• Perfect for getting an accurate baby temperature for newborns and very easy to use. Way less overwhelming than it seems like it would be! May 08, 2016

  • Easy to use with a quick accurate reading. Don't have to worry about inserting too far on a wiggly baby. Mar 28, 2016

    • Katie L.
    • United States of America

    Easy to use and takes the temp quickly! I like that it's small so I don't worry about putting it in too far. Nov 08, 2014

  • Works great, can't put it in too far, fits in diaper bag, and the doctor prefers rectal readings Oct 06, 2014

  • easy and quick Sep 02, 2014

  • Great for rectal temperature. Short tip prevents "poking" too far. Has always read accurately for us Apr 21, 2014

  • easy to use and doctors always want a rectal temp in the first year anyway... Apr 15, 2014

  • A must for newborns. Apr 15, 2014

  • Best way to take a temperature in a baby! I still use it for my now 3 year old! Mar 20, 2014

    • Kate C.
    • New York, New York

    This is so quick and accurate! I had avoided it for a long time and was using the ear thermometer. The ear one was never accurate and was so hard to use with a squirmy baby. Feb 26, 2014

  • I wanted to like this but after only three uses, the battery died. Feb 23, 2014