• Nikki H.
    • United States of America

    This tub lasted us through 3 babies & then we passed it on to a friend when ours outgrew it. The mesh sling is perfect for them when they are tiny & the tub has plenty of room to splash around. Oct 05, 2017

  • The ease of using this and not having to worry about keeping a hold on my baby we're my favorite things about using this baby bath. Both my children loved this. They settle down and enjoyed bathtime Sep 24, 2017

    • Laura O.
    • United States of America

    we ended up just using a bowl in the sink. not great if your tight on space. Sep 22, 2017

  • Worked great from newborn through 7-8 months. So nice not to have to fill the whole tub up! Aug 25, 2017

  • We used it about twice. I felt like there was too much to it, and not enough support for baby. Aug 24, 2017

    • Lisa Q.
    • York, South Carolina

    We love this for our newborn granddaughter. We have one at our house and Mom and Dad have the same on at their house. Great with the sling for newborns. Jul 29, 2017

  • It's comfy and safe for baby and it sits well in the bathtub. Jul 25, 2017

  • Had this tub for my oldest son and we enjoyed it. It is pretty bulky though. Jun 17, 2017

  • Daughter had this. She loved it. May 22, 2017

  • I bought this at a garage sale then I got rid of it. It was falling apart before I even used it on my newborn. May 04, 2017

    • Gwen M.
    • Danville, Pennsylvania

    We purchased this after my husband hated our other tub. This is simple and works perfectly fine for all three of our babies. It can be used to such a long time too until they are ready for the big tub Apr 02, 2017

  • Used from birth and baby is now 4 months old. I love the sling feature and it is easy to use now that baby has better head control. Will be interested to see how much longer he can use this for. Mar 12, 2017

  • The fabric insert is great for newborns, but it mildews quickly. It was difficult to fill in one of our tubs because of the angle of the tub. Feb 07, 2017

  • I love this tub. The sling is mesh, so it is easy to clean and dry. The tub itself lasts for the whole first year and comes with a few small cute toys. Jan 31, 2017

  • For whatever reason, this particular tub never worked for my daughter. The shape is awkward and she just never could sit comfortably (and, in a way I felt she was safe from slipping). Jan 25, 2017

  • Very easy to bath baby in this tub. LO loves sitting up and soaking in the warm water. Dec 15, 2016

  • Another product I love. Used it for my 5 year old and now using it for my newborn. It was a little difficult bathing the newborn in it @1st but so much easier now Dec 14, 2016

  • Sling was great for bathing a newborn, and the shape of the tub kept him safe until he was about eight months. Our son is big, so he outgrew it faster than some might. Dec 06, 2016

    • Emma .
    • Morristown, New Jersey

    Small!! Baby outgrows this very quickly! Nov 14, 2016

    • Erica S.
    • United States of America

    We only used this for a short time, but it did the job. My kiddo still uses it as a "boat" for pretend play in the playroom. I never used the infant inserts or the toys. Aug 29, 2016

  • Had this and I'm neutral. It served it's purpose but that was it. The tub was hard and uncomfortable and way too bulky. The toys attached were also hard and allowed for ease of injury. Aug 23, 2016

    • Kim C.
    • United States of America

    This is okay, but honestly it is so hard to keep the baby sitting up on this without spilling water everwhere. There has to be a better way. So hard and awkward. Feb 03, 2016

  • I used this twice bought used. It was okay i prefer the sling seat better. Big and bulky. Doesn't seem to drain water good either Jan 30, 2016

    • Judy L.
    • United States of America

    very sturdy Jan 24, 2016

  • The sling is comfortable and works great for newborn on up. I have used this for two sons. They are four years apart and the product is still in great condition. Highly recommend. Jan 21, 2016

  • good for infant Dec 17, 2015

  • It makes bath time FUN! It turns bath time from cleaning time to discovery time :) Dec 07, 2015

    • Liz S.
    • United States of America

    This worked well until my son was about 8 month old. Dec 02, 2015

  • Used this tub for two of my boys and loved it. Simple to use and never had to worry about them going under. Has a mesh holder for newborns and includes a couple toys for play. Aug 10, 2015

  • This got us through the first year. Easy to use and easy to keep clean. May 27, 2015

    • Tracy R.
    • United States of America

    Have one with slightly different theme. The sling is so key before baby sits up (or before he's good at sitting up). once he was sitting the sides were too low and he kept trying to lunge out. Apr 11, 2015

  • It works well but my LO hates bath time. She doesn't like her butt in the water so we are trying other options. Mar 15, 2015

  • The infant insert was useless. Our daughter has enjoyed playing with the toys. We graduated her from this tub to the big tub no long after she could sit up - it was just too small/hard to use with her Feb 26, 2015

    • My C.
    • Bay Area, California

    I like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center, but I don't love it. However, 4+ years later, my little one loves bathing in it still -- even though she doesn't fit! Oct 28, 2014

  • Perfect for infants up to babies that are pulling up. Oct 28, 2014

  • I love the hammock in this tub. My son has been using it since we got home from the hospital. He is now six months and not quite sitting on his own. He always falls over in other tubs. Sep 30, 2014

    • Katy F.
    • St. Louis, Missouri

    :) Aug 12, 2014

  • Borrowed from a fiend and it was a great compliment to the regular tub, however ended up taking many more baths without it once my child could sit up Jul 29, 2014

  • This grows well with kiddos. I feel like the swing kept an infant very safe and secure. Jul 29, 2014

  • Our son LOVES bath time and this tub was a major lifesaver. We used the hammock-type sling when he was really young and the tub until he was six months. He outgrew the tub because he's too tall. :) Jul 29, 2014

  • this was so awkward to use and not at all good once he was more than 3 months. Jun 27, 2014

  • This works great in our tub & my son loves it Mar 30, 2014

    • Sarah T.
    • United States of America

    It served its purpose just fine. Nothing special or really pretty about it. IT just worked. Oct 30, 2013

  • Couldn't use this after baby got over 10 pounds. There is a hump in middle and was in middle of baby's back. I returned it Oct 25, 2013

  • Not comfortable. Oct 23, 2013

  • Great for a newborn. My son loved the monkey. It also works well for a toddler. My son still enjoys it at 18 months and I think it's safer than filling the whole tub and saves money! Oct 19, 2013

  • This never really worked well for us. Too big when she was a baby and too small now! Sep 24, 2013

  • Great for very little Sep 07, 2013

  • Once baby was too heavy for the sling (back would hit the bump in the bottom), he was too squirmy to sit in it without the sling and the hump to keep his bottom in place wasn't high enough. Aug 27, 2013

  • The sling was great but the tub has an elevated piece that seems to be too far towards the front and makes bathing uncomfortable. I'm looking for a new one. Aug 06, 2013