• The best starter cereal for the baby’s , my son love it just mix whit my milk breast and is the best Jul 13, 2019

  • This was a great intermediate consistency when my son was learning to chew a little. Jun 17, 2019

  • I have been using this to mix with gerber i really like it Jun 13, 2019

  • The oatmeal is a hit! My baby loves his oatmeal. It was one of his first foods. He seems to be happy when gets his breakfast. I like Gerber and trust Gerber to have healthy ingredients. May 22, 2019

  • Gerber Oatmeal baby cereal was the first food we gave to our baby. Great easy way to start your baby to learn to eat and is easy to make. Can find coupons and is affordable. May 15, 2019

  • My son threw up every time I tried to use this with him. I tried in his bottle and spoon feeding, but he threw it up every time. Very disappointed. May 08, 2019

  • I use this to thicken up the fruit and vegetable purees. Baby tends not to such a mess. Good way to get in grains if baby can't eat solid yet. May 07, 2019

  • Perfect for when the littles aren’t getting full but aren’t ready for solids May 04, 2019

    • Kala C.
    • Covington , Indiana

    My daughter was on cereal at about 2 months with acid reflux issues. We love their oatmeal cereal May 03, 2019

  • Worked great when mixing with purées and you can also find recipes on Pinterest May 03, 2019

  • Great to start up baby on solids Apr 30, 2019

  • This is a good product to add more calories to your babies food and you can easily carry them along and feed your child on the go Apr 24, 2019

    • Hali F.
    • Sugar Creek , Missouri

    My son didn’t care for this. Apr 18, 2019

  • Easy to use and take packaging. Good consistency. It’s oatmeal, not much to say about that. Apr 03, 2019

  • this product was recommended to me by my childrens doctor, my mom and other moms. this is the first food i started my children on and will be with my baby due this year. i highly recommend Mar 31, 2019

  • Easy to mix with fruit flavors and always seemed to keep my children's tummies full just a little bit longer than the rice. Mar 17, 2019

    • Tory H.
    • Virginia Beach , Virginia

    My girl loves her oatmeal. I feel more comfortable giving her this than rice cereal. Plus the iron in it is an added treat. Very easy to use. Packaging is great and easy. Mar 05, 2019

  • Baby girl didn’t care much for the cereal by it’s self. She loved it when I started adding a little bit of baby food to give it some flavor. Feb 23, 2019

  • This was the first food I used for my babies. Easy to mix with breastmilk or formula into a good watery consistency and I felt like it would be slightly better than rice cereal. Lasts a while too Feb 18, 2019

  • Oatmeal cereal along with rice cereal are must have first foods for baby! Feb 18, 2019

  • I remember giving this to my son as his first start to solids and he loved it so much! He now loves the flavored oatmeal’s every once in awhile too. Feb 10, 2019

    • Ariel O.
    • United States of America

    My kids loved this cerial. It makes them full faster too. I deffinitly recommend this cerial. Feb 08, 2019

  • Once my baby start being around 7 months I would add this to the baby food to made it more thick an fill them up more they absolutely loved it Jan 31, 2019

  • My son eats this every morning! We add a fresh banana or peach and he just loves it!! Makes my mornings easy and keeps him full for most of the morning! Jan 24, 2019

  • This is my son's favorite cereal so far. We mix with baby foods and he tolerates it well Jan 22, 2019

  • Easy and quick to make. Great option of adding breast milk instead of water. Son seems to love it. My daughter not so much. Jan 19, 2019