.
    • San Ysidro, California

    excellent to decongest my son's nose Jan 13, 2019

    • Gigi M.
    • Appleton, Wisconsin

    You don’t need to think twice about arm and hammer products. Great to use with nosefrida or bulb. Jan 11, 2019

  • i used the adult version of this my entire pregnancy, and bought this to use with the nose frieda. saline spray makes everything better. Jan 03, 2019

  • Gentle spray and great for rinsing those tiny nasal passages. Jan 01, 2019

  • My daughter has a chronic stuffy nose and this works great for helping to clear it Dec 28, 2018

  • My daughter wasn't a fan but it helped resolved her running nose. Sep 20, 2018

  • The best saline spray in my opinion, I use them foe my girls when their allergies act up, and I use one for myself when mine act up! Sep 09, 2018

    • I Z.
    • Los Angeles , California

    My fav out of all saline waters! Love the mist! To me it feels like it makes the water so much more effective! You don't get it so well spread with drops or spray. Use it on both of my kids and adults Sep 08, 2018

  • Saline mist works wonders for breaking up dried boogers and just helping to clean my little one's nose. Pair it with the Nosefrieda and your baby breathes easy! Aug 13, 2018

  • Son had croup and needed to have saline treatments. This really helped clearing out his nose. Aug 12, 2018

  • Works as intended. Daughter is not a fan but that is understandable since it is a liquid being shot up her nose without much understanding. Jul 16, 2018

  • Works wonders when baby is sick. Breaks up the mucus making it easier to suck out Jul 06, 2018

  • Great for those really nasty runny noses. Helps break up the mucus. Jun 20, 2018

    • Chana T.
    • MORRISTOWN, New Jersey

    Must-have for when baby is stuffy and can't sleep Apr 04, 2018

  • Seemed to help get the mucous out when my daughter was sick. Apr 03, 2018